Hello and welcome to the first chapter. I'd like to say this story actually has a plot. There will be other chapters. This is an AU. There will be lot's of sex. It's me, there will be lots of sex. LOTS of SEX. Enjoy...


Chapter 1

Pointless small talk, money, spoils, designer this, lovely that, seasons, weather, whatever. Here he sat, submerged in the middle of idle chatter and soft laughter. Fake laughter, fake smiles, fake, phony, and shallow. He could be brooding about being stuck at such a dinner, catering to those who make more than most people can even imagine, but he had no choice really.

"What's your name, dear?" A woman asked him, her voice reeked of superiority.

"Daniel Fenton," he stated.

Her air of arrogance fell quickly but she recollected it, "so you're the one."

He released a silent sigh as she turned to the woman beside her to invite her to the conversation. They both gave a giggle as though they were teenagers instead of middle-aged women.

"So fortunate that Vlad found you," she touched his arm.

"Oh yes, my life was in shambles before," he replied sarcastically.

The sarcasm was missed. "You're so lucky," the two giggled again.

Danny turned to the man next to him, "I will give you a hundred dollars to shoot me."

He looked insulted, "boy, I have made ten times that in the past three minuets!"

"Right," Danny gave a kind of apology.

"I am the owner of a multibillion dollar company, that-"

"Excuse me everyone," the man at the head of the table stood and held his glass. "Before dinner I'd like to make a short toast," he smiled. Covered dishes were set in front of the guests. "To another million in the bank," he held his glass higher and then took a sip. The people laughed and followed. "Enjoy!" The waiters pulled off the silver domes, revealing a meal as expensive as the clothes the guests were wearing.

There was still talk during dinner, just quieter. Then came the best part of the evening. They left.

Vlad was standing in the large foyer shaking hands as people past. Danny walked up beside him. He leaned in close, hand holding his shoulder comfortably, his mouth came close to the other man's ear, "take me."

Vlad's eyes went wide and turned toward him, "Daniel, this is hardly the time for-" he turned to a leaving guest, "thank you so much for coming this evening, Senator."

Danny rolled his eyes. As soon as he was gone they started talking again, "I just like to see you all riled up in front of your… acquaintances."

"Thank you, for joining us," Vlad ignored him and continued talking to guests.

Danny leaned in again, "please, I need you."

"Would you kindly stop that," he snapped his head towards him.

Danny smirked. Vlad turned back to crowd pleasing, "so sorry for the rain, I have yet to buy out the clouds."

"I'm sure you'll find a way, Vlad," a man laughed and shook his hand.

Danny moved his hand down to the curve of Vlad's spine, "I'll fetch you your pills."

He tensed and straightened up, "not in front of company, Daniel." He punctuated every word with a growl.

The younger smiled wider, "company's gone."

Vlad looked at the door, Danny was right.

The brunet laughed and turned for the stairs while loosening his designer tie. He stopped at the railing and turned around, "I wasn't kidding." He pulled the silk tie from his shirt collar.

"I have work to do," he turned into his study, "entertain yourself."

Danny shrugged and turned again to go up stairs. He turned down the hallway and then into his room. He had his own room but only used it to store his things. He rarely slept here.

He clicked on the lights and crossed the room to the double doors, pushing them open and stepping into his closet. He placed his tie on the hanger designed for them and sat down in one of the regal chairs to take of his shoes before putting them on their appropriate shelf along with the others.

He pulled off his blazer and put it on the empty hanger among the occupied ones. Danny hummed to himself and walked out of his closet and into his bathroom while pulling his shirt from his slacks and undoing the buttons.

He tossed his shirt into the hamper, then turned to his cabinet in search for some floss. Some stubborn steak was being a pain. When that chore was done he finished undressing, leaving only his boxer briefs. Then with a smirk he left the room, turning off lights as he went.

"Vlad," he sang, walking down the steps.

There was an audible groan from the study. Danny's grin widened as he walked through the doorway. Vlad looked up from his papers, the anger draining but annoyance coming back, "do you have no shame?"

"Suppose not," he walked around the large desk to lean over Vlad's shoulder, "what're you working on?"

"One of the chains is going under," Vlad shared.

"Sounds stressful," Danny purred against his ear, "I think you need to relax."

"Daniel, relaxing won't put money in the bank, money that bought those Calvin Kline's you're wearing," he sighed and tapped his pen on the desk.

"You own how many banks?" Danny gently kissed his neck, "you can lose one investment. Shows humility, builds character," he smiled.

Vlad set down his pen and turned to look at the younger man, "you actually have a valid point."

