Yes, I realize I should be working on Danny Phantom and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Or the Phantom of the Icemark, though I won't work on that unless I begin getting reviews, because no one's reviewed that yet. Anyway, most people do just Fear for this sort of emotion-based fanfic, but I'm doing various negative emotions. This is short, but my intro chapters are pretty much always short, which is why I'll try to update the second time more quickly. Danny, you should be afraid right now.

Danny: *is terrified*

Chapter 1

Enter the Memories

"Mr. Fenton. Care to explain why you missed class for the third time this week?" Mr. Lancer demanded after school.

"No, sir." I mumbled, silently cursing the Box Ghost and his repetitive arrivals.

"I will be calling your parents for this, Mr. Fenton. We will talk more when they arrive." he warned.

I looked away. This would not bode well.

He looked at me for a second, then picked up the phone and dialed our home.

"Yes? This is Mr. Lancer. I'd like to meet you at school to talk about your son. Yes, now. Good-bye."

He hung up. I determinedly studied the wall. Ten minutes later, which made me decide my mother was driving, they arrived. Upon being told of my various absences over the week, my parents promptly started shouting, my mother about grades and my father saying how a ghost must be causing the absences.

Suddenly, my ghost sense went off. I looked around quickly, slightly panicked. There would be no escaping to go ghost here. I would have to hope it was a good ghost, or at least a weak ghost, like the Box Ghost, which my parents could take care of without me.

Mr. Lancer noticed my frantic looking but not my ghost sense, opened his mouth to ask what was wrong, but was interrupted by a ghost phasing through the wall.

"Nocturn." I growled, forgetting about my parents and teacher. "What do you want?"

"What else, Daniel? Your emotions. They run high at any given time - stress, fear, depression. Self-loathing most of all." he replied, grinning evilly.

I blanched. This couldn't end well.

"What does he mean, Mr. Fenton? Self-loathing?" Mr. Lancer asked.

"Self-loathing! My baby hates himself!" cried Maddie.

I shook my head, getting into a battle stance. But before I could strike, I began to feel tired. As one, me, my parents, and Mr. Lancer fell asleep.

As we each lost consciousness, the last thing any of us heard was Nocturn.

"You will experience the boy's worst memories. Words that still echo in his heart to this day. Grouped by his most dominantly negative emotions. Brace yourselves. He has some horrible experiences." He cackled as the world went completely black.

As we woke, we looked around. It was predominantly black, as though we were suspended in nowhere. We could see each other though, and the forming memory. We could also hear.