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~Take Me Away~

Collection of One-shots

Chapter One: Awakening Love

"Yakumo." Haruka stated with a pout and shook the curled up figure in front of her. The man made no signs of movement. Yakumo continued to breathe silently. Haruka sighed as she straightened her posture, staring questioningly at Yakumo.

"Yakumo, if you don't wake up, you know what will happen to you." Haruka said sternly, raising her finger in the air, as if Yakumo could see. "One…" She counted, "Two…Three." She finished loudly, puffing out her cheeks to see that she make no progress.

"You are so lazy." She rolled her eyes, sticking her index finger in the air, ready to use it as a lethal weapon. She sucked in a breath and jabbed her finger into Yakumo's ribcage.

It was all silent, nothing moved, nothing breathed.

Yakumo's eyes flashed open and he shot up, rolling off the couch he was resting on, and body slamming into the ground. He groaned. "…You again?" He ran his fingers through his hair, not bothering to look at Haruka.

"Yes, it's me." Haruka puffed out her cheeks, expecting more of a greeting from the man. "Who else would it be?" She snorted, crossing her arms on her chest.

Yakumo's response came out as a 'hm.' He groggily pushed himself up and finally decided to look at Haruka, watching the pink haired girl with one red eye, his other eye closed, leaving him to look like he was still half asleep.

Haruka smiled. "You know you love me."

"Hm." Yakumo responded, rolling over on the couch once again.

Haruka wasn't the least bit worried.

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