Danny smiled and leaned in to connect their lips but Vlad turned his head back to the papers on his desk, "I'm wasting energy worrying about saving this investment when I can just sell it for twice as much its worth."

"Not what I meant but whatever," he kissed his jaw.

"Now go, I have phone calls to make," he reached for his phone.

Danny groaned and walked around the chair. He didn't leave though, instead he leaned against the desk and elegantly pushed down on the trigger to cut off Vlad's phone call. He received a glare, "just what do you think you're doing?"

Danny pushed off the desk and climbed into the man's lap, "you're officially off the clock."

"I am, am I?" He retorted.

"The idiot that would buy from you tonight will buy from you in the morning," he reasoned.

"You provide a reasonable argument. Do I get a rebottle?"

Danny leaned back to meet his eyes, "no."

"A suggestion then?" Vlad's hands slid up Danny's thighs.

"If it's valid," the brunet smiled and leaned close enough to share a breath.

"We take this upstairs," Vlad supplied, leaning forward only to have Danny lean back and went back.

"Or you can fuck me on your desk again," he leaned back onto the surface, his lower half still straddling the man's thighs.

He looked down at the twenty year old spread among his paper work. "No," he wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him forward again, "bed."

Danny's spine bent back as Vlad kissed down his collar bone to his chest. He hummed and rolled his hips lightly. The older man's hands moved down the small of his back to the waistband of his underwear. His lips trailed up to his jaw, "upstairs, Daniel. Now."

Danny whined, "I don't want to wait for you."

"The wait is worth the reward," Vlad countered.

"But I want the reward now," he protested.

Vlad's face became unamused, "Daniel."

He sighed and stood up, "you have ten minutes and then I will be entertaining myself."

"I'll be up in three," Vlad smiled.

"In that case you have two!" He shouted, leaving the room and climbing the stairs. He turned down the hallway and walked to Vlad's room. He opened one of the double doors, giving way to a room housing a four post bed with curtains tied to them. Danny pulled off his last remaining article and slid into the bed under the covers.

He leaned back against the pillows and waited.

Vlad collected the papers in an organized pile before sliding them into the folder and then into the drawer. He turned off the desk light and left his study. He walked to the front door and entered the pound key to activate the security system before taking the stairs.

He walked down the hallway and to the room with the door open. He leaned on the frame and looked at the body in his bed with a smirk, "you couldn't wait one minute?"

"Impatient," Danny retorted, sitting up.

Vlad walked to the side of the bed, while pulling off his jacket and opening his shirt, "you'll have to wait a few more seconds." He then turned into his bathroom.

"Have I ever told you I hate your self restraint?" The brunet shouted.

He heard water running and a dark chuckle.

Danny waited while Vlad washed his face and undressed.

"It's not self restraint, Daniel, it's maturity," he retorted, coming back, turning out the light in the bathroom.

Danny grinned seeing the man in only his underwear, "whatever, come to bed."

Vlad took a few steps forward but stopped, looking down at the article of clothing on the floor, "are you naked?"

"The evidence is overwhelming," he brought his hands up behind his head.

"You really are shameless," he sighed with an eye roll. Then he smirked, "suppose I should join you?"

"Please," he moved over to make room for Vlad.

The billionaire shed his remaining article, pulled back the covers, and slid into the large bed. Danny shifted down further onto the mattress as the older man moved over him and leaned closer to finally meet his lips. Danny parted his lips as Vlad started to pull away, this began a sensual dance of tongue and teeth. One hand glided up Vlad's back to hold his shoulder and another moved into the white hair.

"Daniel," his voice was low, dark, and oh so sexy. It made the younger man shiver and grin against the new onslaught of kisses. "Your libido is going to be the death of me."

"My apologies, old man," Danny retorted.

A dangerous growl erupted from Vlad's throat as his hips ground down against Danny's. This made the brunet moan and arch. "I'm not old, you're young," Vlad clarified.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Danny panted, "fuck me already." One of his legs raised to wrap around the waist above him.

"Foreplay is unnecessary in the eyes of a twenty-one year old, is it?" He countered while sinking to the offered neck. "Oh, to be young and reckless again."

"That would have been fun, to of seen you in your prime," Danny's hand ran through his hair.

"You were in diapers when I was 'in my prime,'" he countered.

"Does this make you a pedophile?" Danny smirked.

"Hardly," he rolled his eyes, "you're a consenting adult. A very consenting adult," he leaned down to give Danny's neck a thorough amount of long kisses.

Danny laughed, leaning back, "you got me there."

"I have you anywhere I choose to," he grinned.

"Too bad you never choose to," was the reply.

Danny gasped as Vlad bit down roughly. His hands sliding down the well trained sides to hold the brunet's hips. He pulled forward while grinding against him. "Keep poking holes in my pride, boy, and see how things turn out," he threatened.

