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Enjoy the long awaited Bloodline Purge Arc!

Kidōmaru leapt through the trees of the misty land; only to stop and hide every time he heard footsteps and battles raging nearby to find out what was the situation at the time. He checked his surroundings, corpses littered the area and the stench of blood and corpses reeked in the very air itself. So far, he's cautiously avoided conflicts with both Kiri ninja and the rebels. He needed to fulfill a task of great strategic importance for the one who inherited Lord Orochimaru's will. The one who would give them all second chances to live; Kimimaro was one such person to acquire it, and he rewarded the boy with unquestionable loyalty. Kidōmaru wanted to see where this boy would go, to see if he's truly the one that Lord Orochimaru deemed worthy as an heir.

So far, he's grateful for the boy, to show mercy on his men and inspires them to improve themselves to be better than they were before. While he is strict, he is kind, and while brutal, is merciful, he is one strange master to serve for indeed.

The lens of the mask changed, showing human heat several meters ahead. The 'heat vision' of the mask was pretty useful in the damn fog in exposing enemy locations. When normal visibility is problematic, searching via heat signatures from the mask was quite useful. Human bodies needed to stay warm in these cold areas of Kiri, so they were like beacons with the heat vision right now, which gave Kidōmaru time to figure out how to plan his route to his destination. Since the mission was a Ghost one, he had to avoid being detected or set off alarms, which will be problematic for the entire mission if he's caught.

He wondered if Tayuya was having fun on her assigned task.

Tayuya was having a blast, posing as a poor, traveling musician hoping to lift the spirits of warriors with her flute, the damn moron she's assigned to eliminate took her in. And he didn't even have her checked for anything lethal besides her flute. To her, only her flute is required to get this mission done. Now all she needed to do was take care of the target, and as a joke, give the sleeping wounded a song that'll haunt their dreams quite well tonight.

Kidōmaru shook his head with a wry grin, "Tayuya is probably hatching some sadistic scheme on the wounded by now." He thought, knowing his teammate well for her foul mouth and was sure she was doing her thing right now. He scanned ahead and noticed the location was 65 kilometers ahead, but the bad part was that the surrounding area was an open field if he stepped out of the forests. Kidōmaru prayed that somehow, Lord Naruto found a way to improvise.

Somehow, it seems that help with blending in just got granted as a group of rebels charged, blades drawn, hand signs weaved, and chakra saturating the very air itself. Then, the chaos ensured as the rebels were actually in a mine field as the earth exploded randomly when an unlucky rebel stepped on one. That's when his sharp eyes noticed the craters formed, and recalled how trap door spiders use tunnels. The spider ninja grinned as he quickly made his way to one such hole and began utilizing the Cursed Seal on his body to the second stage as he begun weaving his webs of destruction as he began pulling out one of the arrows Naruto had entrusted him with using wisely.

Naruto's team traveled quickly as Jūgo gave him the latest report in on how Kidōmaru and Tayuya are handling their tasks. "Tayuya has killed the target and has used a genjutsu on the wounded that's breaking their fighting moral in a dreamlike state. Kidōmaru has begun his assault on the weak points of the fortress, and has succeeded in destroying a few as now the rebels Kabuto has tipped off are now starting to raid the place." Jūgo reported as Naruto nodded his head. "That's good, now all we need to do is…!" Naruto replied before snapping his head out into the direction of the ocean as something big came out of the water as lava seems to be fired at it from a long distance. "…Ah, the Mizukage has entered his Tailed Beast state and is currently battling the leader of the rebels, Mei Terumi out there." Jūgo added as they noticed the Three-Tails Mizukage began firing black spheres of energy in random directions.

"…Shit, we better get moving before-!" Naruto swore as a stray Tailed Beast Ball came to their direction. "Shell…!" Lightning spoke up, casting a purple barrier and channeling the strength of her Cypher counterpart inside of her to amplify its defensive powers as the black sphere made contact with her spell as a massive explosion erupted. Against something like this, her L'Cie powers are clearly outmatched by the raw power of a Tailed Beast. Even using the powers of her Cypher other within her could only minimize the damage as the ground below them began to give in. "Now this is bad…down there is the…!" Kabuto realized from the Intel he had on this nation's secret projects and the secret underground horrors they've dug up trying to utilize as weapons of war.

