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The Bundy Syndrome


Phase One

Love makes us do crazy things – unexplainable, completely ridiculous things. Things we wouldn't do under ordinary circumstances. Things we wouldn't dream of even on our worst days. How far is too far when it comes to matters of the heart? How much is too much when its for the person our heart desires? Just when is enough, truly enough? The say goes 'it's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out'; but what if no one loses an eye? What if instead they lose their lives? Is it then enough? According to Hyuuga Hinata it isn't…

The opal eyed woman stared down at the lifeless body beneath her. Her chest rose and fell with heavy and deep sighs, the adrenaline she once felt only moments ago leaving her body as she calmed. Images of what had transpired minutes ago flickered across her mind's television, slowly replaying the events leading up to the demise of her pink-haired rival.

She remembered seeing her laughing and smiling with him, clinging to his arm like an unwanted stepchild. The pinkette was a nuisance. A pest. She had to go. Hinata would have to be sure of it.

Her opal eyes stared down at the lifeless pinkette now, studying the way her dull green eyes stared up at her, the light that once glimmered there faded completely. Hinata tilled her head slightly, her dark hair falling down her shoulder and brushing the bloodied cheek of her one-time rival.

"You're not all that pretty…" she mentioned, staring down at the corpse.

Her pale finger brushed a lock pink hair away from the dead body's face, staring at it more carefully. "You shouldn't wear so much make-up either, you'll get wrinkles early on."

The corpse gave no response to Hinata's words, it only stared at her, it's expressionless face frozen in time. Hinata continued to stare however despite the silence she received, trying to find just what everyone thought was so great about her. Her opal eyes traveled down to the corpse's chest, studying the small mounds of flesh there. It couldn't have been her breasts, Hinata figured the woman must have been a B-cup at the most – and that was her being generous. Her eyes traveled to her own breasts then, comparing the two momentarily; if she had to say, she'd say hers were far better than the pinkette's had been – they were large and round while the pinkette's had been small and triangular in shape.

Hinata sat back, still straddling the dead body's waist. The murderer wondered vaguely if anyone would miss the pinkette; the thought only lasted a brief moment before she tossed it aside. She didn't care if anyone missed her or not – that is unless a certain Uchiha missed her. Hinata doubted it however, he always seemed so irritated by her presence – he often publicly complained about her…to her face.

Hinata climbed off of the woman, suddenly bored with her thoughts. Instead, she opted to begin cleaning up the mess she had made – her clothes, skin and parts of her hair were drenched in the now sticky blood of her rival.

"You just had to be a gusher…" she commented quietly, stepping away from the body.

The white-skinned woman made her way towards the bathroom, turning the shower on, stripping her body of the clingy material before stepping inside. The warm water crashed against her skin, melting away all the blood the stuck to her skin. She ran her hands through her hair, riding it of blood and allowing her thoughts to wander. Sasuke probably wouldn't take it well if she told him that she killed Sakura, no one would really – though she was sure he would be relieved not having her around pestering him all the time. She decided it would be in her best interest to keep the mystery of Sakura's death to herself.

When she was finished, she turned the pipes off and stepped out. She searched the cabinets, pulling out a disgustingly pink blow dryer.

"It figures…"

Nevertheless, the dark-haired woman blow dried her and pinned it up in a messy bun before returning to the bedroom where the dead body laid on the ground.

"Lets hope you have something that will fit me," she said to the dead woman on the floor as she moved to the closet.

Hinata eyed the assortment of dresses that hung from the bar inside. Her tiny hands slid over the dresses, horrified by all the shades of pink that littered the closet.

"You've got to be kidding…"

Even so, she had no other option. The woman pulled out a fuchsia dress whose skirt was exaggeratedly short and whose neck was incredibly low. Her white eyes traveled over to the dress's back, or lack thereof. How in hell did anyone wear such a thing? Hinata didn't even want to begin considering it and so put the dress back. She went through a few more similar ones before pulling out yet another hot pink monstrosity. However, when she studied it closely, she supposed it wasn't so awful. It was short of course, but a bit longer than the previous one. The eraser back was a bit much, but Hinata didn't really have any other choice. Taking the dress off the hanger, the dark-haired woman slipped into the dress then searched for a pair of shoes to match.

"I'm surprised you know other colors exist other than pink," Hinata said to a very dead Sakura, turning from the closet with a pair of white pumps in hand.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, slipping her feet into the white shoes while watching the dead body on the floor. She stood up once more, staring herself in the mirror for a while. She supposed she didn't look half bad. Hinata let her hair down from the bun and took a better look at herself. Much better. Maybe Sakura's taste wasn't so bad, notwithstanding it made no difference – Hinata was still glad the pinkette was dead. She was much better off without her holding her back and getting in the way.

