"No, no, NO!" young Sasori cried out in desperation, clutching the red-haired man's sleeve in an attempt to stop him from walking away.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered, unable to tear his eyes away at the boy he once was. His childhood of having no parents the rest of his life ached painfully in his chest, yet he still didn't have the heart to change it even when opportunity presents itself.

"Chiyo-baa won't mind if you stayed with us!" he pleaded, tugging his sleeve towards his home. "Y-you could be my big brother a-and I..." tears welled up his brown eyes. "...I wouldn't have to feel so lonely anymore-!"

He hated to see him cry, yet he knew he could never stay with him. He would have to grow to be just like him, a puppet with everlasting life but with a heart that stayed human.

He was never heartless; if otherwise he might have been able to leave him without hesitation. But it wasn't like that. He grew to love the boy he once was and loathed the man he had become years later.

"D-don't say things like that..." Older Sasori tried to crack a smile for him, resisting the invisible tears that welled from his eyes. He pat him lightly on the head, leveling his height with his. "Never believe you are lonely, Sasori..." he moved his lips to his forehead. "There will always be someone there waiting for you up ahead..."

Young Sasori blinked profusely, wiping the fallen tears on his face. "Y-you really think so...?"

He nodded.

"Then I...I would hate it if I kept that person waiting then..." He gave him a boyish smile, happy once more.

Older Sasori blinked in surprise.

...was this the reason why he never wanted people to wait?

Because there was someone there waiting for him up to now?

He smiled.

He shouldn't keep them waiting too...

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