Before he could say anymore, the ground broke as the entire team fell into the darkness. The falling rocks separating them as they fell into different directions, as Kabuto could not tell them that this was a habitat for vicious animals far older than the era of chakra ninja.

"Damn it, they've fallen in!" Neji cursed as he saw them fall into the abyss below with his Byakūgan as Jiraiya cursed under his breath. "That dope always tends to pull something like this every time something big happens." Sasuke said with annoyance as he looked at the transformed Mizukage with distaste in his tone. "So what, we go after him?" Kiba asked as Akamaru whined in a feared tone. "Impossible, I've heard rumors of animals down there are far more vicious than your everyday animal and are smarter, and equally as vicious; no one who's set foot down in that forest never comes out alive." Jiraiya retorted as he knew this was Naruto they were talking about.

"If anything, Naruto will get out just fine and do so in a big, dynamic, and very dramatic way." Sasuke added with a wry smile as the next member of the team chuckled. "True, he is called the Number 1 Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja for nothing and the most unpredictable ninja as well." Kakashi said, adding his own two cents in as he closed his book. "Well since chit-chat time is over…" Jiraiya said as Kakashi prepared his Raikiri, Sasuke with his Chidori, Neji in his battle stance, as Jiraiya prepared to pull off a summon as a bunch of Kiri ninja surrounded them. "Let's begin Operation: Maelstrom!" they announced as the battle began.

Lightning held Kushina's arm as her sword was embedded into the wall of the massive underground forest as she gritted her teeth from behind her mask. "Great, more underground adventures. And here I thought the mines of the Land of Iron were bad if this forest is still around after ten thousand years." Lightning spoke with minor annoyance as Kushina swung and used chakra to walk on the wall as Lightning did the same with her Grav-Con. "You know this forest Lightning?" Kushina asked as Lightning looked down at the strange trees. "How can I not? It's the Gapra Whitewood, a bioweapons research facility; home to some of nature's most ferocious beasts." She replied with calmness. For her, this was a walk in the park as a Master L'Cie, but she also found this to be a perfect place for Naruto to train in. But that would be after taking care of the Mizukage problem first.

Jūgo and Kimimaro shook their heads as they looked around from the area they crashed in, and noticed large wolf like creatures encircling them with fangs bared as one of them barked angrily. "We should leave; we're invading their territory right now." Jūgo spoke up, translating the beast's words to his friend as Kimimaro shook his head. "No, Lord Naruto might be injured, and I will cut down every last one of these beasts to find him." He replied with utter determination as his bloodline activated as his bones grew out of his body into blades. Taking it as a hostile action, the pack of Silver Lobo charged at them as Jūgo activated his bloodline as his controlled bloodlust kicked in as his slasher smile adorned his crazed face. "It's killin' time!" he cried out with glee as his arm turned into an axe.

Kabuto leapt from branch to branch, considering himself lucky to survive that fall as he was eyeing the beasts down below to see which ones were dangerous and which ones were not. So far, he's found that every beast is lethal in their own way and that not even one of them was harmless. In his experience in the Chūnin Exams after so many times as a spy, he found that these animals makes the ones in the Forest of Death look like child's stuff. "Perhaps after the operation, Lord Naruto will allow me to do some experiments on these creatures?" he thought to himself as his glasses gleamed dangerously. The mad scientist part of him was kicking in again, oh, how that feeling makes him shudder with such anticipation! How these creatures kill and adapt made him want to dissect them right now damn it!

Naruto groaned in pain as he gritted his teeth and pushed his left arm back into his socket as his pain tolerance made him refuse to scream out in pain as Leo and Elo looked at their master's left arm with worry as numerous gashes were adorning it. "I'll be alright, just…turn into armor for my left arm to allow me to use it and to keep the scent of blood low." He told them as they did just that as is entire left arm was now in armor as he flexed his left hand. He felt the pain, but he'll live. Leaning back against the trunk of the tree with his Blazefire Saber out, he closed his eyes as he began taking a light sleep. Preparing to kill anything that might try to kill him right now in his condition was a bad thing, especially if it's a big predator or a pack of carnivores.

