Angelic Demon

Author's Notes: I claim no rights or do not own the Inuyasha series and its characters. All though this story is completely my own idea. may contain some sexual scenes so read at your own risk! Also I will be featuring some attacks that are in the series as well as some of my own! Please feel free to leave me your comments and reviews, I appreciate knowing what you think. Thanks!

Special Symbols:

"regular human speech"

*mental speech*


(author's notes)

Bold - demonic speech

Italic - angelic speech

Bold italic - mixed speech


Sixteen - Peace

While everyone was blinded, Inuyasha moved taking down the demon lords before they could figure out what had hit them. Inuyasha pinned them down as the fire and light disappated showing Inuyasha on top of the demon lords whom have all reverted back to their normal forms. Poison dripped from Inuyasha's fangs but he wouldn't kill them.

*Its all over now!* he snarled as the other demons backed off. *You are to no longer meddle in human affairs or even to attack humans. You will not come after me, my kits, or my mate ever again. The races are to leave humanity alone as no one will be able to claim rights over them.* snarled Inuyasha as he slowly backed off of the demon lords. The three demon lords looked at Inuyasha as they had to agree with the hanyou's demands as he had defeated them in battle. By beating the lords and ladies that ruled over Heaven and Hell he had proved that he is far stronger than them. The demon lords bowed their heads in defeat as they returned back down to the furthest reached of Hell. Sesshomaru, Koga, Shippo, and Inuyasha transformed back into their normal forms as Miroku sealed up the wind tunnel.

"Lets all go home." stated Sesshomaru.

Several months later...Kagome had given birth to twin cubs one boy and a girl. The boy was a splitting image of Kagome except for the black dog ears and tail. He had white angel wings and teal blue slitted eyes. His younger twin sister looked exactly like her father, Inuyasha as both twins had the demonic markings of the lavendar scars across their faces much like Sesshomaru. Kagome laid on her bed holding the two sleeping cubs in her arms as Inuyasha kissed her gently on the forehead.

"They are beautiful Kagome. Have you decided on their names yet?"

"Eziekel and Ayenami." replied Kagome. Inuyasha could tell that the names sounded both angelic and demonic at the same time.

"The names suit them quite well. I can't believe how much everything has changed since I have fought against Heaven and Hell. I am truly glad that I have met you Kagome." stated Inuyasha before he pulled her close to him kissing her agressively. Kagome could feel herself melting in Inuyasha's kiss.

*I am glad too Inuyasha.* Kagome replied mentally. Both Kagome and Inuyasha had gotten married before the cubs came as they invited all of their allies, friends, and family. Kagome's family had provided the two of them with a small house located on the shrine grounds so they could live together and raise the cubs. Inuyasha broke the kiss taking the cubs from Kagome as he had placed them into their cribs. Kagome still looked as ravashing as the first time that Inuyasha had laid eyes on her. With peace restored and the war finally over, Inuyasha was looking foreward to a nice long quite life with Kagome. Every once in a while Inuyasha would see his brother Sesshomaru as he now controlled the Demon Realm with help from Koga and Shippo. Even Kikyou and Kanade took over as rulers of Heaven. Sango and Miroku still go around slaying any stray demons that disobey the lawas that was set by Inuyasha. Inuyasha eyed his mate seductively as a low rumble errupted from his lips. Kagome snickered as she patted the bed besides her. "Come here you bad boy. Maybe I should start trying to tame you."

"You can certainly try my love!" laughed Inuyasha