I will be taking a hiatus so that I can get a good jump on writing the chapters to the sequel, Destinies. To give you a little taste of things to come, I put together a compilation of teasers. They may or may not be in Destinies as they are currently written, but it gives you an idea of what to expect. I hope you enjoy.

(Bella's P.O.V.)

He held me a little tighter than he normally did as we laid in my bed. This could be our last night together. No one knew what tomorrow would hold, but we were prepared. Forks would be the final battleground that would end this war. Who the victor would be… only time would tell.

"I need to tell you something." His voice held worry deep within it.

"No. I will not accept any last words or goodbyes. Everything will be fine tomorrow and whatever you have to say, you can say it after." I swallowed hard, not completely believing my own words.

He chuckled half-heartedly as he smoothed my hair down with his hand. "I love you so much, you are my life; you know that right? No matter what, that never changes."

I nodded my head. I felt the same for him. The connection was instantaneous the moment I saw him. The love only grew to an almost smothering proportion. I would die if anything ever happened to him. Just the thought made my heart ache. "I love you, too." I lifted my head to look into his amber eyes. They were still beautiful, despite the worry lines that creased the edges.

The lines smoothed as he smiled. He bent his head and kissed my forehead. The icy coolness of his lips sent a shiver through my body. It wasn't the cold, but the wanting desire that caused my body to tremble.

This was possibly our last night together. The thought kept pulsating in my mind. What if everything goes wrong tomorrow? What if I am too weak...? What if none of us survive?

The thought caused my arms to tighten around Edward. I didn't want to lose him. I needed him.

It was that thought and need that pushed my body further up his. It was that pulse that placed my lips on his.

He didn't pull back, but I felt the rigidness in his body when I pushed to deepen the kiss.

He pushed away slightly with pain in his eyes. "Bella, no goodbyes, remember?"

I bit my bottom lip and shook my head. "It's not a goodbye." I partially lied. "I... I just..." I lowered my eyes as my cheeks started to burn. "What if..."

"I know." He put his finger below my chin and lifted my face to meet his. He gazed into my eyes, causing my heart to race and a burning in my gut to spread slowly across my body.

He lowered his lips back down to mine...

. . .

(Maria's P.O.V.)

This was the last time I would come, both hoping and dreading that he would be here. It had been nearly two months. I was better than this.

I didn't need love, it was just something else people used to manipulate you.

So why couldn't I get that searing kiss out of my memory? Why did it make my heart ache that he wasn't here? Why did I hold out hope that he would show up while I visited my mother's grave?

Because you're a masochistic idiot.

He didn't love me and I cursed myself for falling for him. I hadn't even realized I had been until our lips met. Stupid kiss!

I touched the boulder that served as my mother's tombstone before standing. I had spent too much time being pathetic over some guy. Edward and I were done. No… we never were.

He never loved me. You could make him. I could make him? As simple as a touch. No, it was never that simple. I knew from past experience... I can plant an idea... But everyone was different. No one processed and acted on ideas the same. Unless I had direct link to their head... It was impossible to know if or how the idea would take root.

That was a moot point anyway. I had only used my curse once in the last three years and I would never use it to force someone to love me. It wasn't fair to them or me.

Besides, the last time I accidently planted the idea of someone wanting me... It grew into something hideous. I had only been five then and wanted my uncle to want to keep me and not send me away. I hadn't even been aware of this stupid curse. Once an idea is planted, you can't take it away or control it. It lingers and festers like a gangrenous sore.

"Ahh... Just where the psychic said you would be."

"Careful Felix, don't let her touch you with her hands."

I jumped in surprise at the sound of the two harsh voices. I didn't get a chance to turn to see who it was before a pain exploded in my head and then utter blackness.

. . .

(Bella's P.O.V.)

He was a tall, dark man, a foot... maybe two taller than the Quileutes. Perhaps it was his giant stature or maybe something more, but his presence demanded attention. No one could look away or even move.

He should have been frightening to behold in retrospect, but he wasn't.

Instead of fear, a feeling of safety seemed to calm everyone. Maybe it was just me and everyone else was just in sheer awe at the towering, dark man.

He studied Jacob's limp body and nodded once, then twice, before turning to everyone else. He opened his mouth and spoke a language I did not understand. Neither Fin nor the rest seemed to either.

This didn't seem to deter the dark stranger, he continued to speak. I looked to Edward, who seemed to have a sort of understanding. When the man stopped speaking, Edward turned to address everyone. "I am not sure exactly what he said, but he wants to help Jacob."

"He said that the boy's spirit is too diluted with humanity to fight off the venom. It's too weak to knit itself and dispel the poison." Arianna surprised us all as she appeared behind us. "He can save him by infusing his spirit within him until the poison is gone." She looked to Edward with questioning. Edward studied her for a moment and then turned his face downward.

"Infuse?" A deep voiceBillyasked.

Arianna nodded.

"What does that mean? What will happen?" It was Jared who spoke that time.

Arianna turned to the man and spoke in that foreign language. The man responded.

"His spirit will enter and inhabit Jacob's body. His spirit will rid the body of the venom and heal it. When his body is strong enough and Jacob's spirit is strengthened, he will leave."