"As much fun as this was…" Hinata said, picking up her clothes and dumping them in a plastic bag. "I'm afraid I have to go now."

She tied the bag in a knot then picked up the steak knife, still drenched in blood. Her opal eyes studied the weapon carefully, eyeing the dark liquid that covered it's blade with interest. She cast Sakura one last glance before leaving the downtown apartment.

"A Tokyo woman was found dead in her apartment last night. The victim has been identified as 23 year old Haruno Sakura. Victims parents say they are shocked by their daughter's sudden death, they claim she had no known enemies and that her death was truly tragic. Detectives have yet to give detail on any possible leads. I'm Matsumoto Sachiko for Tokyo 1 eleven o'clock news."

They all stared at the screen even as the report on their dead best friend ended – everyone of them unsure of what to say. It was literally just a few days ago that any of them had seen her, smiling and laughing as she always had been. Knowing that she was gone was hard for all of them to bare. Who would kill her? Sure, everyone had their problems with the pinkette but none were serious enough for any of them to want to kill her.

"She's really gone… the news just makes it… more real…" Ino spoke up, breaking the silence that filled the room.

A few of heads nodded, agreeing with the blonde's statement. It was surreal in a sense, knowing that Sakura was never coming back. Sure she had been annoying, but that didn't mean they all hadn't loved her.

"It feels weird, y'know… just Tuesday she and I were arguing," Kiba mentioned.

"I saw her at the market… She was looking for strawberries… they were her favorite, I think."

More heads nodded.

"Shino and I saw her walking past the bookstore Monday…" Shikamaru stated calmly.

Soon they all began retelling the last time either of them had seen the pinkette alive. Inwardly, the murderer smirked, watching as her friends mourned the death of her rival.

"I saw her lying in a pool of her own blood in her bedroom, Wednesday," she thought to herself, musing silently.

Hinata couldn't help the tiny smile that turned up the corner of her mouth. It brought her an odd sense of joy knowing she had hurt all of them to an extent. No, none of them had ever done anything particularly vicious to her, but it didn't matter – she was glad they were suffering, she was glad they were hurting; it made her feel good.

"Anyone know when the funeral is?" Naruto asked quietly.

All eyes turned on him then as he broke his silence. Sasuke and Naruto were the closest to Sakura, the three of them had grown up together. They had also been the quietest, neither of them expressing the regret at Sakura's death. It must have been hard for the two of them, losing someone they had grown up with, someone they had known their whole life. In away it was like losing their sister.

"Saturday," Ino answered him.

Naruto nodded his head silently, no longer willing to speak. He was better than Sasuke, however, the Uchiha hadn't said a word about Sakura's death since the night of her murder. An outsider would have thought him to be completely indifferent, but his friends knew the truth, they knew he was hurting on the inside. Silence was just the 'Sasuke' way to deal with these sorts of things.

"M-maybe we should all r-ride together…" Hinata said softly, hoping for a chance to sit beside Sasuke.

The group nodded, all in agreeance with their fair and quiet friend. None of them had any idea how mischievous, how vial, how troubled the young woman was. Plotting and manipulative was she.

"Haruno-san must be crushed," Ino commented, referring to her dead friend's mother.

"Hn," Kiba mentioned.

Silence fell between the group once more, no one quite sure of what to say next. Each one found themselves searching for a way to comfort one another, but the words just weren't coming forth. Then suddenly, without warning, Sasuke rose to his feet and walked out of the room, his expression a stoic mask, veiling his thoughts expertly.

"Sasuke-kun?" Ino began, standing up to follow him.

A hand closed around her wrist, drawing her back. The blonde looked down into the cyan orbs of the normally energetic one in the group. "It's best if we just leave him alone."

"H-hn…" Ino nodded after a moment or two. Naruto was probably right – out of all of them he was the one who knew Sasuke best, he understood him a lot better than any of them were capable of. Ino seated herself once more, joining in on the silence that fell over them once again.

Hinata waited a while, patiently counting the ticks of the clock on the wall before standing to her feet. "I-I have to b-b-be going now. S-see you all S-S-Saturday…" she said softly to the group.

"I'll take you home," Kiba offered.

The dark-haired woman shook her head, silently refusing his offer. "It's okay, Kiba-kun, st-stay. I'll m-make it home ok-k-kay."

The brown haired male nodded his head at her, sitting back down in his seat. He – like most of them – couldn't help but wonder about the smallest of their group of friends. She was so tiny and fragile, he was always worried about hurting her either physically or emotionally – it was as if the wind blew too hard she would tear or worse blow away with it. Hinata to him was someone who needed protecting, someone who shouldn't be on her own. He just wished she realized it, he wished she'd just allow him to take care of her, keep her safe because honestly that's all he wanted to do with her. Granted, he might have a few more perverse ideas in mind as well, but that was beside the point. Notwithstanding, the male did realize that he shouldn't baby her so much, she – like everyone else – needed to have some sense of freedom, of independence. Clinging to her or holding her down would not do her any good.

