So this is the first chapter of a new idea I had. I got inspired after watching the Disney version of Robin Hood, while writing Chapter 16. I know I was supposed to write Mario, Luigi, and Felicity's adventure in Glitzville, but I thought about saving that one for later. Anyways, I'm writing this to see if you guys think it's a good idea or not. By the way, I don't any character, place, item etc, except for my character Felicity. The rest belongs to Nintendo. So, enjoy Chapter 1 of my fourth and newest story, and review! Reviews would really help!

"Isn't this a beautiful day everyone?" Peach says as she, her boyfriend Mario, Luigi, Mario's younger twin brother, and her cousin and Luigi's girlfriend Daisy are sitting outside in the courtyard. The mushroom princess is wearing her usual, but stunning pink dress that glows in the sun with her usual jewelry, crown and brooch. They're drinking iced tea and eating pieces of cake, both made by Peach.

"You bet girl! The weather's perfect for having a nice time with friends, and loved ones." Daisy says as she snuggles closer to Luigi, who's blushing a crimson red color on his cheeks. The brunette princess is also wearing her usual, but stunning orange and yellow dress that's the color of the sun itself with her usual jewelry, brooch and crown.

"You're so right Dais." Luigi says as he holds her a little tighter, and kiss her on her forehead. He's wearing his usual outfit, which is his denim jean overalls, brown work shoes, and a green long-sleeve shirt, and his well known, and can't miss green hat with a green "L" in the middle of it.

"Speaking of loved ones, where's Felicity? I thought she would be out here enjoying this day eating cake with the rest of us, Peach." Mario asks his girlfriend curiously. He's wearing the same attire as his younger, but taller twin brother, but his shirt and hat are red, and his hat has a red "M" in the middle of it.

"I believe she's still in her room, even though I told her repeatedly to come down to the courtyard a half an hour ago. I sent Toadsworth to fetch her for me a few minutes ago. I wonder what's taking him so long?"

Meanwhile in the castle, the 13 year old heroine is reading a book on her bed that caught her total attention, forgetting about everything that she was supposed to do today. She's wearing a lavender t-shirt with a pair of regular jeans, and white socks. Her hair is longer than before, as it reaches her shoulders. Now, she has her hair in a ponytail, so it won't get in the way as she's reading the book.

"Then Robin Hood and Maid Marian married after King Richard came back into power from his evil, greedy brother Prince John. Nottingham was saved due to the deeds of Robin Hood, Little John, and his merry men. The End." The young girl says as she finishes reading the book, entitled "Robin Hood". She puts the book down on her bed and sighs in happiness. She closes her eyes, and imagines herself being part of Robin Hood's Merry Men when she hears loud knocking and a voice of an old man screaming at her.

"Princess Felicity Morgan Toadstool! If you do not open this door this instant, I will have to go to unimaginable measures!" Yeah, let's see your old and bony butt break down this door. Felicity thinks as she chuckles to herself. She gets up and opens the door to see a very angry Toadsworth. He is wearing a light purple vest with gold buttons that have Toad emblems on them. Layered on top of the vest is a purple, sleeveless jacket (or vest) that hangs down like a tuxedo with gold trim. Underneath he wears white bottoms and brown, padded booties. He also wears small, black glasses and a red bow-tie. He also has a beige cap with brown spots, and a puffy, white moustache that covers his mouth at all times.

"Princess, your mother had requested your presence at the courtyard a half an hour ago. She wanted you to be with her, the Princess Daisy and Masters Mario and Luigi for tea and cake. You are expected to come there without fail, and yet you did not come down. Care to explain why?"

"Yeah, sorry about that Toadsworth. I was just reading this amazing book called Robin Hood, and I was on the last chapter, and I wanted to finish it really bad. It's an amazing story about a man who robs from the rich and gives to the poor, and it's so awesome that I couldn't put it down!" Felicity screams with excitement. Toadsworth doesn't seem amused by her story at all.

"Princess, although I am quite pleased that you are reading books, but you should not be reading books that encourage people to do crimes such as that! You should be reading books about having etiquette and grace for members of the royal family."

"But those books are so boring and pointless! How can those snobbish authors tell someone what's the right way of doing something! Besides, he did it for good reason! The Prince John was robbing the people of Nottingham out of their money for his own greed! Someone needed to put a stop to it, and to ensure that justice is carried out for the good of the people!" Felicity screams in defense for herself, and the book.

"Regardless, stealing is wrong. And I shall tell your mother to watch the books you read."

"Whatever Toadsworth. Let's just meet Mom, and the gang downstairs." Felicity says as she tries to walk out of her bedroom door, but is blocked by Toadsworth's cane.

"And where do you think you're going dressing like a hoodlum? You must change into a dress immediately!"

