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I stood in the grand ballroom staring at my husband.

It was easy to see that he was worried.

One of my eyebrows rose a bit as I took in his form. He kept pacing across the polished marble floors, his just as clean boots squeaking with each step.

'Honestly', I thought, crossing my arms in front of my chest, 'Any other person would think that he was the one who was pregnant because he keeps moving around so much.' I took a quick step towards him and placed my hands onto his shoulders, stopping him from his insistent pacing. He looked at me with a slightly panicked look in his eyes. I returned his look with one that was supposed to be comforting. He shoulders twitched under my hands. Obviously, my attempts at consoling him had failed.

"Eugene", I cried, accidentally throwing down my heeled shoe from my annoyance, "Get a hold of yourself! Everything is going to be fine, honey." I looked at him and show myself taking in a slow breath, nodding when he finally relented and did the same. "That's good Eugene, just relax. Remember to always keep a cool head and to never doubt yourself."

I put my arms around him and pulled him in for a tight hug. "And don't worry", I continued, giving him a small peck on the cheek, "Everything is going to be fine. You know my parents absolutely adore you, Eugene. They won't be angry." I put one of my hands onto his hand and held it, giving it a tight squeeze. "That, I promise you."

I felt pride enter through my heart and swell in my chest when Eugene managed a tiny, unsure grin. Just the thought of being so influential to him, that I could ease some of his worries made me feel like I was doing my job as his life partner; that I was performing my duty as his wife. A big, loving grin appeared on my face as I turned away from him and looked over at the entrance to the grand ballroom where my parents would enter through.

I felt Eugene's hand twitch a bit from between my fingers, as my father finally stepped through the entryway. His bright red velvety cloak went out behind him; his clothes looking a little tight from the extra weight that he had gained from old age. My mother followed in from behind him, her beautiful skirt flowing out grandly from behind her. Both of them watched us with a smile, walking with a grace that only a true royal could possess.

I smiled at them in return, happy that they seemed to be in such a great mood. My voice was full of respect towards them as I greeted them by saying, "Hello, mother." I put a hand to the middle of my skirt and slowly lifted it upwards, bending my knees a bit in a curtsy. When I lifted, my eyes met the sight of my mother holding a dainty hand to her mouth. The small, muffled sound of laughing could be heard from behind her fingers.

There was a moment of silence in the room, before my mother looked back at me, her dark eyes shinning. She smiled. "You know, you do not have to refer to me as such. You could call me mom, if you would like. Mother just sounds much, too, formal. You are my daughter, so you shouldn't have to act so formal in front of me."

I nodded, my smile shrinking a bit. "Yes, mother." My eyes widened. "I-I mean…mom."

I felt Eugene as he put a strong arm around my shoulders. My smile grew a little in size. I could always count on him.

My father stared at me with a narrowed, but warm gaze. He could tell that there was something we needed to tell them.

I sighed, knowing that it must be done; that this was a secret that had to be told. I took a small step forward, Eugene moving along with me.

I looked up at them with a slightly worried gaze. "Dad…Mom…", my eyes swept over both of them, finally reaching the floor below me. I couldn't look at them. I couldn't let myself see their expressions. I had thought that they would be ecstatic about having a grandchild, but now… How could I have been so sure that they would be happy? What if this wasn't what they had wanted?

I couldn't think thoughts like that at a time like this.

"I-I have something that I must tell you." I let in a deep breath, before silently letting it out. My heart pounded. For some reason, telling my parents about being pregnant made me feel much worse than when I had confessed to Eugene. I turned my eyes to my husband; he smiled back, a bit of helplessness in his eyes. He gave a little shrug of his shoulders, not knowing of anything else we could do to get the message across to my parents. I scowled at him.

Well, so much for being my brave prince, huh? You know, there is a damsel in distress standing right beside you and you are doing nothing to help her. None. Notta. Zip.

I looked back at my parents. They stared at me in confusion, waiting patiently for the continuation of my statement. "Obviously, both of you guys know that Eugene and I are married. So…well…" What else could I say now but "I'm pregnant."

Mom's eyes suddenly teared up, her body immediately running towards me and enveloping me in a tight hug. Father came over, his mouth agape, but his eyes shinning proudly. His arms wrapped around both mother and me. In the hug I felt warm; a weight suddenly lifting from within my chest.

"Oh, how happy I am! You are so wonderful!" Mom squeezed her arms which were around my shoulders even tighter. When she pulled away, her face was excited, but also curious. "So, how far are you along? You don't seem to be showing much."

"A-A few weeks. Maybe a month? I don't really know."

Mom waved off my response. "Well, dates don't really matter. All that matters is that you are pregnant! Oh, my gosh! Imagine, my daughter -my daughter- pregnant with a little baby girl or boy." She turned to dad and placed a quick kiss to his cheek. "Imagine it Rob!"

Dad chuckled at his wife's behavior. "Yes, I know that you are excited Helen, but lets not just talk to Rapunzel. You see, we are beginning to forget someone…someone who if we had been without, having a grandchild would have never been possible." He turned to Eugene, who stood over to the side, silently watching them.

When Eugene noticed his gaze, he quickly straitened up his back and stuck out his chin. He looked both embarrassed and constipated at the same time. This wasn't a fact that he really needed to know, though, so I saw that there was no need in informing him on it.

Dad put a large hand in Eugene's direction. My husband nodded with a look of discomfort on his face and slowly came over to us. When he stopped next to me, I put my arms around him and snuggled up to his body. I knew that he still had a few problems when it came to family interactions, but I didn't mind. It wasn't his fault at all.

Dad put his arm around mom as well, and grinned at us. "So, come on then! Tell us the details! How did you finally tell him the news?" He chuckled. "Did he faint?"

I could only laugh in response, my voice sounding much lighter even to my own ears. "Oh, you have no idea."

We ended up spending the rest of the evening in the dinning room, surrounded by lots of food and laughter