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Chapter 5

The Escape and the End

I fell to my knees, panting, trying to control my breathing. At the moment, I was hyperventilating. My mother and father walked up and tried to soothe me. Just then, my ghost sense went off. I looked up.

"Nocturn." I snarled. "Haven't you done enough?" I rose to my feet. "Revealing my secret?" I rose off the ground and began to charge an ecto beam. "Showing my WORST MEMORIES?" I blasted him, again and again, furiously battling him. I finished him off with an ice beam and finally sucked him into the thermos. I scowled. "Shows him. Never mess with an angry ghost-powered teen. Or an angry, ghost-powered, anything, really."

Jack and Maddie smiled slightly, remembering the many instances of ghost-powered food they had had to contain. Lancer just looked confused.

I turned to them. "So now... you know. What will you do about it?"

Jack started, walking forward and hugging me, followed closely by my mother. "We love you, son. Whether you're ghost, boy, or something in between." I smiled. Then Maddie scolded,

"But if you even think the word freak, you will be grounded for a week, mister." I blinked.

Then Lancer stepped forward. "And, considering your ghost fighting has certainly been interfering with your academic studies, a few exceptions are in order, I believe. You may study for tests while the rest of the class is taking them, and take them either during lunch or after school. Little homework will be assigned and you will receive an extension when needed."

"Thank you, sir!" I said, surprised and happy. "After school, I think. I patrol during lunch. But, sir, what about Sam and Tucker?"

Lancer cocked his head. "What about them?"

"They help me, sir. They fight ghosts and do patrols when I do."

He nodded. "In that case, the privileges will extend to them."

"Thank you, sir!" I said happily.

"Hey, Danny!" said my father. "You fight ghosts, just as good as me! Maybe you can be my sidekick!"

I rolled my eyes. "Dad. No. I will not be your sidekick. I don't work that way. I work with partners. I do not have sidekicks, and I am not a sidekick. End of story."

"Awwww..." he whined.

I shook my head. "Well, can we go back now? I wanna talk to Sam and Tucker. Then maybe I can tell you about some of the good times. From that, you don't know about any of my ghostly allies. Like Dora. And Frostbite, or even Cujo."

They looked excited, and they started to go home, looking forward to the stories I would tell. Even with what was shown, it would take quite a while.

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