Angelic Demon

Author's Notes: I claim no rights or do not own the Inuyasha series and its characters. All though this story is completely my own idea. Seeing how they never told Inuyasha's father's name in the series I used a translation through a sight that translates English to Japanese for his name. Please feel free to leave me your comments and reviews, I appreciate knowing what you think. Thanks!

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One - a life of pain and suffering

Demons and angels have been at war ever since time first began. Humanity was to be the ultimate prize in this battle. Whomever won the war would be able to rule and command humanity. Laws have been passed by both the angels and demons forbidding any interaction between the two races. But that didn't stop two of them from meeting and falling in love. The great dog demon, Inutenma (dog demon) was one of the soldiers in charge of destroying and killing both humans and angels. Izayoi, an angel was supposed to protect the humans from the demons. The two met while on earth during a chance encounter as Izayoi was disguised as a human. Inutenma followed Izayoi in the guise of a human feeling drawn and attracted to her not knowing that she was an angel. He only learned about this when a demon attacked Izayoi and he stepped in intervening protecting her. When Inutenma found out that Izayoi was an angel, it only drew him closer to her, feeling captivated by her. Izayoi knew how dangerous and cold-blooded demons could be but when she looked at Inutenma she felt attracted to this dangerous demon that stood before her. The two of them fell in love instantly. They would often meet in secret keeping their love a secret. The only being whom knew about their love was Inutenma's son Sesshomaru, a full demon that Inutenma had prior to meeting Izayoi. Sesshomaru knew that his father's love for Izayoi was forbidden but for some reason he was actually hoping that his father and Izayoi could end the war between the angels and demons. But it was never to be as some how both the angels and demons had found out about Inutenma's and Izayoi's love and soon to be child. Both races wouldn't allow the child to be born nor the two to defy the laws. So on the night that Izayoi began to give birth to Inutenma's son, both the angels and demons moved attacking Inutenma and Izayoi just shortly after their son was born. A great war broke out as Izayoi and Inutenma handed Sesshomaru the tiny bundle.

Sesshomaru, it will be up to you to look after and care for your brother. He maybe the only hope to stop this retched war. Tell him that we died to protect him and that we will forever be with him in his heart. Please look after your brother Sesshomaru and help him in his trials that lay ahead of him. stated Inutenma. Sesshomaru held the baby in his arms nodding his head.

Live a long life, my Inuyasha. stated Izayoi kissing the baby on the forehead.

Hurry and go Sesshomaru before they catch you! stated Inutenma. Sesshomaru left quickly not stopping or turning back. Only one thing was on his mind, protecting his little brother, Inuyasha.

Inuyasha grew up in secret away from the prying eyes of the demons and angels. Sesshomaru found a place in the human world to raise his little brother. Even though he knew that his brother was neither a demon nor an angel, he still cared for and watched after Inuyasha just as his father asked of him. Inuyasha was the first and the only one of his kind, an angelic demon, a hanyou. As Inuyasha grew up, Sesshomaru taught him about his parents Inutenma and Izayoi, how to use and control his powers, how to walk, talk, read, write, and everything else that Inuyasha needed to know. Sesshomaru had to also set some ground rules. Inuyasha wasn't allowed to venture out because he might be spotted by either demons and/or angels whom will kill him. When Inuyasha was old enough and able to protect himself, Sesshomaru allowed Inuyasha to venture out from hiding but he had to be careful not to be spotted by demons and/or angels.

Inuyasha was sitting up in his favorite old oak tree close to the cave on a sheer cliff that he and Sesshomaru used as their home. Inuyasha watched as the waves came rolling in on the sandy beach below through his honey slitted eyes. He wore a bright red Kimono (the outfit that he wears in the series) as his large black feathered wings rested against his broad back. His long white hair blue in the wind as his small white dog ears twitched listening to the sounds around him. His long white tail rested on his lap twitching every now and then. This was Inuyasha's favorite spot as he would come here often to gaze out at the world. Inuyasha's ears suddenly perked up to the sound of someone approaching. Using his heightened sense of smell, Inuyasha could smell his older brother Sesshomaru coming.

I thought that I would find you here. What's the matter Inuyasha? asked Sesshomaru walking up casually to the tree. Sesshomaru looked somewhat human despite his long Caucasian elf-like ears, long sharp nails, slitted honey eyes, long white hair, and several distinguishing demonic marks. A blue crescent moon on his forehead, two lavender slashes on both sides of his cheek, and the same two lavender slashes on both of his wrists. Sesshomaru wore a white Kimono with a red pattern on his shoulders and blue sashes for a belt (the outfit that he wears in the series).

I was just thinking. I do my best thinking here at this spot. Sesshomaru do you thing that I can truly stop this war? asked Inuyasha as he lept down from the tree. He landed silently on his feet as he wore no shoes on his Caucasian feet. His hands were tucked into his robe.

That's what our father believed. I know what you are capable of Inuyasha as I know that if you set your heart and mind to it, that you can do it. Here I have something for you. stated Sesshomaru as he pulled a sword out from his belt sash tossing it at Inuyasha. Inuyasha freed his hand as he caught the sword in his right hand. The sword sat in a mahogany sheath as on the oriental hilt sat a long white feather.

What is this for? Inuyasha asked.

Unsheathe it and you will find out. answered Sesshomaru. Inuyasha shook his head as he pulled the sword out of its sheath as it transformed into a large sword with white fur on top of its hilt (Tetsusaiga). As Inuyasha began to examine the sword, crystal blood tears suddenly began to streak down his face. Inuyasha couldn't understand why he was crying. That sword is made from our father's fang. On the hilt hangs a feather from your mother. I went to the grave sight to dig these up and had a demon blacksmith make it for you. When a demon reaches a certain age his father takes one of his fangs fashioning it into a sword for his child. Since dad couldn't give this to you, I am doing it for him. I know that he would have wanted you to have his fang. I added your mother's feather to signify that you are a hanyou, an angelic demon. I know that they would have both wanted you to have these items. stated Sesshomaru. Inuyasha proceeded to wipe away his tears onto the sleeve of his robe as he sheathed his sword tucking it on his left side.Thanks Sesshomaru. I just wished I could have known them. replied Inuyasha. Sesshomaru patted his brother on his left shoulder with his right hand.

I know Inuyasha. Come on let's head back in before you are spotted. Its not everyday that you turn one hundred and twenty. stated Sesshomaru. Even though Inuyasha was one hundred and twenty, he looked no older than a twenty year old human. Sesshomaru was much older than Inuyasha by fifteen years. Inuyasha couldn't shape change like Sesshomaru but that didn't mean that things about him remained the same either. On the nights of the new moon, Inuyasha looses all of his demonic powers as he looks more like an angel during these nights as his white hair becomes black and he looses both his dog ears and tail. His wings become white as his eyes change becoming blue as they looked human. Other times when he goes into a demonic rage, his corneas become blood red as his honey eyes become slitted blue. Lavender scars appear on both sides of his cheeks as another tail emerges from out of his back. Both his fangs and claws become much longer. In either case he was just as powerful and dangerous which is the reason why Sesshomaru believed his father's words. Inuyasha looked at his brother smiling.

Thanks Sesshomaru for everything!stated Inuyasha.

No problem little brother, that's what I am here for. replied Sesshomaru as the two headed back into their cave home.

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