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Chapter One –

Ryoma flinched as his shirt pulled at the healing scabs on his back. He didn't even understand how his mother had gotten that metal edged whip, surly someone in the family would have seen it or saw the blood in the bath room. But he guessed he shouldn't be surprised that they hadn't noticed. Father was to busy doing whatever he did. And although Ryoga had moved back in he was still spending most of his time with his numerous girlfriends. He had thought that maybe now mother would calm down but it had only gotten worse.

Sure this had been going on for as long as he could remember but the only reason he had gotten was that he wasn't worth having around and all of her problems stemmed from him. Ryoma was just getting tired from it all. He had actually though about ending it all but he could only do that after he had beaten his father in Tennis, it was after all that thing he was train for.

But what he couldn't understand was that no-one had noticed at Seigeku, except Fuji but he hadn't said a word. But he could feel his oddly concerned gaze on him sometimes. It made him feel warm that someone actually cared but he couldn't stand it anymore. His first decision had been to runaway but they would end up taking his back to them and then it would be worse. He finally decided to transfer to Hyotei, it didn't really matter that the monkey king was there, but they had dormitories; meaning that he could live there.

It defiantly showed how much they actually cared for him with their reactions to his move. Father just said 'hmm, interesting' and went back to reading his magazine. Ryoga seemed a little more upset but he really didn't know how to handle the situation and just left it at that, but he did offer to help him move his stuff and to call him if he needed any help. Ryoma almost broke into hysterical laughter at that but managed to control him self... Oh the irony. Mother seemed mixed between happy and angry. Happy because he was going away and angry that her toy was leaving.

He got more reaction from his team though Fuji seemed to understand why he was going and had stopped the others asking too much. He really needed to get that boy a present. Oh well. Eiji was probably the most vocal of the group, going on and on about how 'O-Chibi was leaving them' Oh god his ears were still ringing. Oishi was quite calm about it, but he couldn't beat Tezuka. If it wasn't for the flash he had seen in his eyes he would have thought that he hadn't been affected at all. The Rest of the team seemed sad that he was leaving but was quite accepting.

After the training he was confronted by Inui, who not so surprisingly gave him a bottle of green liquid that he was sure he was going to keep for the Monkey King. Ah this is going to be fun.

Atobe couldn't believe it. The Brat was coming here. Why of all places did it have to be anywhere near him. Sure he had all his team but not much could stop the boy when he wanted to. But to also hear that he was going to be staying in the dorms, it brought up some questions about the whole situation. He would just wait for him to arrive.

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