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The Matchmakers 2

Chapter one

It was a bright sunny day in Seattle, for once, full of bustling people, crying children and the sweet smell of spring. For any one, this would be a normal April season, however, for Anzu Mazaki, it wasn't.

"Don't worry Mom, everything is going to go fine" Danny, her son, comforted her, patting her shoulder lovingly.

Anzu turned to look at him with tense, shaky sapphire eyes "You're not the one getting married to an internationally famous football coach, and the most handsome man to walk the planet! Anything could happen!" She vented, not able to sit still in her chair anymore, rushing over to the corner of the room to breathe clearer.

She still wasn't in her wedding gown that Raven had helped her buy, out of nervousness. She kept thinking about Atem, and just doing that seemed to make it worse for some reason. The last time this feeling came over her was when she was to be married to Brad, and it had been sleeping inside her heart for so long, she didn't know if she could take it again!

Danny, who was wearing a childish grin at the moment, followed her there and continued to offer words of encouragement, much like Anzu had done for her older friends at his age.

"I'm sorry Danny; I never thought I'd overreact like this…" She admitted with a sigh.

Just then, Anzu's bridesmaid came bursting through the door. Mana.

"Hey there! Where's the bride?" She yelled with excitement. The loudness of her voice made Anzu cringe unintentionally.

In another room of the building, the groom, known as Atem Motou, was unnervingly pacing the floor, and his daughter, Raven was watching him with the same amused gaze as her soon to be step-brother had for Anzu.

"Daddy will you PLEASE get a grip? You're making me tired just watching you!" She snapped finally.

Atem seemed to pay little attention to her as he continued to pace the black carpet, his nicest shoes equipped to his feet. He was wearing the tuxedo Danny had helped him pick out for the wedding, and quite honestly, he had been surprised his step son had such good taste in formal wear. Maybe Anzu had secretly been involved with that . . . though he had a really good gut feeling that it was Raven.

"Daddy, are you even listening?" He heard his daughter shouted.

Snapping his attention to her immediately he gave an apologetic smile to her, meeting her intense gaze of crimson with his own. "Sorry Raven, I'm just so nervous! The last time I did this things . . .didn't go so well."

Raven seemed to know exactly what he was referring to and softened her demeanor at the thought, she even walked up to him and hugged him "I know Daddy, but just remember, Anzu is different, in every way she's different. She loves you, and loves me. Isn't that what we've always wanted?"

Atem's nervousness was dulled at her words, Raven was right. What did he have to fear? He knew perfectly well that Anzu loved him and his daughter very much. There was nothing in the world he wanted more then to be a family, be whole, for the first time in his life.

Giving an affectionate smile to his daughter, he couldn't help but laugh "Who taught you to be so smart?" He asked.

Raven giggled as well, and then with a sly tone she said "Anzu told me to say that if you overreacted. Although I added the end part" She winked, laughing harder as Atem gave her a surprised and playfully annoyed expression. "Why don't you rehearse not falling over walking down the aisle with those flowers?" He suggested, pushing her out of his changing room.

"But Dad-" She started to protest, but before she could finish he'd closed the door on her. How loving of him. But seriously, he needed his privacy at the moment. Thinking was his emotional pain killer, at least to a degree, but he couldn't do that if he couldn't get some peace and quiet!

For four and half long months they had planned this. Full of excitement, shopping, and spending time together. Just the thought of Anzu being somewhere else and not with him right then made him lonely. Atem let out a small laugh "I'm rather pathetic aren't I?" He said aloud, smiling at his own mushiness.

"I hate to agree…but, really, you kinda are" He heard a voice cut in. He knew who's it was the instant he came in. Joey Wheeler.

He turned to see his childhood friend burst into his room with a huge smile, tux on and everything. "I'm amazed you knew how to even put on that tux Joey" Atem joked, laughing at the blonde's reaction.

"All worth it to see you a nervous wreck up at the alter again bud" Joey smirked cleverly.

Dammit, he got him. He always won these stupid sarcasm things. Why was he the only one to never win those? "Alright, alright, I give" Atem conceded putting his hands up in defeat.

"Yeah that's right! I win again! Heh!" Joey shouted triumphantly.

Atem covered his ears at the noise "Do you have to act like a kid on a sugar rush every time you win something?" he asked with an annoyed expression.

Joey just shrugged "You should know by now Atem that I can't help it. I was like this since the day I was born" He said with pride. He seemed to think it was a good thing.

Just then, before Atem even got the chance to reply, Danny came walking in. "Hey Daddy! Hi Uncle Joey!" he greeted, coming in with his adorable tuxedo on already.

Over the time Atem and Anzu had been planning the wedding, Danny and Raven had spent lots of time with Joey, since they couldn't risk anymore medaling around or last minute idea changes.

"How's my lil' pal?" Joey answered turning his attention to Danny with a smile.

After several more hours of preparation, it was time to get things underway. Limos, cameras, along with news cars surrounded the church they were to be married at. Atem hadn't planned any of this, but thanks to his blabbering daughter, it seemed everyone knew he was getting married today and it was going to be broadcasted all over the country . . . Anzu would love that . . . not!

What was their honeymoon going to be like with all these cameras following them everywhere? Just the thought of it made him flush with embarrassment. This was one of the many reasons he'd retired as a football coach. One of the many.

At this moment in time, Atem was again nervously standing at the altar staring at his shiny, slightly uncomfortable black shoes. For some reason he was far more nervous at this wedding then his past two attempted ones. Probably because this one was real to him, he was actually marrying someone he truly loved. In a way, it was like getting married for the first time.