"Cya, Hinata-chan."

"Bye Nata."


"Bye e-everyone," she answered them, shrugging on her jacket before heading out into the cold in search of a certain Uchiha.

She found him a few blocks away from Ino's apartment, sulking silently to himself. His onyx orbs focused on nothing in particular as he looked within himself. Hinata came up beside him, crushing a few leaves under her boots purposefully in order to make her presence known. He looked over at her, studying her face momentarily before looking away once more. They stood side by side for a long while, neither party breaking the silence that fell between them until finally she spoke up.

"You m-miss her?" she asked him, turning her gaze on him.

The Uchiha did not answer at first. Anyone who didn't know would have thought he simply ignored the question, but Hinata knew better – he was searching his mind for an appropriate way to respond.

"Not really."

Though they were the words she would have liked him to say she knew they were not the truth. Hinata understood that losing a childhood friend would be painful for Sasuke – for anyone really – however, that didn't mean she regretted what she did to Sakura, it just meant she was aware of the feelings of others around her.

"S-Sasuke-san shouldn't l-lie…"

He looked down at her, arching his brow slightly.

"You assume that I'm lying?" he questioned her.

"I know you are."

Sasuke blinked in surprise, he hadn't expected such a confident answer, not from Hinata. She hadn't even stuttered which was unusual, the female was always stumbling over her words.

"How can you be sure?" he pushed, suddenly curious in her answer.

Hinata was silent for a while, recovering from her slight slip up. Her stutter was fake. It had always been forced for the better part of her life. She hadn't accidentally stuttered once since she was eleven, however she hadn't let anyone know it. The way she saw it, that stutter was part of her cover, just a way for her to hide herself from the world.

"B-Because… Anyone w-would feel sad after l-losing a close friend," she said to him at last.

Sasuke, seeming to have accepted this answer, nodded his head, turning his gaze away from her. Even though what she said was correct, he had no desire to share the inner workings of his mind with someone like her. He probably wouldn't even tell Naruto. It wasn't that he didn't like Hinata – in fact he tolerated her a lot more than he did most of his 'friends' – he was just a private person, his thoughts were private, for his viewing only. Hinata understood that about him however; she knew that Sasuke wasn't one to share out things like that.

"Y-you don't really ha-have to answer," she said to him after a while.

"Good because it's none of your damn – " he began to say, but caught himself. There was no reason for him to snap on her. Sasuke knew that Hinata wasn't like the rest of them, she wasn't trying to do anything other comfort him. She wasn't expecting anything special from him, wasn't hoping for some kind of attention, had no alternative motive. Hinata was simply Hinata and the Hinata he knew was interested only in helping her friend. He liked that about her. A part of him knew that in time he could actually say that he liked her as a person, he might even eventually consider her a real friend like Naruto. Someday, but not now.

He sighed, running his hand through his hair and closing his eyes momentarily.

"Look, lets just stand here. No talking. Just breathing."

Hinata nodded, she was okay with that. The opal-eyed woman was satisfied with just standing there with him, breathing just as he suggested.

"Do you mind if I smoke?"

"G-go ahead."

The male took out a pack of cigarettes, pulling one stick out and balancing it between his lips. He fished around in his pocket for a lighter but was surprised when the small woman held up a lilac colored lighter to his cigarette lighting it with its flame. He looked at her again, studying the small smile that played at the corners of her lips.

"S-Sasuke-san isn't the only one wh-who smokes…" she said softly, smiling at him.

The male nodded as she pulled the lighter back, taking a drag on his cigarette. It was silent between them once again, the two of them staring out at nothing in particular. Though the urge was strong, Hinata controlled herself from passing glances at Sasuke. If her plan was going to work, she couldn't risk scaring him off by going crazy-fan-girl on him. She had be cool. She had to relax.

"W-well, Sasuke-san, I sh-should be getting home n-now," she said to him after a while.

The male nodded. Ordinarily he wouldn't have cared either way, but for some reason, he felt the insane need to see her home safely. On that thought, what the hell was she doing out here alone at this time for? There was a murderer out there and Hinata was easy prey; small and frail, gentle and kind, she was the kind of shit that perverts and murderers had wet-dreams about.

"I'll take you home."

"I-Its okay Sasuke-san, I c-can – "

"I'll take you home," he said more firmly this time, leaving her no other option other than nodding her head in agreeance with him.

"This way," he said to her, pulling the cigarette from his lips and putting it out with his foot before walking towards his car, parked not too far away from where they stood.

As she followed behind him, the female smirked, unable to contain the sadistic joy that rushed through her. Everything was going according to plan. Phase one was complete.