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Lightning looked over the world with a deep sadness in her heart. The world was in chaos, not only was time not flowing, space was not stable, nor was the barriers between dimensions and parallel universes working as she looked down from the porch in Valhalla. Seeing all those versions of her unique student fighting for the powers he had when he was still alive sickened her. They were not aware of the pain and anguish he had been through in his life as this war for that unique power grew with each passing day. Footsteps were heard as she turned to see another boy who looked like him-no, a younger incarnation of him from a different time that he had created as a failsafe just in case of a situation like this was to ever happen. His spiky blond hair was messy, his eyes were blue cold sapphires that don't know fear of death, his face, young but serious, had a determined look on it as he was a definition of a soldier.

"What's the plan Master?" the boy asked as Lightning removed her glove from her left hand and looked at the back of it, revealing a red tattoo mark in the shape of a sword that had an otherworldly glow. "…Cut them down to size. Use anything necessary, as long as they stay away from the temple." She ordered as she placed the glove back on as the boy nodded and leapt to the top of the temple as the air around him rippled. He held a naginata, decorated in precious jewels as he stood on the top of the temple. The boy looked down and frowned at the sight, this war was something unexpected, many incarnations of the same boy were fighting each other for many things, love, power, acknowledgement, their libidos, and he didn't care. They were all intruders in this world and must pay for causing trouble.

The boy twirled his weapon as it glowed. With that, the earth shook, the heavens swirled violently as they howled in savage anger as the many intruders to the dimension looked up. In the boy's hand on top of the temple, a storm of wind and light danced in his right hand as he glared at them, "Disappear knowing the truth…Tenchikaibyaku (Creation of Heaven and Earth)!" he roared as he swung his spear, creating a shockwave of spatial energy that engulfed them, as they were reduced to nothing as nothing remained on the battlefield. No blood, no bodies, no metal, not even a speck of dust. With his task done, he dismissed his weapon and leapt down and walked in, seeing Lightning looking up at the figure sitting upon the crystal throne.

"Don't worry Lightning, he and I are the same, so I know he's up to something on a different world but is still trying to find his way back to you." He reassured her as Lightning looked at the boy with a small smile. "You're right; I guess I'm just waiting for him to wake up is all." She replied as she left the throne room. The boy looked at the figure on the crystal throne. Sitting upon it, was Naruto Uzumaki in Crystal Stasis…with a lance piercing his heart…

"My Name is Eclair Farron. I also go by my Guardian Corp. codename Lightning. My world was engulfed in a paradox that the Maker, Bhunivelze had planned on; altering history for his plan for an 'eternal utopia' he sought of making. With the altering of the timelines, everyone's memories were rewritten as Bhunivelze sent a dangerous being to end our era as Hope, Fang, Snow, Vanille, Sazh, Serah, Noel, Caius, and even myself were sealed into our very own weapons and entombed with a resurrected Anima who guards over us, with Serah, Noel, and Caius banished to different timelines and beyond our reach. Over time, we discovered that people who pick up our weapons are branded as L'Cie and are given a Focus. They are given our Crystarium System as we have to teach them how to use our weapons and to use magic. Many have tried and many have failed to meet their deadlines…all except one named Minato Namikaze. I had a good time teaching that kid and had a good bond between him and his girlfriend Kushina. The Focus he had was a dangerous one, but I'm afraid that story will be for another time to tell, for this story is about a unique boy who happened to be his son, but at the same time, not his son. This is the story…of Naruto Uzumaki; the Storm of Chaos, the Revolutionist of Change, the Shinobi Killer, the Cursed Hero of Wrought Iron, Konoha's Destroyer, and the Shinobi L'Cie."

/Rebirth: Birth of the Storm/

His eyes opened, seeing only darkness in his wake as he floated in the water, wondering how he had survived a fall that high. His name was Naruto Uzumaki, 12 year old Genin of Konoha of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, prankster, academic dead last, student of Kakashi Hatake, rival of Sasuke Uchiha, member of Team 7, and the one day future Hokage. He recalled falling down here due to that lecherous sage, Jiraiya, he believed he called himself. The Toad Sage had tossed him down a ravine in order to call forth the red chakra of the Kyuubi no Kitsune that was sealed inside of him.

He recalled what the fox said when they came in contact in his mind, while the fox agreed to lend him chakra when needed, the fox had said to "Enter the temple, and discover the powers of the time before chakra. Restore time to its proper flow...and end this infernal Paradox of the Gods…" Before clamming its mouth up and banishing Naruto from his mind. His body was numb, the fall was actually painful if he was conscious, but now, he forced himself up, using his new water walking technique to help him up as he gritted his teeth in pain as he looked around. Behind him was a long path of darkness, and in front of him, looked like a submerged walkway made of stone. It was ankle deep, very useful for conserving chakra for any future encounters with any possible inhabitants of the area as he proceeded to walk on.

