Dean laid in the motel bed feeling like crap on toast. Heck he had been sick for almost a week he had the right to feel like that, shivers, fever, sneezing, coughing, and expelling anything thicker than soup. Who wouldn't feel like crap after all of that?

Sam walked in to the motel room.

"How you feel'n?

"What do you think?" Hunching over Dean went into a coughing fit.

"Yeah, I can see. Still don't feel good, got it."

Sam came and sat on the edge of the bed and placed his hand on Dean's forehead then neck. Sam could feel that his brother was still pretty hot, luckily he wasn't as hot as he was the past couple of days.

Dean was too tired to care, too weak to protest and leaned toward Sam. All he wanted was to feel better and get back on the road.


"Don't feel good s'm" Dean slurred.

"I know Dean."

Sam did feel sorry for his brother but there was really nothing more he could do but sleep and drink fluids. Suddenly Sam was shocked when Dean's hand grabbed Sam's shirt and clung lightly to it.

"Dean, what's the matter?"

Man Dean felt like a chick! All he wanted was his brother to comfort him? Was he really that sick or fever deluded? He thought to himself.


Dean pulled himself closer to Sam and shivered some.

"Don't feel good s'mmy."

Sam could tell Dean was embarrassed by his action, but he could tell that Dean just wanted someone to comfort him because he felt so sick.

Sam wrapped his long arms around Dean, giving him the comforting hug he wanted. For a few minutes Dean listened to Sam's heart beat. He was surprised at how steady and comforting it felt. Then out of nowhere…

"ATCHOO!" Dean sneezed wetly into Sam's shirt.

"Dude, sick." Sam grimaced as Dean pushed back away from his brother to see the damage he had done.

"Well that is what you get when you keep trying to have chick-flick moments with me." Dean teased.

Sam just smiled and could see that his brother was feeling better just from the hug.

"Well you're the one that pulled closer to me jerk." Sam teased back.


Yup that was Dean for you.