Anzu was having similar emotions, the nervousness anyway. She was now clothed in a beautiful wedding dress, modestly slimming, sown with fine silk and hints of sparkly beads dotted around her hips, chest and the tail-end of her dress. Atem had spared no expense in giving her the money for it, (Though Raven had taken the money and asked if she could take Anzu instead. She didn't want him to see the dress) and now here she was, dressed in white, glowing with joy.

Her hair (which Atem insisted grow out so they could actually do something with it on the wedding day) was braided and twisted into a high bun where a cute little tiara hairpin sealed the deal. Mana and some other of her girlfriends had painted her eyelids with silver sparkly eye shadow, along with a silver/blue eye liner and the usual black mascara. Her lips were glossed with soft pink and cheeks brushed with gentle red blush to help hide her actual red cheeks when she said 'I do'

Raven was staring at her soon to be step mother with actual pride and admiration. "You look beautiful Mommy, Daddy will be speechless when he sees you" She said with a sweet voice.

She turned her sapphire gaze to her "You really think so?" She asked nervously.

"I know so. Daddy already loves your eyes the way they are every day, so I'm sure he's gonna love it" Raven answered happily.

Letting herself laugh a little Anzu kneeled down to the best of her abilities to embrace Raven in a hug "Raven I don't wanna go all mushy on you now but, I couldn't have asked for a better daughter" She smiled, then pulled away to actually see Raven in tears.

"I always wondered what my mom looked like on her wedding day…now I know" The crimson eyed girl smiled, wiping away the tears before they fell and ruined her makeup too much.

Next came Danny, who showed equal pride and emotion, as unmanly as that sounded. "I'm glad I have a daddy now Mom. Thanks." Was all he said and hugged her too. He certainly wasn't the emotional type.

"Anzu, it's time! Hurry!" Mana hissed with excitement and beckoned everyone into place.

Scurrying behind Raven, who was 'the flower girl' and first to go, she closed her eyes to hear the sounds of bells ringing in the distance.

Meanwhile, up at the altar, the instant the doors opened and Raven came walking through, Atem turned to see her smiling wider then she'd ever grinned before, tossing petals on the aisle carpet and unshed tears making her eyes shine like diamonds, crimson diamonds. He couldn't help but feel proud of her. It was mostly because of her he'd had the courage to push away his fears and purpose to Anzu in the first place, as much as he disliked to admit it to anyone else.

His nervousness was now fading, and being replaced with pride, as Danny, his soon to be son, also followed behind Raven bearing the wedding rings on a little pillow. It had taken a lot of persuasion to get him to do it, because he'd insisted it was a girly thing to carry around, but thanks to Anzu's 'persuasion' he finally agreed.

When both of them where to his right, all fell silent. It was time to see his bride. All his friends were here to watch him blush madly, but right now he didn't care. As he took in a deep breath of nervousness, the white doors opened, and the moment Anzu took her first graceful steps onto the aisle carpet, a white veil over her face and flowers in her gloved hands, he was speechless. He just couldn't take his eyes off of her, she was beautiful, even without seeing her up close he knew her eyes where a bright blue, lit up with joy, and he was right.

She refused to cry, but she was still on the brink of it. She was so full of joy she could've exploded! She felt a little tense, but when she actually allowed herself to see Atem's face so lit up with smiles he was glowing, it vanished.

As she approached the stairs leading to the altar where Atem waited, she felt like she was reaching a milestone. The first step brought back memories of when she first met Atem, when she bumped, (or almost ran him off the road, your choice) into him that day when Danny said he wanted a father and how mean he was at first.

The second step flashed her mind to when she first saw him smile, and he asked if she would play along with that 'fake relationship' and the third, last step, of course took her to the proposal. Then . . . the perfect ten as they'd labeled it, the night Atem had really shown his feelings for Anzu. Then, here they were, together, finally.

Offering her his hand, Atem couldn't help but whisper "You look amazing"

Blushing at his compliment she smirked "You're just saying that because it's our wedding day" She answered, amused.

Smirking back he replied in the same hushed voice "And I'll say it to you every morning when you haven't had your coffee too"

With that she put her hand in his and he guided her to the altar, where over the next few minutes, they would say….

"I do" their voices echoed through the entire room.

"Now, through the power infested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. Atem, you may now kiss the bride"

With that, Atem turned to Anzu, and leaned in, kissing her, the heat of his warm lips rushing through her entire body as he did. Almost in instinct she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, smiling slightly as she did, and everything seemed perfect.

Everyone clapped their hands with approval and cheering erupted through the room, happiness and joy upon all present, though Joey and Tristan were crying and blubbering like babies.

Finally pulling away Anzu whispered with heavy breaths "That's what I call a ten"

Atem let out a laugh at her remark and took her hand, now sporting a brilliant diamond wedding ring, silver mixed with gold and gleaming with the sunlight shining through the windows.

Anzu took a moment to look at her two children, and also her husband. She was the happiest women on the planet right now. Blessed with a wonderful family, a new life, and a feeling of fulfillment that had been long lost to her when Brad died, but now, she was whole; Finally, she was who everyone remembered, she was . . . Anzu Motou.

Suddenly, as if by a cruel turn of fate, an unexpected person came bursting through the door of the church, causing everyone to turn their heads to the loud noise.

"I object!" Shouted a cold demanding female voice as she darted into the building, eyes enflamed with rage.

With a mix of irritation and confusion Anzu turned to Atem to ask who it was, but when she saw the hate and rage the swirled in his eyes, she knew it could be none other then the witch herself who had caused so much pain in her husband's life. Yes, Keeta had returned.

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