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Chapter I

First Day in Forks

It was my first day back in Forks. I don't really remember much from my childhood here, except the utter awkwardness of it. Forks was like every other place my mom, Renee moved me to. Each place, I felt utterly alone. There was a feeling of not belonging. It wasn't that I was a social outcast. On the contrary. I tended to receive a great amount of unwanted attention. Everyone was always overly friendly towards me. I just wanted out of the lime light.

I was a plain girl. There was nothing extraordinary about me. My skin was an ivory pale. My eyes a plastered brown. My hair was an ordinary chocolate brown, unless I was in the sun. That is when the red would blaze through and make both my skin and eyes seem to come to life. My skin then seemed to turn into a snow white color. My eyes, apparently I had little red specs in my eyes that only came out in the sunlight as well. My eyes became more molting. It was like a volcano. The contrast of fire, molting lava against earth… At least, that is what I have been told. However, I still saw myself as ordinary.

Regardless of how ordinary I was, I always seemed to attract trouble. I wasn't the most coordinated so accidents were quiet common. Despite my lack of grace, there was something a bit unnatural about my life.

From place to place it was the same story. Everyone wanted to befriend me. The boys wanted to be more than friends and the girls… they seemed to be after something all together different. I really couldn't understand it.

Even though I couldn't understand it, I had my best friend, my mom, to help me. I know it sounds ridiculous that my mom would be my best friend, but it's true. She was the only one I let down my walls with. Even though we were so close, I still never felt normal. I still felt out of place.

A few months ago, mom remarried to a baseball player. His name is Phil. That is when my relationship with my mom began to change. Mom began to put distance between us. She was very possessive over Phil. It almost seemed like she viewed me as a threat. I didn't understand it and still don't.

A few weeks ago, she informed me that I would be going to stay with Charlie, my dad. She said that she would be moving to Florida with Phil and thought I would be more comfortable in Forks with Charlie. She made it sound like she was looking after my best interest, but I knew. I didn't have to be psychic to know she just wanted to get rid of me.

So here I am today. Charlie was glad enough to get me back here. Something else I do not quite understand. We never really did have a great relationship. Maybe it was my need to get out of the dreary life of Forks, maybe it was the sense of not belonging. I don't really know. All I know is that I thrived in the sun. I hated the rain and the overcast clouds. I loved the feel of the sun blazing on my skin. It felt like home. Charlie… well he was the epitome of Forks. He was rain. He was overcast skies. But I guess he was home, for now.

I only had a few more years before I would be free. I could spread my wings and soar into the open sky. I would leave Forks behind and find the warmest and sunniest place I could. That day had to wait though. Tomorrow would be my first day at Fork's High School.