Chapter 1 – To The Late Night Double Feature Picture Show We Go

I knew Leo G. Carrol

Was over a barrel

When tarantula took to the hills

And I really got hot

When I saw Janette Scott

Fight a triffid that spits poison and kills

Dana Andrews said prunes

Gave him the runes

And passing them used lots of skills

But when worlds collide said George Pal to his bride,"I'm gonna give you some terrible thrills!"

Science fiction double feature

Docter X will build a creature.

See androids fighting Brad and Janet

Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet

At the late night, double feature, picture show.

Helen sighed at the note.

It had arrived early that morning, no one knew how. All that they found was a note attached to a dagger stabbed into her desk.

At first she thought it was Nikola up to one of his pranks again, but he had been in the library the whole night. She also wondered if it might have been John, of course, John never resorted to theatrics, it reminded him too much of his Ripper days.

The note was written in blood, belonging to an unidentified being, possibly non-human, the tests were non-conclusive.

It stated:

Dear Magnus,

Must see you and your team. Come and find me Friday, 12 pm, at the revival theatre. Come dressed for the occasion.


Mister X

Helen found it ridiculous at first, which brought her to Nikola who had stared dumbfoundedly at the note and made a cheeky remark.

And now she was doing this, going, in costume, to the New City Revival Theatre.

Either this mysterious creature didn't want to stand out, or he had an evil sense of humor, either way she had made up her mind.

The team walked into her office.

"What's up Doc?" asked Henry.

"We're going on a very interesting mission, to the Revival Theatre in New City, we've been requested over there, possibly for a meeting, whoever wrote this note wanted us, as a team to go there in costume," Helen gestured to the bags lying on the couch. "I had some contacts bring those up for us."

The team stared dumbly at her, slightly in shock.

"Do you know what is playing at that theatre?" asked Will.

"Yes, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I have costumes for each of you," she stood up and handed one of the bags to Will and another to Kate.

"These were fitted in your size."

Kate smiled widely.

She loved going to that Midnight Theatre Show. It was a riot!

She opened the bag and smiled at the costume inside.

"Nice!" she exclaimed.

"Will you'll be dressing as Brad, it shouldn't be too awkward for you, Henry, I hope you are comfortable enough to wear this," she handed him a bag and he peered inside.

"No, not Dr. Frankenfurter! Why can't I be Eddie?" he whined staring at the heap of black material and lace.

"I tried but there were none," Helen shrugged and Will laughed.

"This is so not fair!" Henry whined again.

"I promise we will not take any photos," smiled Helen.

Helen handed another bag to Big Guy and he peered inside.

"Aww why does he get to be Riff-Raff?" sniveled Henry.

"It's the only costume that came in his size," shrugged Helen.

"I'll help you with some make-up Big Guy, you'll rock that party!" jumped Kate and she pulled the two of them out leaving only Will behind.

"What's the last bag for?" he asked.

Helen stared at it.

"Let's call it a well deserved comeback," Helen smiled, telling Will she wasn't going to reveal any more.

He sighed and left to put on the costume.

An hour and a half later and the team came back into Helen's office dressed al Rocky.

Helen laughed lightly.

Will didn't look much different, just pantless, Kate fit the Columbia costume perfectly and wore it with a flourish, Big Guy frowned in the bald cap and complete face paint, and Helen herself, dressed as Janet, wore simple white heels with a slip and a white bra, and she still looked stunning.

Henry peaked his head.

"I look ridiculous!" he pouted.

Helen nearly broke into giggles seeing him in the wig and make-up, but when he stepped out, fish-stockings, heels, and all, she nearly died with laughter.

"This meeting better be good, because I don't think I can fight in these heels," complained Henry.

"But they show off your legs so well, Heinrich," joked Will.

"More like Henrietta," teased Kate.

Big Guy grunted out a laugh.

"That's not funny! Let's just go and get this humiliation over with!" said Henry, keeping his arms well wrapped around his body.

"Well we can't yet, we still have one more coming," said Helen with a sly smile.

"Who?" asked Will, looking at her with curiosity.

Right then the door opened.

"Helen, I don't really understand the point of this, these make hardly adequate swim trunks and they're awfully tight, makes me wonder the true purpose for asking me to try these on…"

Nikola froze seeing all the eyes planted him in shock.

There he stood, the one and only Nikola Tesla, clad in nothing but a tight pair of gold briefs, dressed as Rocky.

Kate nearly swallowed her tongue.

"Oh you vixen," muttered Nikola at Helen, his tone loathing at having fallen for her trick.

Helens eyes laughed and sparkled in return.

"Not quite complete yet," smirked Helen and she pulled out a platinum blonde wig and walked over to him and placed it snugly over his dark spikes.

"Is this some kind of kinky costume party?" asked Nikola, a little confused, "Not that I mind your outfit, mind you, you should wear it more often.

"This, Nikola, is our mission attire," Helen tapped his cheek lightly, his face falling into an even more confused expression.

"Please explain," he looked at her with his blue-grey eyes.

"We're going to a show, and this is what we wear, I'll explain more to you on the way there," she took his hand and dragged him out of the office, with the team following behind.

Will smiled widely.

When Helen got payback, she got it, there was no way he was not going to be taking a few candid photographs on this one.

He looked at Kate and she looked back.

"Take as many pictures as you can?" she asked, practically reading his mind.

"Oh yeah," Will said and pulled out his iPhone and snapped a quick one. "To the late night double feature show we go."