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He was nervous, like really nervous. He hated attention and talking. Today, he had no choice, he had to do both. He had to deal with it. He had to take the attention and he had to talk in front of everyone. Even though he would be uncomfortable, it would all be worth it. He wouldn't change today for anything.

Jake Ely was going to marry Samantha Forster finally. He smiled at that thought, the attention and nerves would definitely be worth it.

She was excited. She couldn't believe this was really happening. She had hoped for today for so long. Then she had waited and planned. She had nerves in addition to her excitement. All eyes would be on her and despite the nerves, she didn't mind. Her life was changing today. Her dream was coming true.

Samantha Forster was going to marry Jake Ely finally. She smiled, it was finally the day of her wedding.

Standing in the little room behind the church's pulpit, Jake rubbed the back of his neck. He felt like his stomach was doing somersaults. Kit placed a hand on his shoulder, "Calm down, little brother."

"Can't. Everyone is gonna be watching," Jake closed his eyes for a second shaking his head.

Daryll strutted over, "Dude, they ain't gonna be watching you." Jake frowned and Daryll smiled, "All eyes are gonna be on Sammy Girl."

Jake glared, "They better not be." He knew that they would be, but Jake didn't have to like it. He was very protective of his girl.

His brothers laughed and Quinn spoke up, "They will be, but at least they won't be on you."

"True,"Jake muttered, "What if this is a bad idea?"

Nate rolled his eyes, "Who knew Jake would become a basket case?"

Jake shoved him lightly, "I'm not a basket case, I'm just saying."

The oldest and wisest calmed his brother again, "Jake you love each other and wanna be together its that simple so don't freak yourself out."

Nodding Jake grinned, "At least I am getting married before my big brothers."

Protests were hollered all throughout the room.

"No fair, I just haven't found the right one yet," Brian yelled.

"So what? That doesn't mean anything," Nate protested.

"At least I am still going to be a free man," Adam said.

"Big deal, Sam was practically given to you," Quinn made excuses.

"I gotta girl, we just aren't getting married yet," Kit said defensively.

The pastor cleared his throat, "If you gentleman are done, I think its time to start the wedding."

Jake followed the pastor out with his brothers and Daryll filing out behind him. Only Daryll, Kit, and Quinn were standing up with him, so the rest sat in the front row with their parents.

Jake shifted his weight slightly, he could hardly wait to see Sam, his bride, his almost wife. She was going to be his.

In a room at the back of the church, Sam fidgeted as Callie did a last minute touch up on her hair. Callie laughed, "Sam sit still I have to fix this one curl and then you will be done."

Sam stilled, "Sorry, Callie. I am just so excited."

Tugging Sam's boots on for her, Jen teased, "I have no idea why. For heaven's sake, it's just Jake."

Sam rolled her eyes, her two best friends never did get along very well and even though they had gotten better over the last few years they still constantly teased each other.

Gram bustled over helping Callie attach the veil to Sam's hair. Suddenly all the girls stepped back.

Dabbing her eyes, Gram said, "Sam, you are beautiful."

Callie nodded, "Gorgeous."

Pam agreed, "Totally gorgeous."

Brynna smiled, "Absolutely stunning."

Jen shook her head, "I am not going to cry. Promise me we will stay best friends?"

Sam smiled, "Of course, Jen."

They each took turns hugging her making sure not to wrinkle her dress.

A light knock on the door, "You girls read? It's time."

Gram kissed her cheek, "I love you, Honey dear." Brynna hugged her again, "I am overjoyed you let me be your step-mom."

Callie, Grace, and Callie slipped out to take their seats. Sam's bridesmaids took their bouquets and lined up behind Cody, the ring bearer.

Sam tucked her arm gently in her dad's, Wyatt looked down at her, "Sure about this? Cuz I could call it off."

Sam smirked up at her dad, "I have never been so sure about anything.

He nodded, "You look wonderful. I love you."

"I love you too, Dad." And then the wedding march began.

Everyone turned to watch the wedding proceedings. Jake took a deep breath, this was it.

Cody walked down the aisle soaking up the attention of all the guests.

Pam followed Cody in her powder blue dress and stood across from Quinn.

Ally held her bouquet delicately and took her place across from Kit.

Jen smiled brightly in the floor length dress and walked down taking her place across from Daryll.

It felt like it was taking forever. Jake just wanted to see Sam. Then everyone stood and the wedding march sweetened the air. Jake's breath caught. She was stunning. His tomcat grin captured his face at seeing her.

Sam's slender frame was enveloped in a cream wedding dress. The strapless dress hugged her body accentuating her slim waist and gathering at her right hip. At her hips the gown billowed out in soft ruffles and trailed elegantly behind her. Jake's eyes darted to her face. The top of her auburn hair was pinned at the top of her head in a curly bun and the rest of her hair cascaded around her shoulders in soft curls. Behind the veil a few tendrils framed her barely tanned face.

Sam felt her heart lurch seeing Jake standing at the front of the church. His black suit fit his muscled body perfectly. He was standing in front of all these people waiting for her. His black hair was tied back with his leather strap. He was so handsome. A smile spread across her already glowing face.

Finding her sparkling green eyes through the veil, Jake held her gaze. Sam stared into his mustang eyes. His eyes were on her in front of all these people. Their eyes never left each others until Jake had to tear his eyes away and shake Wyatt's hand. Then Jake gently took her small hand and led her up the three steps and stood by her in front of the pastor.

Sam could hardly concentrate on what the Pastor was saying, but she was trying her best. Jake found himself accidentally tuning out the Pastor and focusing on the way Sam's hand felt in his. Feeling each others attention wandering, they both squeezed their hands lightly and tried to pay attention.

When it came for their vows, the couple turned to face each other. They listened carefully this time and repeated the vows perfectly exchanging rings. Sam felt the cool band slipping over her left ring finger and repressed a shiver. She was no longer a single person, she was part of a lifetime partnership. She would be Jake Ely's. He would provide for her, protect her, love her, and stand by her for their whole lives.

Jake kept smiled with his eyes instead of letting himself let out the goofy grin he had been holding in. Sam's fingers slid his ring onto his finger and the impact of it hit him. She was putting the ring on his finger and with it came the reality. He was going to be married to Sam. He would no longer have just himself to think of, he was going to share his life with someone forever. He would care for and protect her and he would be better because of her love.

After the I dos, the Pastor said, "You may now kiss the bride."

Jake took a small step toward his girl. She stared up into his eyes with a smile radiating on her face. He carefully pulled the veil up and turned it to cover her hair mesmerized by her beauty. Revealing her face more clearly, Jake saw two tears trickle down her cheek. Lifting his hands, he cupped her face and lightly placed his lips on hers.

Sam let her eyes flutter closed as Jake's hands caressed her neck. She loved his touch and the way it melted her and told her how much he loved her. His lips touched hers and she kissed him back briefly before they separated. Jake smiled at her as their guest clapped and 'awed'. They held eye contact and Jake dropped his hand to hold hers.

The Pastor addressed the guests, "I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Jake Ely."

They turned to the crowd both smiling brightly. A ripple went through Sam. She was Mrs. Jake Ely!

Jake felt his heart swell. He had a wife!

The guests rose as the couple walked down the aisle. They were married and this started the rest of their life.

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