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Chapter 1

Aang stood silently watching the horizon as Sozin's Comet slowly receded. 'It's over... It's finally over.' he thought to himself. He didn't even noticed the airship that had landed only a few yards away. Suki and Toph exited, supporting an injured Sokka between them. Suddenly a familiar voice caught his attention.

"You did it! You should have seen yourself, it was amazing! You were all like *kapow* *kaboom* *kapuey*! And the Fire Lord was all like *uugh* *uugh* *aaagh* *aagh* *aaaagghhh*!" Sokka yelled as he poorly attempted to mimic scenes from the epic battle that had just ensued.

Aang turned towards the trio and smiled. Relieved to see that his friends were alright, and appeared to have no serious injuries.

"So did you... you know... finish the job?" Suki asked, leaning over and pointing at the limp body of Ozai laying on the ground a few feet away.

"I'm still alive." Ozai growled looking up at her, causing Suki to take a step back.

"I learned that there was another way to defeat him and restore balance." Aang replied calmly. "I took his bending away." he added.

"Wow! Who taught you that?" Toph said, looking suprised.

"A giant lion turtle." Aang said grinning widely.

Toph just shook her head, and crossed her arms in front of her. "You have the craziest adventures when you disappear." she said laughing.

Sokka hopped over and placed his arm around Suki's shoulder to support himself, with his injured leg held off the ground. "Well, look at you buster." he said looking down at Ozai, mocking him. "Now that your firebending's gone, I guess we should call you..." placing a finger to his chin thinking, then turning back to Ozai. "The Loser Lord!" he exclaimed, as he bent down close to Ozai's face.

"I am the Phoenix King!" Ozai snapped, pointing at Sokka and trying to rise. But fell back down to the ground face first, groaning.

"Oh sorry... didn't mean to offend you Phoenix King of getting his butt whooped!" Toph said sarcastically. While slamming her fist in to her other hand, to drive the point home.

"Yeah..." Suki sneered, trying to join in. "Or how about, King of the... guys... who... don't... win?" she added weakly, shrugging her shoulders.

"Leave the nicknames to us, honey." Toph replied, disgusted.

"So... Guys... Where's Katara? " Aang asked, looking back toward the airship disappointed.

"Oh... she's with Zuko. They went to the Fire Nation to take down Azula so Zuko could be Fire Lord." Sokka replied like it was no big deal.

"WHAT! She could get killed!" screamed Aang in frustration, throwing his hands up in the air.

"Calm down Twinkletoes... she'll be fine." Toph said, as she causually picked something out of her ear and flicked it away. "Besides... she's with Sparky. Nuthin's gonna happen." she added.

That didn't help. As a matter of fact it, only seemed to make things worse. Aang was deep in thought, brow furrowed. 'Why isn't she here? Why did she go with Zuko? I thought she'd want to be here... with me. Does she care more about Zuko? I did it all... for her.' Aang's heart sunk in his chest.

The trip to the Fire Nation was a long one. Aang feigned listening as Sokka recounted how they found Iroh and the Order of The White Lotus when they couldn't find him, and the battle against the Fire Nation warships. Suki was at the helm of the battered warship, adding to the story here and there. Toph was leaned back in her chair with her feet on the table, hands behind her head. Snickering occasionally when Sokka exaggerated his role in the scene. And Ozai was locked up in the stockade.

Aang stared blankly, deep in thought, as his friends chattered around him. 'I wonder what's happening with Azula? I hope Katara's okay. I couldn't take it if anything happened to her. I love her. I'm sure Zuko wouldn't let anything happen to her.' he thought to himself.