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Seven days.

Seven days….I've haven't received a locker letter.

Everyday, I run and rush to my locker but, when I open it…nothing.


Even her smell that manage to cling to my locker has vanished, I was setting myself up for disappointment every time I ran to my locker everyday, I wasn't the only one worrying about her either.

The teachers were getting a little edgy, I knew that the school wouldn't go out of their way to check on a student who's been absent for a week….maybe a call but that's it, they knew kids did things like that.

But Bella wasn't like others kids.

I didn't let bad thoughts enter my mind, but they were there. Felix was my prime target as to why she wasn't here now, I bet….he got mad that he got caught grouping his fucking sister.

Every time I think about it, my mind starts to go into protection mode and I really didn't need that right now. After the shit fest at school last week, I was put on probation and was threaten to be expelled if another altercation like that happened again. Carlisle was very persuasive and I owed him my ass, they didn't have to come to my rescue, they should've of just let my ass fall on my face like every other foster parent I've had…..I was never treated like the Cullen treat me and I can't help but feel the love that just fall off Esme or the father figure that Carlisle has bestowed on us all. I really felt like a Cullen at that moment….. But, I knew I was still the family dog and will always be the family dog….as Edward always puts it. Rosalie never hovered, she gave me my space and let me vent and when all the anger and sadness wavered off, I was a broken mess and she was right there to pick me up.

Just like I am, when she needs me…we both pick each other up when we find ourselves pushed down by demons of a harsh life. I told her everything that she didn't know, like my love unconditional love I have for Bella and the raging protective monster that's is always clawing at my rib cages to get out to claim Bella has mines as his. I knew I needed some type of help but, I didn't want someone to tell me how I was fucking feeling….I know how I felt; those fuckers just wishing they knew what's was going on in my sick twisted head. Days goes by and I feel more restless and panicking, some more days go by and I'm about seconds from tearing her door down and looking for her my self. Then one day, I saw her at her locker, I didn't believe it at first….because, I've dreamt a lot of scenarios when she finally came back to school and I had to pinch myself to see if it was really her…and it was. She was beautiful as usual, I couldn't see her face but I knew I would when she turns around and when she did…..I felt my heart cry out loudly in pain.

What fuck happen to her?


The only thing I could move was my eyes…..and that even hurts.

After the head bash into the dashboard, Demetri had quickly went and checked on Felix who finally woken up and was released. I knew I was fucked but, I couldn't stop thinking about Jasper.

Was he alright?

So much shit was running through mind that I didn't even hear the engine cut off in the car and being dragged out the car by my arm by Demetri. Felix was quiet and had this far look in his eyes, the second he entered the house and the door slammed close….I knew that I wasn't leaving this house for awhile. I tried explaining but, Demetri was not having it, he had ordered me to stripped and kneel by the bed and wait, I did what I was told and waited….and then that's when I heard it.

The yells of pains escaping Felix's mouth, I quickly knew shit was about to get scary. I quickly thought about climbing out of the window and screaming blooded murder but, my plan was crushed when Felix was pushed into the room bloody and half naked. I really felt bad for him but, that quickly demolished when I saw the red firing eye of Demetri looking at me. He asked me what happen and I told everything as I watched him beat Felix with some type of thick switch from a tree, it was slicing through his skin like a knife would and blood was oozing everywhere, Felix was screaming for him to stop but, that just made Demetri swing harder as he dropped the switch and started to punch him.

I couldn't shed any tears for him because, he knew the rules…

And he knew that public display was off limits and he disobeyed and now he was suffering the consequences, after Felix had finally passed out from the pain, I felt my throat close as my lungs stopped inhaling air.

"Isabella" I felt my bottom lip quiver as he picked up the switch and slowly walked over to me, my whole body was quivering at this point and pleaded but, nothing stopped him from giving me my punishment.

Three days of beating and trapped inside me closet, I damn near died when he started to drag me to the closet…..I fucking hated the closet.

