The Legend of Zelda ABCs

This is something I did while I was bored.

Disclaimer: All the Zelda characters, items, monsters, and places are copyright Nintendo.

A is for Agahnim, who took over many places.
B is for Blind, the thief with a million faces.
C is for Cuccos, those damn annoying birds.
D is for Death Mountain, a peak too bleak for words.
E is for Eagle Tower, where Evil Eagle reigns.
F is for Fire Arrows, which cause evil pains.
G is for Gorons, whose dance I cannot bear.
H is for Hyrule, a land that no others can compare.
I is for Ikhana, kingdom of the dead.
J is for Jabu-Jabu, Zora's Fountain is his bed.
K is for Kokiri Forest, colored just like lime.
L is for Link, the Hero of Time.
M is for Moblins, bulldog enemies of old.
N is for Nayru's Love, which made a coward bold.
O is for Octoroks, shooting out stones.
P is for Parapa Palace, there layed many bones.
Q is for Quest Status, a little subscreen.
R is for Rauru, a sage who looks really mean.
S is for Soprano, a phoenix of power.
T is for Traps, which are found in many a tower.
U is for Uncle, the poor unfortunate man.
V is for Veran, who had an evil plan.
W is for Wolfos, when they shield the sword goes "ting!"
X is for nothing, for I cannot think a thing.
Y is for Years, which it took seven for Link.
And Z is for Zelda, who's games made me think.

So, what'd you think? I did it in about twenty minutes. Not bad, huh?