You couldn't be sure how much time had passed since Scabior revealed that the both of you were on a 'Most Wanted' list but you knew that it had been days since you'd had a descent night's sleep.

Scabior was wracked, his nerves shot. He never walked anymore, he paced. His face was pained and at the sound of the smallest noise, his ears perked up. He was always on his toes, always ready for Them.

The two of you spent one last night at the hotel before heading out and you had been walking for the longest time. Days, weeks, maybe even months. You tried to convince him to let you go home but he wouldn't hear of it.

"It'll just make things more complicated." He said dismissively.

"Just let me go home." You nearly begged. "Just tell them that you killed me."

"They'll want proof." He shook his head.

Scabior was torn; he couldn't keep you alive because it would mean his own neck, but he couldn't kill you, either. Keeping you with him was dangerous, but he couldn't just leave you alone. He was in a constant tug of war and it was a loosing game.

He thought that Greyback might show up soon. Surely they knew how to track him. He was sure that your scent would have been picked up. You had circled around the same patch of woods three times by now. But still, no one came.

Finally, after almost a week of constant travel and very little rest, Scabior set up camp. If they came, they came. He would deal with it then, but you were exhausted, and he couldn't make you take another step without some sleep.

"Scabior," you said after he sat down beside you, the fire glowing, "if they show up, what are you going to do?"

It was a good question. He had thought about nothing but that for ages. He would undoubtedly be out numbered so fighting back was useless. He thought about fabricating a nice lie that could save you both but nothing seemed substantial. Had you been a half-blood, there was a small chance he could talk them into just letting you go. But being that you were a muggle … they wouldn't stand for it. He could just see it now; you being dragged through the Ministry kicking and screaming, an example being made of you for everyone to see. He closed his eyes. He had to come up with something, and soon, but right now, he was drawing a blank.

"Just try to get some sleep." He insisted.

You weren't about to argue with him. You feet were aching and your mind was racing, the constant state of fear consuming you. Any minute you expected to be your last. You remember the last time you had seen those other Snatchers. They wouldn't be as forgiving a second time around, you knew that to be true.

It wasn't long before you had fallen asleep beside Scabior who draped his arm around you. He almost regretted taking you that first day. He should have just let you go but he didn't. And now he couldn't.

He just couldn't.

Scabior obliterated your so you remember none of it.

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