"I'm not dressing like a hoodlum! I'm dressing like a normal girl. Sides, I'm just meeting that gang. It's not like I'm meeting the King of Nimbus Land!"

"A princess must dress accordingly at any given situations! Now,you must change into a dress princess this instant!" Felicity grumbles as she closes her door, and goes into her closet. She groans at the frilly gowns that Peach had given her. She takes out one of the frilly lavender gowns. She makes a face in disgust and throws in on the bed. She puts her hand under her chin, as she starts to think of how she can change it to something she likes. She gets an idea and points her index finger toward the dress, and the dress magically changes into a plain lavender dress that hides her hips. She changes into the dress, and takes her hair out of her ponytail. She opens the door to see Toadsworth, who is waiting patiently for her. He smiles and nods in approval, and they walk downstairs to the courtyard.

"You know your way from here your highness. Through those doors is where you'll see the princesses and Masters Mario and Luigi." Toadsworth says as he hobbles away with his cane. The young princess opens the double doors.

"Hey guys! I'm her-" The young girl says, but is unable to finish because a soccer ball hits her directly in the face. The young girl passes out on the ground as her view fades to black.

Meanwhile, in a forest in the 12th century...

In a forest, lies a young caramel skinned girl in a lavender colored dress in lying on the ground in the middle of the road, unconscious. She groans and stirs as she's slowly gain consciousness.

"Oh man. What happened?" The young girl says as she looks around her surroundings. She slowly gets up, and it is revealed that the young girl is Felicity.

"Where am I? How come I'm not at the castle anymore?" Felicity says as she brushes off the dirt of her gown. Suddenly, she hears a large number of steps coming her way. She turns around to see a herd of Yoshi heading her way, but that's not what shocks her. What shocks her is that there are Goombas, and Koopa Troopas riding the Yoshis. And there's one rider who isn't a Goomba, or Koopa Troopa. The rider is an obese human with a long pink nose, beady black eyes, a mustache that is black and zig zagged. He wears a yellow and purple tunic, and brown leathers shoes. He signals his posse to stop when he sees Felicity on the road.

"You there! Girl! State your business for being out here in the middle of the road." The man demands in a demanding tone. Felicity raises her eyebrow, and starts to burst out laughing at him.

"Nice tights Wario! I'm surprised they had tights to fit over your fat ass! It must have taken about 6 people to sew those things because they did a good job!" Felicity says while laughing her heart out.

"That's sheriff Wario of Nottingshroom to you girl!"

"You? sheriff? That's the most dumbest thing I ever heard! What idiot would make you sheriff?"

"How dare you disrespect Prince Flavio! That is treason against the crown!" Sheriff Wario says as he gets off his Yoshi, and walks toward her. He looks at her up and down, and likes what he sees.

"Naturally, the punishment for treason is death, but I can make an exception. Just this once." The sheriff says as he licks his lips nastily, and touches her hair, and then her shoulder. Felicity reacts by slapping his face hard.

"Take your filthy hands off me you perv! If you think I'm gonna let you do anything to me, then you're surely mistaken." Felicity says bravely. The Sheriff retaliates by punching her in the face, and she falls down on the ground.

"You're gonna regret doing that to me girl!" Sheriff Wario says as he's about to tackle Felicity. She gets up and tries to run away, but two Koopa Troopas grab her and hold her in place.

"Get off me! Let me go!" Felicity screams as she's struggles to get free from her captors. Out of nowhere, and arrow flies down between the girl and the sherrif . Sheriff Wario is shaking in fear of the arrow.

"Unhand the fair maiden, you scoundrels!" A voice boomed throughout the forest. Everyone looks around to find the source of the voice coming from a man off the edge of a pretty high cliff. They spot a chubby, short man wearing a green tunic and tights (like the ones Link wears) with brown hair, mustache, and a red archer's hat. He is holding a bow with an arrow loaded into it.

"It's Mario Hood!"

"Quick! Run away!" One Koopa Troopa says as the Goombas, and Koopa Troopas ride away with their Yoshis, including the two that were grabbing Felicity, and she falls on the ground, shocked by the events that unfolded. Sheriff Wario, however, stands his ground, and is unafraid.

"Mario Hood! This time I shall defeat, and take you in to Prince Flavio for the reward!" Sheriff Wario says as he's about to attack, but suddenly stops as he feels someone behind his back.

"I don't think attacking him would be a good idea. It be best for you to get on your Yoshi, and ride back to Nottingshroom like nothing ever happened." an unknown man says, who Felicity cannot see or identify. The sheriff runs as fast as his chubby legs can carry him, jumps on his Yoshi, and rides like there's no tomorrow.

