Looks Doesn't... Matter


Rated M

Slamming my back agianst the closet door, I put my hand over my mouth to silence my heavy breathing, sweat was falling hard down my face as well as my tears, I could hear thier footsteps. My heart went into overdrive as my bedroom door opened, Why can't they just leave me alone? Feeling the numbness start to creep; my vision blurred.




"Isabella, come out!" whimpering, I closed my eyes, I can feel the pain already. I tried to go to my happy place but it wasn't working as the light came through the door as it opened, revealing my two brothers... Demetri and Felix. I didn't open my eyes because, I thought if I didn't;then they would disappear and leave my alone, but I realized that anything I wish for seems to never come true.

"Baby girl" Demetri whispered as he bend down and move my hair out of my face, I shuddered from the hotness of his skin on mines, I felt tears once again cloud my vision as Felix grab my arm; yanking me upright as Demetri stopped him.

"Felix relax, she not going anywhere" he was right, I wasn't going anywhere; I couldn't. I tried but that only resulted in broken bone and scars. Felix had dragged me to my bed and I stuggled to get away from him...from them, Felix covered my mouth with his hand and pushed me on my stomach...pinning me to the bed. I squirmed and fought to get out but he was too strong for me, Demetri softly grabbed my face as Felix gripped my hair hard into his hands.

"Isabella, why do you always make it hard for you" caressing my face he leaned in and kissed my lips softly, I squeezed my eyes shut desprately trying to escape from what was about to happen. Demetri slowly undressed me while trailing kisses down my body as Felix watched with dangerous lust filled eyes, I covered my face with my hands.

"You know that we love you don't you?" Demetri said in my ear as I felt his fingers slowly drag down the valley of my breast, to it settled at my private place... while, Felix hands were everywhere, he was always painful...always making it hurt just to see me scream or cry.

"Please Demetri" I tried to say but Felix yanked me to my side, I felt his hot breath on my neck and his erection pushing into my back.

"Isabella, why must you beg...you can have anything you want" I sniffed

"Then let me go, Please! You don't have to do this...I'm your sister" I cried out, he nodded and started to kiss down my neck as Felix held my arm behind me...painfully.

"Please Don-" I was cut off by Felix grabbing my neck painfully and squeezing the life out of me, I coked and gasped for breath.

"Shut the fuck up, before I give you something to cry about" the grip got stronger as I felt my vison get black but suddenly he let go and pulled me up as Demetri shifted his self under me and wrapped his arm around my neck bringing my back down to his bare chest.

"So Beautiful...don't you think Felix" Felix nodded and snatched his pants off, I quickly closed my eyes, I didn't want to see him. But he ordered me to open my eyes

"Bend her over" I quickly started to scream and kick, I knew what he was going to do...

I fought with everything, but like always I lost as I felt them both at my entrance, I grabbed the sheets and parpared myself for the pain I was about to feel. Demetri whispered in my ear and pushed gently as Felix just plung in with no warning, I felt like I was going rip apart and die at how painful it was.

"STOPPPP! PLEASE" screaming at them but it only made them go even faster and harder, My screams were ear spliting as I buried my face in my sheets and screamed.

"Shit Isabella...You feel so fucking tight" Felix groaned in my ear as they moved in sync inside me, I could feel the blood but that didn't stop them...nothing was going to stop them. Finally I felt Demetri jerk and he whispered in my ear softly and sweet.

"Isabella" whispering as he finshed and held me to him as Felix kept moving in a hard and painful speed behind me, Demetri pulled out and moved from under me and pulled his pants back up.

"You were wonderful as usual, we do this becasue, I love you...this is how people show thier love for one another" he grabbed my face making me look at him, I saw that he was about to leave, I got scared...NO! don't leave me here with Felix.

"NO...NO...NO Don't leave me" I said in panic as Felix pushed my face to the bed and held me there, I kicked and scream but no answer.

"Now it's just me and you now...I'm not going to go easy on you, I'm going fuck you like the slut you are" just as I thought that it couldn't get any worse; it did. he harshly rolled me to my stomach and thrust, I wanted to just die from the pain...at least I would be free. His breath was harsh and hot, he grabbed and scratched, I felt the blood ooz from the wounds he was making on my body.

"FELIX! PLEASE IT HURT!" I yelled for Demetri but he never came...he never did when he left me with Felix.

Finally, he stopped but he didn't get off...he pulled me to my knees and told me to open my mouth I shook my head, scrambling trying to get away but he yanked me back by my hair and force his penis in my mouth, he wasn't even gentle about it considering it was his sensitive part in my mouth, forcing my mouth on him, I just closed my eyes and took it hoping it will quicken the process.

"See I knew you would come around, you fucking slut...open your eye baby sister" I kept them closed but sudden scream when I felt his hand grabbed my breast very hard.

"Open your fucking eyes bitch" I slowly opened them as the tears fell fast as he sudden yelled and pulled out, I tried to move but he kept me there by my hair and ejaculated all over me, I let out a cry as he pushed me off of him and to the floor.

"Clean your self, you have school tommorow" he put his pants back on and grabbed my breast one more time befor he left; slamming the door behind him. I sat there on the floor bleeding and sobbing as the pain got even worse now that it set in, I couldn't move my legs or neck, so I just stay there on the cold floor and cried myself to sleep...

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