Title: Dark Siege

By: RazorsLove


-Mega Kat City-

"Run! Run for your lives!" A tom screamed as he ran down the street followed by other screaming, terrified katzins.

Terrified screams and cries for help filled the streets of the city, as the giant form of the one who would bring around the destruction of their world rained upon them.

"Let's play dodge ball kitties!" He laughed hysterically as tiny black orbs of light rained down from the darken skies.

The orbs exploded upon impact among the streets, buildings lit up brightly, nothing in the air survived the siege of orbs as they rained down.

The large tom laughed as his foot came down on the katzins; he laughed and reached into the cloths he wore.

He pulled out a small rectangular box from his pocket and held it out in his hand.

"Look what you've done; this all could have been avoided if you had just said yes." The calico tom said with his booming deep voice.

He pinched the box between his thumb and index finger, taking his other hand and flicking the edge of the box hard.

It spun rapidly, a loud shrill came from the box as he stopped it suddenly.

"I finally got a response out of you." He said.

He laid the box flat in his hand again and a small figure appeared on the side.

"Will you reconsider now?" He questioned.

"No, I will not." The female voice answered with a growl.

"Very well then I will destroy this place!" The tom roared and raised his hand high into the air.

A sleek black jet maneuvered its way through the exploding black orbs, when the orbs became larger and mixed in color.

They were no longer just black, but black with the mix of blue and silver; the explosions became larger and created more damage than they did before.

"Mayday! Mayday!" yelled the blonde tom in the blue flight suit and red harness as he tried to maneuver around the exploding orbs.

"T-bone we have to eject!" The brown tom screamed as he reached for ejection button on the control panel.

"No we promised her Razor… I promised her I would save her!" T-bone cried as one of the TurboKat's wings was blown clean off.

"We have to or we'll both die!" Razor snarled and pushed the ejection button on the dash.

Razor and T-bone disappeared into the smoke and fire.

The tom laughed as the orbs created a barrier around him and the box he held in his hand.

"No!" the female voice screamed.

Screaming in rage and in sadness the box overflowed with flames and the darkness she held within.

"This is not possible." He yelled as he slammed his hand down on the top of box to keep it closed.

Dark mist seeped out from between his hands followed by the fire as the box finally exploded open.

The box fell down to the streets, where the fire and the dark light shot out towards the heavens; the female figure pulled herself out eyes glowing red and the fire spewing from between her teeth.

"You're a dead tom."