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Repunzel stood in her room staring out into a full body length mirror. She first put a hand up to the back of her head. She felt at the dark brown strands.

'I still can't believe that such a thing could ever happen to me', she thought to herself, as she gave a gentle tug to the tip of her now jagged hair. Even though she had, had the same hair cut for about eight months now, she thought that she would never truly get used to it. She found that she would always have a tiny place in her soul yearning for her long golden hair. Sometimes she thought that maybe she subconsciously missed it because the power of the flower had been born within her. Nowadays she always managed to feel a bit lost without her once magic locks. It was a part of who she had been. It was a part that she had, had for half of her life.

Repunzel gave a tiny, melancholic smile at her reflection, before she moved both of her hands to her stomach. She gently rubbed at it, and the sad expression from before melted away completely. She sighed lovingly at her tummy and thought, 'And I can't believe that you are mine.'

Yes, our once dear naive and little Repunzel was pregnant, and she was more than happy to announce that Eugene was the father.

Bad thing is, is that he didn't know.

Repunzel turned to her side in the mirror and looked at her reflection. She tried to imagine how she would have looked with a large bulge her middle. Oddly enough, when she finally crated a good pictured of herself with child, she didn't find it disgusting at all. In fact, she actually thought that she would have still looked quite beautiful with her baby. Especially to her, since it was hers.

The girl turned away from the mirror and walked out of her bedroom with a big smile on her face. Even though she may have somewhat missed her old hair, she was sure that a child would distract her from thinking over troubling things like that.

She met Eugene in the grand dining room, and placed a kiss onto his cheek. They both walked over to the table and sat down across from each other. They began to eat away at the food that the waiters brought for them. The girl had managed to scarf down the food much faster than her husband had. Eugene looked up from his own plate and gave her an odd look.

Repunzel really needed to let him in on the secret that she was pregnant soon, because her eating habits were beginning to change. She thought that he was thinking that she was a pig.

In actuality, Eugene had given her the odd look because he was wondering when she had begun to have this special glow in her expression. He didn't know what it was, but he thought that it made her look even more beautiful.

Congratulations to the happy couple! I am so happy for them :)