The closet was my weak point and he knew that….and used it to his advantage, I screamed and kicked and scratched until my fingernails were bloody and raw, I lost my voice a long time ago and at one point I was about to lose all oxygen. Another day goes by and I was finally taken out of the closet, and was force to sit on the basement steps for hours on end and watch an unconscious Felix, I wanted to help him but, was order to not move an inch from the steps. That same day, Felix and I both was rewarded food and water, Felix had finally woken up and I was force to stay with him in the basement. Demetri knew what he was doing when he put me in the fucking basement with Felix, that fucker didn't waste no time beating the shit out of me and other things…I really don't want to get into. He took my food and water, letting me starve and get dehydrated.

He wanted to kill me.

He was busted; he couldn't get out of this one. Someone saw him touch me and it was making him piss his pant scared, I could lie but, what would that get me or I could just tell the truth and risk myself getting killed….I was torn between the two. And finally, the basement door had open and we were set free as everything went back to normal. Both Felix and I had miss damn near a week of school, Demetri had tended to my injuries but, let Felix heal himself…..considering it was his fault that all this shit happen in the first place. After a day of recovering, we both went back to school, and as of right as I stood at my locker…I couldn't help but, think about all the locker letters I've missed.

God! I bet he's freaking out!

I pushed my hair out of my eyes and open the locker and like I expected, letters came flooding out. I picked up the first one my fingers touched and opened it.

Dear Beautiful,

I never wanted you to see that side of me; I never wanted you to be so close when I was so out of it. It makes me feel like a worthless animal when I'm like that and it scares me because, one day I won't have the strength to control it anymore.

I won't pry.

I won't push.

But, one thing I want you to know is…..

That I defiantly….won't forget.



P.S. I am always here for you and I'm not going anywhere….I don't care how many brothers you have.

I knew Jasper wasn't going to leave it is and that what made me so fucking paranoid all the time about this whole situation. I picked up all the others and read them on my way to class and during, he was very angry with himself for something but, I couldn't understand what? I couldn't remember anything from that day. Prying eyes and nosy ass teachers, I went to lunch and still no sign of Jasper or Felix, so I quickly wrote a letter and walked it to is locker and left to go to mines. The bruises were so loud and noticeable I couldn't stopped the…

"Are you alright?"

"Damn girl! What the fuck happen to your face?" or my favorite…

"Uh! Must of piss the boyfriend off" I could only ignore so much until it got out of hand and people started to spread rumors, unlocking my locker, I felt a tingling feeling shoot up my whole left side of my body, I gaped at the feeling….I knew this feeling.

He was close.

I was afraid to look up but, eventually I did and I saw his angel face looking at me like I was the only girl in the world. I felt the tears and the love just pour out of me as I grab hold of my locker door for support because, his glazed was so intense.

And then the look from that day came crossing his face, my whole body went into panic….

Was he angry?

Oh God! He started to walk towards me; I felt my heart scream at me to stay but, my mind was telling me to boot it. He was getting close as the look harden as I started to whimper in fear as he walked faster…..I was rooted in my spot in utter fear.

He got closer and closer.

The look got harder and meaner as he got closer, I closed my eyes and slid down the locker and put my hands over my head to protect myself and waited for the blow.

And waited.

I heard a sniffed and slowly looked up through my tears and saw that Jasper was crying, he let his book bag drop and feel to his knees in front of me.

"B...Bella" I saw the angry look vanish as a soft and heartbroken look came across his face as he reach up and touched one of my thousands bruises, I reached up and touched his bruise he got with struggling with the Police.

"We have matching bruises" I whispered as he nodded and lean over, I flinched but quickly relaxed and felt his lips touch my cheek… when he slowly pulled away, I lean over and repeated the same move as he sign and laced our hands together.

"I've been going crazy without you here" his voice sounded hurt as he face was screwed like someone had stab him in his chest.

"I'm sorry"

"Me too" we sat there until the lunch bell rung and we both walked to lunch together hands laced and fear put away until it reared it's ugly head…again.

A/N: That was hard to write but….manage.\Until next time.