Sakura sighed as she stared at the text book in front of her. She hated math so much! And it didn't help that her math teacher Asuma was so sexy. She usually spent all of math class imagining him fucking her and then waiting for the bell to ring so he could actually fuck her on his desk.

Hence the reason she was stuck inside her room on a Saturday while her uncle Madara tutored her in the stupid subject. At least she was comfortable in a tank top and shorts, instead of her itchy school uniform.

"Ugh oji sama I don't understand this at all!" she complained turning her chair to face him where he sat on her bed. His shirt was unbuttoned due to the heat and she could see the muscles on his chest. She smirked as his eyes dropped to her nipples which were clearly printed out through her tank.

"Sakura it's simple. We really have to get this syllabus done today." He cleared his throat trying to focus on the book in his hand.

Sakura smiled mischeviously, pulling her legs up onto the chair. Gods she was so hot and horny looking at her oji sama on her bed. And she hadn't been fucked at all today. She pouted at the thought. She spread her legs, watching as Madara's eyes were drawn to the fabric between her legs. She wasn't wearing any panties and she knew her cunt was getting wet, making the thin strip of fabric at her crotch see through.

"Mmm oji sama I can think of a few better things we can do than dumb old math" she smirked, trailing her pencil down her flat stomach over her pussy. She swirled the pencil around her cunt, pressing it lightly as she moaned from the sensation.

"sakura we need to concentrate….." Madara hesitated but she could see his cock rising in his pants. She felt her pussy begin to leak at the thought of his big hard cock. Why was he hesitating? Maybe he needed persuading.

She slowly peeled the straps of her top down exposing her perky fifteen year old tits. Her nipples got even harder and she felt her pussy tighten.

Madara groaned "Fuck the math. Sakura baby you're so sexy. Your big tits are so gorgeous. Play with them for me baby."

Sakura moaned at his words, glad at her success. She moved one hand up to her nipples, pulling and squeezing them. She pushed her breast up to her mouth keeping eye contact with madara and sucked one pink nipple into her mouth moaning and panting.

"Oji sama…." She panted "I'm so fucking hot and wet. I need your cock oji…..need it in my slutty pussy."

Madara pulled his cock out of his pants, but made no moves over to his niece. He was enjoying the show entirely too much. Sakura figured he needed more incentive.

She moved her hand down toward her cunt, pulling the fabric of her shorts aside, and exposing the sopping wet pinkness of her pussy. She took the pencil from the desk and rubbed it up and down her clit, the eraser pressing the little button until she moaned loudly. She moved the pencil slowly down toward her dripping hole, slowly dipping it in.

"yes baby do it….that's so fucking hot. I want to see you fuck yourself with that pencil. Shove it deep into your pussy baby." Madara urged her. Captivated by the sight of her pink flesh pulling the piece of wood into her.

"mmm oji sama you want me to fuck myself? You want to see this pencil deep inside my cunt? …yes yes oji sama watch your niece fuck her pussy…" sakura screamed as she violently shoved the tool into her soaking pussy. Her juices began to leak out of her onto the chair as she pushed and pulled the pencil out of her cunt.

Madara stroked his cock panting as he watched his little sakura writhe in pleasure, the yellow pencil sticking out of her little pink pussy her breasts heaving violently. He could see her clear sweet pussy juices leaking out of her hole and hated to think of them going to waste. He couldn't stand it anymore.

Getting off the bed he walked over to sakura's chair, leaning over his niece's sexy body. He watched as her pussy tightened even more around the pencil and she began to moan louder.

"Oji sama I'm cumming….fuck oji sama fuck fuck fuck my pussy feels so good" she screamed.

He slowly pulled the pencil out of her and sucked it into his mouth, tasting her pussy. Mmm she tasted so good. Her sweet fifteen year old pussy was delicious…she tasted even better than her mother. He stared at the pink flesh in front of him….he needed to taste more of her sweetness. Smirking to himself he bent slowly and sucked her clit into his mouth making her jump.

"Yes oji sama suck my clit pleeease!" she begged.

"you like that baby? You like your uncle licking your cunt? Did my pencil feel good inside you sakura chan?" she nodded frantically as he massaged her clit with his fingers. Using his other hand he spread her wet plump pussy lips, baring her dripping hole. He licked his lips at the sight.