"Where will Jacob be?" Esme asked, concern saturating her every word.

"He will still be there… but in a state of rest."

"How do-"

"He is a Spiritual... A warrior who is the embodiment of Honor and Truth. They can be taken at their word."

We all looked to Fin for confirmation, him being the only other elemental in the room. He looked a little lost, too. "I have never met a Spiritual... Only heard stories. But the stories say that what Lady Arianna says is true."

"He can save Jacob, right?" I turned to Arianna. It was the first time I had seen her since Faery and it caused an unease in me.

Arianna nodded.

I looked to Billy as I rubbed Jacob's sweat dampened hair down. He nodded his head.

Arianna spoke to the man and it was then that I realized we didn't even know his name.

The atmosphere in the room changed... Shimmered in a way. The man's body pulsated and then faded, leaving a cloud looking substance in its wake. The cloud descended over Jacob.

Jacob gasped suddenly and I tightened my arms around him by reflex.

The cloud settled around Jacob and then slowly dissipated. Like Jacob's body was absorbing it. Everyone remained quiet and still… waiting. What was supposed to happen now? While everyone was looking at Jacob, I took that moment to look up at Arianna. She was looking back at me. There was something there, behind her eyes. A truth of sorts. The future.

Suddenly, Jacob's mouth closed and his body jerked to awareness. His eyes opened and he looked up at me. I gazed at him and knew without a doubt, it wasn't Jacob looking back at me.

. . .

(Bella's P.O.V.)

It unnerved me greatly. He just stood there and watched me curiously, it was Jacob's body, but Jacob hadn't been there for weeks. He stood leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his bare chest. I had to admit, Jacob's body looked a lot better now. The trembles did not distort his body. He was dark, and muscles filled his length in a pleasant way.

I turned, blushing at the thought of Jacob's body. It was strange. I still got the warmth that seeing Jacob always gave me, but it wasn't him. It wasn't Jacob's warmth... If that made sense. Yeah, it was confusing for me, too.

"He loves you." It was Jacob's voice, but not his words.

I turned to look at Dante. "What?" Billy asked as he looked between me and Dante. I had forgotten for a moment that Billy was here as well. I wonder if it was as weird for him as it was for me.

Dante pushed off of the doorframe and stepped closer to me. Billy casually rolled his chair between us. I was grateful. It had been weeks and Dante had always just looked at me, as if trying to figure something out.

"Jacob... he loves you a great deal... but it's more than that. He is pulled to you." Dante creased Jacob's brows. "It's odd feeling these emotions."

"You feel Jacob's emotions?" I asked startled at the possibility. Did that mean he also saw Jacob's thoughts and memories?

Dante nodded. "I have preview to his mind and heart… his memories and aspirations. It's all very strange… these human things."

I knitted my brows. "Well, Jake and I are friends. I love him, too."

Dante shook his head. "No. It's more than friendship."

He was too certain of it, which made me feel increasingly uncomfortable. I stepped back away from him and Billy, making my way to the door to let them out. "I… I… Um… Edward will be here shortly."

Billy nodded. I hoped he understood it was just too strange. This was not Jake… He was a complete stranger… well not completely anymore, but he might as well have been.

He reached out and grabbed my arm. It seemed to surprise him that he did so as he looked abashed and quickly released my arm. I looked at him questioningly. "Sorry. It's hard sometimes to ignore his thoughts and feelings. Or even to discern which are mine and which are his. This is new for me. I am sorry." Dante turned away quickly and followed Billy out of the kitchen. I followed behind, Dante's words rolling around in my head. Part of me believed him. I had suspected that Jacob had a crush on me. I had hoped that it was amiable though. I liked Jacob… I love Jacob and couldn't bear to lose him. He was so warm and just made me happy. It wasn't a romantic love, though. It was… Jake… I didn't really know how to explain our relationship… our connection. It just is.

When we reached the door, Dante turned and studied me again. Again, my face flushed, but this time I was saved by Edward. He suddenly appeared at the door. He glared at Dante and it made me wonder what Dante was thinking… or Jacob… or maybe it was Dante's thoughts Edward heard? So confusing.

Dante looked to Edward and nodded his head as he turned to walk away. Edward grimaced with a look of guilt in his eyes. I was curious about that, but before I could ask, Edward turned and wrapped his arms around me. He bent his head and kissed me, making me forget everything except his lips. When he pulled back, he looked over his shoulder where Dante stood, watching us with pain on his face. "You shouldn't be alone with him… It's becoming harder for him…"

. . .

(Bella's P.O.V.)

I shook my head, my chest collapsing in upon itself. "No... It... I..." I couldn't pull any air into my lungs. I didn't want to either. I wanted to die right there.

My legs wouldn't support my body anymore, so I found myself curling up into myself on the ground.

I saw over and over in my mind his eyes. Again, I couldn't breathe. I killed him. I killed Edward!

I killed him. I can't live without him. I need him. Edward!

"Bella…" Someone grabbed me and shook me. Reality held no meaning. "Bella!"

I lifted my head slightly, but only saw his face as I killed him. Edward...