"Well what have you ever done to help?" Rosalina Tai sat upstairs under a window. Her older brother, Josh, sat right next to her. "You give me enough to feed you and pay the cable bills, but we have three children Christopher, three!" Rosalina cradled her baby brother, Dylan, closer to her. She knew this would happen, as it always did. Her dad got remarried again and then, bang! It seems they are always happier when they are just friends. This argument had been going on for hours; the longest they'd ever had. "I'm tired of this," she murmured getting up. Josh grabbed her arm. "Leave it," he ordered. She stared at him in disbelief. "But we-" Suddenly there was the sound of shattering glass. Dylan woke in her arms and began to cry. Josh pushed her down to floor as the window just above them cracked as if a baseball hit it. Josh peered out the window. Rosalina could hear the sound of tires squealing then everything was silent. She listen for the sound of her dad and step-mom's feet pounding on the stairs to get to them to make sure they were okay, but the only sound was Dylan beginning to become more upset. Rosalina began to worry as Josh ran to the door to check on their parents.

Nat Wolff walked to his family's apartment with his hands down his pockets. The cold winds said that winter was in its wake and everyone was hoping it would be better than the last. The bare trees creaked as he scanned the road for any passing cars. In a distance he could see a black car coming his way. He recognized it immediately and dove away. Tripping up on an object in the dark, he fell and laid motionless as the vehicle passed without giving any hint at seeing him. He let out a sigh of relief when it disappeared into the night. He stayed there until he could hear the thunder above and tiny drops of rain began to pelt him. He hulled himself up eventually. His knees were aching and he expected them to be scratched and bloodied when he could see them in the light. Slowly he began to step forward, listening for the sound of any cars ahead. Finally he made a choice and darted ahead for the road. He could feel bright light burn on his face when he reached the open. The rain was beginning to pour harder and lighting streaked across the sky every few minutes.

Nat looked down at his watch only to see it wasn't there. "Darn it," he muttered, "it must've torn again!" He quickly retraced his steps to find the old camouflage watch. If it wasn't for the silver band on it he would have never seen it. After a quick look over he began to reset it on his arm. Sure enough, just as he had guessed, one of the leather holes that help strap it was torn. He had to loosen it to twice his arm size before he found a hole still intact. He sighed in disappointment; soon his watch would be too damaged to be a help to him. Then how would he know when it was time for him to go home?

"I guess I'll have to- whoa!" He tripped over something in the darkness of the trees. "Owe!" He muttered through gritted teeth; he clenched his ankle. He didn't think it was broken but it did hurt. Carefully he moved his hands around the ground, searching for the root that tripped him; he knew it would obviously lead to a tree that he could cling to for balance. He pushed his fingers down, burrowing them in the dirt. Suddenly he felt a hard surface beneath his finger tips. It was hard, but wasn't rough like roots and it was smooth. It didn't feel like any tree he'd touched before while outside. Maybe it's not a tree at all. Curiosity took over his fear as he pulled out his keys. On the small silver ring was a small purple flashlight. He fiddled around for a second searching for the 'On/Off' button on it. Finally he clicked it on. A small bead of light drew out of the flashlight that blinded him for a heartbeat. He beamed it in front of him. A cardboard box? A discarded brown box sat next to him. It had labels on it; possibly from a catalog of some sort.

A moment passed and he figured he could use it for something at home. He slowly stood up; his pants were soaked in mud and water and the ground was quickly becoming slick with the stuff. His ankle throbbed and he tried to balance most of his weight on his good leg at that point. He bit his bottom lip harder every time a new wave of pain passed through him.

Nat bent over and put one hand on top of the box. It was completely sodden by water now and would soon be of no good. He could see where the tape that held the lid together had been torn off taking with it some of the box's brown skin. He could barely see inside the small slit in the top. He shined his flashlight inside it cautiously. Inside he saw a soft furry blue and white covering. "They left their things inside the box?" he thought as he opened it. Inside he saw the covering he'd seen before was a blanket. It moved; Nat flinched in sudden shock. With a sudden disgust reached out to pull at the blanket murmuring, "what kind of person would dump a puppy like-" He stopped as he saw what was under the blanket. "Who would do this?" he asked himself as the baby's wails began to sound in the night.

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