Her pussy was so pretty. Pink and soft and so so wet. He leaned in and lapped at her outer lips, tasting her cum. Slowly he flattened his tongue and dragged it from her hole to her clit, sucking her labia into his mouth.

"mm so sweet baby…." He panted. He sucked at her pussy, drawing out more juices from her. Taking the pencil he shoved it back into her pussy and left it there, with the tip sticking out of her. He continued to suck her clit hard, biting at it roughly.

"yes bite me oji sama…..yes! yes! That feels so fucking good baby" sakura shrieked as he sucked. The pencil looked so hot sticking out of her pussy but it wasn't enough for sakura. She needed more filling her cunt. Madara took two of his fingers and shoved those into her as well. She screamed as he finger fucked her while still biting on her clit.

"Oji sama I'm gonna cream myself!" she warned as her pussy tightened. Her juices gushed out of her abused hole and splashed onto Madara's face as she came, screaming his name.

Madara removed his fingers and straightened as sakura panted coming down from her high, the pencil still clenched in her tight cunt. He moved to lie back on the bed beckoning her over.

"come over here and clean your oji sama's face baby. Look at the mess you made." Sakura sauntered over, waiting till she was standing over her uncle before she slowly pulled the writing instrument out of her and putting it into her mouth. She sucked off her own juices and moaned at the taste.

Madara watched her actions smirking at her horny behavior. His little niece was such a slut. He was so happy he agreed to tutor her….this means he could fuck her sweet teen pussy every single day without anyone objecting. Hmm maybe he should offer to tutor all his nieces. He noticed Mai was growing into her tits, and he bet her pussy was just as juicy and sweet as Sakura's.

Sakura straddled her uncle and began to lick her cum off his face, moving her sopping wet pussy up and down along his hard cock. Mm she loved how his cock felt, it was so thick and hard. The head was dripping precum and she bet he tasted so good. But right now she just wanted it rammed into her cunt. Her pussy was so empty and hot, she couldn't wait to feel full again.

Her oji sama could feel her impatience and he grinned at the little slut straddling him.

"Go ahead baby…..suck my cock into that pretty little cunt of yours. I know you want to. I can feel you dripping all over me."

Sakura moaned and hurried to comply. She grabbed the base of his cock and pushed him all the way into her cunt. Madara watched as her pussy lips enveloped the base of his shaft, the pink flesh sucking him deep into his niece. Sakura reached down to massage his balls as she bounced on his cock. Madara's hips rose to meet hers as they increased the pace. He could hear the wet slapping sounds as he slammed his hips into hers.

Her pussy made sexy wet sucking noises as it pulled his cock in.

"Mmm yes! Faster baby faster!" sakura demanded and he complied. Flipping them over he hovered over her and continued to ram his hard dick into her pussy, feeling her wetness around him. She had already come twice but he could feel her cunt walls tightening around him again.

"Fuck yea you slut. You love getting fucked by your oji sama don't you" he panted harshly. Sakura just moaned at his frenzied pace. He bent and bit her nipple hard sucking on the spot to soothe the pain. Gods his slutty little niece was so sexy. She should be banned from wearing clothes, so her tight little pussy could be on display always just waiting for cocks to enter her.

He moaned at the thought and continued pounding into her as he felt her come hard around his cock. Groaning he pumped into her twice before shoving in deep and releasing his cum straight into her soaking hole. Sakura screamed and writhed in his arms. Slowly he pulled out, watching as her cunt reluctantly let go of his cock.

"oji sama…." She moaned softly as her fingers trailed to her pussy. Madara watched in amazement as she began to finger herself, even though she had just come.

"Oji sama you came so much inside me….mm my pussy feels so good with your cum" she moaned as she fucked her pussy. She scooped up some of his cum and brought it to her mouth sucking on her fingers.

"Baby you're so fucking dirty" he moaned in amazement as his dick hardened again. This was going to be the best part time job ever, he decided as he watched the teenager trail her wet fingers from her pink pussy to her puckered ass hole.

"Oji sama….there's one hole you haven't fucked me in yet…"