Danny held tight onto the lean shoulders and thrusting his hips up against Vlad's, "come on, please."

Vlad groaned and pushed back starting a head spinning rhythm.

"God, Vlad, please," Danny begged.

Vlad leaned towards the nightstand, "three seconds."

Danny skillfully switched their positions, "I can make it two."

Vlad sat up to connect them in another passionate kiss, "this is not a race, Daniel." His hand traveled the familiar skin to Danny's hip, there his thumb drew lazy circles. With no protest, he began to turn them back to their original position with a lot more care. "Relax," his voice was calm and sultry in the same second, his smile infectious, and touches comforting. Danny had no choice but to give in.

The older man continued to kiss him senseless slowly and toughly. Vlad slid his arm under Danny's shoulder, his fingers playing in the dark hair and the other reached for the night stand again. When he found what he wanted and laid it on the bed beside the warm body beneath him.

The hand under Danny slid down, triggering a delicious array of responses from his partner. Danny released a moan while arching his back and spreading his legs further apart.

Vlad kissed the same trail down Danny's neck and then continued to his chest. "Always quick to rush things that would be better taken slow," he smirked and sat up.

Danny listened to the familiar pop of a cap, followed by a long hiss from the man above him. He shifted and grinned up at him. Vlad leaned into his ear, "ready?"

The younger man's hands moved up Vlad's back to hold his shoulders, "god yes."

With a low groan and smooth thrust Danny's head flew back with a long moan. The older man cringed against his neck, "Danny, stop squeezing."

With a whine the brunette's body relaxed and Vlad's hips began rolling into him. Danny's fingers crawled up into the silver hair as kisses showered his neck.

"Fuck!" He gasped, back arching as the right nerve was struck.

Vlad bit the smooth skin offered to him at the offensive cuss.

Danny whimpered an apology.

Vlad's pace was slow, grinding into him instead of thrusting hard like Danny wanted, but still so very enjoyable. Vlad's hand sank down between their bodies despite Danny's protest, "I'm not… done yet."

"I am," Vlad replied breathlessly against his neck. "Oh, Daniel," he moaned as he gave the final thrust and came inside the other body.

Danny followed nearly regrettably. After a moment to catch their breath Vlad laid down on the bed, worn and tired. His companion sat up quickly and looked down at him, "again?"

Vlad rolled his head lazily to look at him unamused.

"Oh right you're old," Danny laughed and rolled out of bed to disappear into the bathroom.

Vlad pushed himself up to sit against his pillows, "I'm going away this weekend."

"Oh, where are we going?" Danny asked.

"Not we, I," Vlad corrected, "you're going to your sister's."

"Aw," Danny whined, "Jazz will still be there next weekend."

"You've been saying that for the past few months, Daniel," he reminded.

"But I like going on trips with you," he came back into the room and jumped onto the bed. "Where are we going?"

"I am going to Chicago and New York and you are going to your sister's," Vlad stated.

"But I love New York," Danny protested. He invited himself into Vlad's lap. "We can go to the opera together," he said alluringly, "your restaurant, your hotel…" Vlad's eyebrow twitched and Danny grinned. "Our sweet with the beautiful view of the night skyline," he kissed the side of his neck, "the balcony, the jocose…"

"Fine," Vlad agreed. "But you are going to your sister's. I'll pick you up Saturday."

"Thank you," Danny smiled and kissed him excitedly before getting up and putting back on his underwear. "I'm going downstairs for a glass of wine. Do you want any?"

"Pinot grigio," he answered leaning to the nightstand to turn on the light and pick up his glasses and book.

Danny walked through the large hallway to the spiral steps leading down into the kitchen. "Hello, Maria," he greeted the woman washing dishes.

She nodded, "senior Fenton."

"Isn't Carmen supposed to be working with you?" He asked while opening the wine fridge.

"She has night off," she answered without looking up.

"Oh," he placed the bottles on the counter and found the glasses. He poured their drinks then put back the bottles. "I'll have Vlad increase your pay. Thank you, Maria," he went back up the stairs carrying their glasses.

He put his knee up on the bed while passing Vlad his white wine, "did you know Maria's working alone tonight?"

Vlad set down his book, "poor thing. She'll have a nice Christmas bonus."

Danny climbed the rest of the way onto the bed and took a sip of his own glass.

"Am I mistaken or did you ask to go again?" Vlad reached over to take his glass from him.

"Hey," Danny objected, lifting it out of his grasp for another drink before handing it over. "And yes I did," he moved closer.

Vlad wrapped an arm around him and gracefully laid them down onto the bed.