Just when he was about to fall asleep, the bushes near the trees in front of him rustled as his eyes widened behind his mask. As he looked at the source, a young girl, younger than him, perhaps at the age of six with blue hair and blue eyes that looked nervous at him. Naruto didn't know if the girl was an ally, or an enemy, and would have probably killed her if she didn't walk towards him and picked up his left arm, surprised that Leo and Elo retracted to expose of his injured arm as the girl poured herbal water over it. It burnt his skin in two ways, due to the healing effects of the herbs, and of the water being boiled. He would have hissed out in pain, but refused to show any weaknesses right now.

From a fall over a 100 meters high, and crashing into many things and ruining his left arm while healing his body from most damage took a toll on him. He would have healed his left arm the next day the minute he woke up. But yet-

This little girl come out of the blue and helps healing it. Even now, she's bandaging it. "Just kill her now king, she might alert enemies of our presence." Magatsu Arashi whispered in his mind as the Shinobi L'Cie shook that voice out. Naruto just waited as the girl left, as she looked back at him before returning to wherever she came from. Once his arm was covered in armor again, Naruto had to ponder, why did Leo and Elo retract from the girl so willingly, in an almost friendly disposition? Then he made a conclusion, the girl found him unconscious after he fell. But the strangest thing was, the girl didn't speak a word the whole time since she found him as he rested his back against the tree and tried to rest. His body was aching all over and he hated it. And right now, night dawns in this unknown place.


The communications he built in the masks were still working, but the signal was weak right now. And from the voice, it was Lightning.


"Partially, Light, where are you?" he replied, activating the com link of his mask.

Unknown…we're in…ood. Repeat….Gapra…ood…

The first word made sense to Naruto already, first the Vile Peaks, and now, the Gapra Whitewood. That means unlike machines in that junkyard, he was going to face animals.


The transmission ended as Naruto ended the link. His task was simple, get to high ground. Just as he stood up, a scream echoed through the forest as Naruto immediately dashed into the source of the voice. With effort into it and Blazefire drawn, Naruto leapt and brought down his blade against a Silver Lobo and turned the blade into gun mode and fired at another several yards away and ducked to avoid a tackle of a third one as it turned and snarled at him. With caution and eyeing the area, he found that little girl again, scared at the predator as Naruto had Blazefire in sword mode once again as he and the Silver Lobo circled each other.

The beast charged first as Naruto followed suite, with a flash of steel, Naruto severed a front limb as the creature feel to the side with a bloody stump as it whimpered in pain. Seeing it no longer a threat, Naruto turned to the girl. "You okay?" he asked as the girl's eyes were looking behind him, which caused him to turn just in time to see the Silver Lobo's jaws about to reach him as he raised his blade in-between its jaws as he was knocked back. He struggled with keeping his blade with him as the beast tried to rip him apart, only for a fireball to hit it as it was startled by the attack. But by then, Naruto created a crystal knife and repeatedly stabbed it in the neck numerous times as the beast choked on its own blood this time as it fell to the side and died.

Naruto got up, and turned to see the girl's had outstretched, showing she was the one who casted the spell as she shyly hid behind the tree. "…So you can use magic too, huh?" he asked her, as the girl's eyes widened at that as Naruto demonstrated his own use of magic. "Where is your family?" he asked as the girl looked away sadly as Naruto knew what she was. An orphan, parents who must have died by predators of this place, as it seems she is able to use magic of the lost era of the crystal legends.

"…Do you even have a name?" he asked as she shook her head no. "Such a development! You are just going to leave her right? She's total dead weight if she comes along." Magatsu Arashi spoke as Naruto narrowed his eyes in anger at such a remark. He may be heartless at times, but he's not that bad of a person to others, especially if they're children. "Aqua," he said, gaining the girl's attention. "Your name is Aqua, and…thank you for helping me." He told her gently as he turned and began walking away, only to feel the young girl's hand grabbing his armored left one.

He looked over his shoulder and saw the loneliness and fear in her. She must have lived here for a long time to cling to a complete stranger like this. "Kill her king, such a brat like her would only slow you down with your mission, remember?" the voice of Magatsu Arashi told him with snide as Naruto mentally growled at his Cie'th other's suggestion. "You can come along if you wish, but-!?" he spoke as Aqua hugged his waist tightly. "I'm too kind for my own good, especially with kids…" Naruto thought to himself as he smiled behind his mask and ruffled her blue hair a little.

Little did he know, a strange father-daughter relationship was beginning to develop at that very moment.