Time felt like it was moving at an agonizingly slow pace as he walked. His feet were sore from the water and walking, his legs were tired and he felt his legs were starting to shiver from the cold. Was it nighttime already? No, the sun was still beaming, and it was still day. It must have been an hour since he fell in. But now the air was also cold as he found the reason why. There was a temple down here, ancient and preserved, and it looked like it was waiting for him for a very long time for some reason. He ran, his legs regaining their strength as he walked towards the entry way, he noticed a doorway there, blocked by a strange symbol resembling an overlapping sequence of black arrows as it glowed red.

He walked up to it and while slightly nervous, knocked on the door. The final knock, Naruto left his hand on the door, wonder if anyone was there before giving up and try to find another way to get out of the ravine as the glow and the symbol vanished, causing the doorway to open, revealing the inside, as if inviting him in. Not sure what happened, he heard something calling him inside, and if possessed, he walked in, following that voice as the doorway behind him was sealed shut.

Lightning stirred from her sleep, hearing that all too familiar sound; she opened her eyes to see a pitch black void in which she resides in. How long has it been since she last heard someone entering the Pulse Vestige? 10,000 years, 4000 years, or was it around 30 years ago since someone came to this deathtrap? She didn't know, for she and her friends were all stuck in their own weapons until someone chose them for their role in this hair brained scheme of the Maker. She sensed that her fellow members had awoken to the sound of someone entering the Vestige. Odd, she didn't sense any C'ieth that usually prowl through these hallways and the path to here, Anima's Throne; it's as if they were ordered not to attack the person. Maybe it was someone important that Anima had to make sure did not die entering here.

"Guys, are you sensing this?" she telepathically asked them as Fang made her reply. "I'd wager that it is someone very unique that Anima was expecting to brand as an L'Cie, maybe one with incredible potential." She replied, her accent still there even after all those years. "I just hope that whoever it is won't be targeted by the Maker or that guy after whoever it is gets branded into a fellow L'Cie." Spoke one Hope Estheim from his prison that was his boomerang. "Shh…They're here!" Vanille hushed as all of the L'Cie Masters rolled their eyes; they spoke telepathically, so no one can hear their voices. But they stayed quiet as a small figure walked up the steps of the throne room and looked around and they were all shocked. It was a kid!

The boy looked around, observing the weapons as his right hand trailed the various weapons, as if feeling their history with slight awe in them. "Hey kid, if you want lessons on being a hero, then I'm your man!" Snow shouted out as Sazh sighed, "Maybe you forgot, but he can't hear us remember?" the pilot asked the "hero" as Vanille looked at the kid. "You know, he's kind of cute. I just want to pet those whisker marks on his cheek!" Vanille said as Fang looked at the boy. "I kinda admit I can practically sense the very potential around him, and the possible adventures that follow suit. Now if only if he could just choose…" Fang trailed off as suddenly all the legendary Crystal Heroes of Cocoon noticed a distortion in the air. "It's a paradox!" Lightning exclaimed in shock as she watched the boy practically split into 6 copies, each looking at the weapons the L'Cie Masters were trapped in.

They all could practically feel Fang grinning right now. "See? Now I knew he'd be an interesting kid. Well, since we probably might not see each other again, take care of yourself sunshine, and don't cause your version of the boy any trouble Vanille." Fang said to both Lightning and Vanille as one version of the boy picked up Fang's spear as the connection with her was cut off. "Well, it's time to teach my new student how to be a hero!" Snow announced with an unseen pumped fist as the mental connection with him was cut out. "Well, I guess I can help the poor kid out. It could be hard for someone like him to take on such a heavy burden. See ya all later." Sazh told the others as the connection with him was cut off.

"Well, wish me luck. I just hope that I can handle teaching someone around my physical age." Hope said as the connection with him was cut off. Then it was only Lightning and Vanille left in the conversation, "Well, I'm not sure if you'll need it, but good luck Lightning!" Vanille cheered as the connection between them was over. Lightning looked at the boy, he looked familiar for some reason, and her memory was kind of bad since she got sealed into her weapon again after being freed for a small amount of time. Sleeping through everything until someone came to awaken her did that, leaving only a huge blank in her memories as the last version of the boy, the original she sensed, picked up her Blazefire Saber by the handle and lifted it.

Naruto wasn't sure what this weapon was, it looked like a sword, but it looked more…advanced than the weaponry he was familiar with. Was this some sort of super weapon locked away years ago? Shaking the thought out, he turned to see the other items on their pedestals disappear without a trace as he wondered what in the world was going on. Then, he heard the sound of metal moving as he quickly turned and saw a strange metal object hidden by the shadows move as it revealed a strange metallic creature with a crystal core in its center with a strange claw as strange floating manipulators near it, acting as some sort of defense mechanism. "Your trial awaits you…Defeat Anima…" a voice told him as he leapt back and began to channel chakra…only to not feel it.

"What the hell, I can't use my chakra!?" He thought in shock as he dodged a manipulator as he gritted his teeth and looked at the weapon in his hand. His hold onto it tightened the more he tried to let go of it, so he had no choice, use the weapon to defeat this "Anima" creature. "Kay, if you want to fight, then bring it on!" Naruto challenged as he dashed towards his opponent.

He dodged the Right Manipulator and slashed at it before leaping back, noticing it was being pushed back by…another him? He noticed that, it was a ghostly image of him wearing that coat that vanished and he was using his fists that seemed to have been enhanced, then there was another, with those two weird weapons he could not comprehend as he noticed it fired projectiles at foes. Another one was holding that spear, another a boomerang and the last one holding a rod that used strange long wires and hooks for a weapon, and now the sword he wielded. Looks like this day got stranger as he went with it and continued with the fight.

He and the phantom versions of himself worked in silent harmony as the evaded the attacks, destroying the extra appendages as they took on the main body as it was overwhelmed by the unity of six incarnations of Naruto from different paradoxes as it's body began to fail regenerating from these constant attacks as it couldn't keep up the pace with creating new manipulators to defend itself from the oncoming slaughter from these candidates that overcame its expectations. Anima had decided, these 6, will be worthy L'Cie for the great Hollowed Pulse as the crystal organ glowed brightly as its body began dying. That was then, the world became undone.

Naruto could not believe where he was at. He was in some sort of void, with those other versions of himself, those phantom lookalikes as a giant, glowing green crystal floated overhead. This feeling was nostalgic for some reason. The sounds of giant bells ringing were the only sounds in this abyss as a beam of green light struck the crystal, destroying it as a giant, mechanical being, with half of its face resembling that of a human, looked down upon the boy and his counterparts.

"Child of Prophecy, your destiny is set. Breathe in life to thy counterparts, and set in motion thy path. Thou will be thee, who will awaken thy Creator." The being said, as tendrils of green energy wrapped themselves around Naruto as they also impaled a certain part of the other phantom versions of himself as Naruto felt his mind being torn apart in an agonizing way as he felt his whole body burning, choking, corroding. It was as if his very soul was being ripped to pieces as his very view on the world, was starting become undone forever…and he had failed to notice three pieces of energy, which were in fact, parts of his own soul, entering in the gaps of time and space, seeking a power to give them form and complete the missing pieces of the puzzle.

In the endless seas of chaos of Valhalla, one fragment of the soul entered a giant, black great sword impaled onto the blackened sand of the beach. The eye in the center of the hilt opening up as the chaos of Valhalla gave the being form as one Naruto Uzumaki, heir to the Heart of Chaos was born. "From this moment, here and now, I, Caius Ballad make you my heir. Come forth, Nero, and take your role as the new Guardian of the Seeress!" The voice within the sword spoke as the newly dubbed Nero grabbed the blade and swung it onto his back as he looked up to the sky and smirked. "May oblivion be the fate of all things…" the Uzumaki uttered as he turned around and proceeded to fulfill his mentor's command, seek the location of the seeress, Yeul, and protect her from any threats that come in her way.

In another timeline, the second fragment entered the duel blades of Noel, as it took form as another Naruto was born, kneeling down with both blades in hand as he looked up from his "birth" into the world. "I don't like this one bit. I just hope nothing terrible happens." The boy told himself as he looked around; wondering where was he in this strange place.

The third and final fragment dwelling in the gaps of time was involved with a paradox. A forgotten twin dwelling in that timeline was alive, and the body of the supposed fragment's soul is dead, so it heard a calling for it as it followed it to Valhalla, to the throne of the Goddess Etro as a blade impaled in front of the throne alone, waiting for a new knight to be chosen as the fragment merged with it, becoming the new knight of the goddess. "My blade shall be the one that shall cut down those who dare disrupt the balance of this world. You have my word Lady Etro…" muttered the armored Naruto Uzumaki as he discarded his name and gave himself a new name as he began his training to be up to par with his predecessor before him. A raging tempest of the goddess, bringing ruin to those that dare harm the delicate balance of the world.

Naruto saw the full moon, radiating a beautiful glow as he noticed something in its light. A creature of some sort…? No, it was a monster, a monster with ten menacing tails as the earth shook as the monstrosity roared, and its one eye had four concentric circles with nine tomoe in the three circles closest to the pupil. The creature looked like it was looking at him as it roared; causing the entire field it was on to be wiped out as the vision ended.

He awoke to white, not the kind in the hospital rooms, but the kind if you were in limbo. He wondered…had he died? No, it didn't feel like the afterlife as he noticed he was no longer holding onto that sword he picked up was gone. That was then; he noticed he was not alone. Turning around, he turned to see a woman in her early twenties, sitting cross-legged on a floating chair with the sword in her lap, looking at him. The boy was stunned, this woman, had a beauty that no other women have, and yet, had a sense of familiarity with her, as if he knew her in a different life. "Welcome, Redeemer and Destroyer, Pawn and Messiah, to your destiny that has begun to unfold in this tale of crystals." Lightning greeted her student as the boy was stunned with the situation that was going on.

In another world, a world devoid of life, a robed figure twitched. His four pitch-black wings, with glowing, pulsing veins glowing, fluttering in the wind as the being looked up at the sky. "I will have my revenge Cypher, and I'll make sure you suffer for the humiliation I have endured aeons ago once this is over…" the figure growled in anger, as underneath the hood, Death had a twisted smile on his face.