"I'll be back Mario Hood! And I'll have my revenge, with your head being on a noose!" The Sheriff says as he rides away, most likely back into town. Felicity looks up to see her savior is none other than Mario. Why is Mar trying to look like Link? Doesn't he know tights and tunic don't look that good on him? Mario Hood jumps off the cliff, and rushes toward the young girl, and kneels on his knees.

"Are you alright miss? Do you have any wounds, broken bones, anything?"

"I'm fine. Thanks for saving me from that freak." Felicity says as Mario Hood looks for any wounds on her. He looks up at her face, to see a red mark on her left cheek, and her bottom lip bleeding.

"That greedy, no good sheriff must have hit you hard when you didn't give him what he wanted." He's about to touch her face, but she flinches away in fear and pain.

"Don't worry. I'm gonna hurt you. I just want to see how bad that mark is on your face okay?" She nods, and he softly grabs her face, and looks at the bruise, and bloody lip.

"That doesn't look that bad. Hey Little Weegee, do we have any medicine back at the hideout?"

"Yes, Mario Hood, we do." Little Luigi finally comes into Felicity's view. Despite being called Little, he is actually a tall man with brown hair and a brown mustache like Mario Hood. He's wearing a white tunic with brown tights, and bright green archer's hat. He is carrying a long, brown pole. He walks toward the two of them. She looks up at Luigi and raises an eyebrow. What's with everyone wearing these dang tights. And since when is Mario called 'Mario Hood" and Luigi, "Little Luigi"? It sounds like I'm the "Robin Hood" story, but with my friends and family playing the roles. Nah! They're probably playing a trick on me. Maybe I should wait a while before I say something.

"Alright. Do you have any parents, or someone that will take you in?"

"No, but I can set up camp on my own. You don't have to worry about me." Felicity says bold and bravely as Mario Hood frowns on the idea.

"The woods are too dangerous for a child like you, even if you know your way around. You will have to stay with us. But before we take you there, you must do two things for us."

"Sure. What do you want me to do?" She asks as they get up from the ground, and Felicity brushes off the dirt from her dress.

"First, you must swear on your life that you will never tell anyone, especially Prince Flavio, Sheriff Wario, and their goons, where the secret hideout of Mario Hood and his Merry Men. If you do tell, then you must die by one of the hands of the Merry Men. Understand?" Felicity stands there speechless by the words Mario Hood just said to her. She takes a deep breath, and puts a smile on her face.

"I swear on my life that I will never ever EVER will reveal the secret hideout of Mario Hood and his Merry Men to anyone, especially Prince Flavio, and his dumb army. If I do reveal the secret hideout, I will be executed by one of the Merry Men. Is that good enough for you?" Felicity asks after shes says the very touching and serious speech.

"That was perfect, and we won't really kill you if you reveal the secret hideout. We would never kill anyone, let alone a young girl, over something ridiculous like that. You look like the type of person that's very trustworthy." Mario Hood says as he and Little Luigi laughs. Felicity sighs in relief, and starts to chuckle a little bit.

"So, what's the second thing?"

"Well everyone in the Merry Men brings a skill that no one else can do into the group. Mario Hood is the best archer in all of the Mushroom Kingdom! I'm the only one who can use a pole as a weapon. So, what can you do?" Little Luigi says as he plays around with his pole.

"Uh well...I can do magic." The young girl says, afraid of what they'll say to her about it. Mario Hood and Little Luigi's eyes widen in shock. Mario Hood looks at her amazed.

"You can do sorcery? Like casting magic spells, and creating powerful curses?"

"I don't do curses yet because I'm too young to learn any, but I sure know tons of spells. I hope that will be any help to you."

"Do you jest? We have an ally of magic, just like Prince Flavio does. Her name is Kammy Koopa, and she works for him by creating spells and curses for anyone who doesn't pay their taxes until they do. Before, we couldn't do anything about them, but with you, we'll be able to deflect her spells!"

"Well, I'm glad I can be useful for you guys. By the way, my name's Felicity, but all my friends call me Felic." Felicity as curtsies to them, feeling very awkward as she does. They would if they were around here with me.

"I am Mario Hood. At you service milady." Mario Hood says as he takes of his hat, and bows to her. She rolls her eyes and giggles.

"This is my second in command, and best friend in all of Nottingshroom, Little Luigi." Mario Hood says as Little Luigi takes off his hat, and bows to her as well.

"Nice to meet you both. so, where's this secret hideout of the Merry Men?"

"It's a long walk from here, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to walk in you high heeled shoes the whole time."

"No problem. I'm not wearing heels. I hardly wear heels when I wear dresses. Gotta love sneakers." Felicity says as she lifts up her dress to reveal her wearing a pair of sneakers. Mario Hood and Little Luigi are perplexed at the sneakers, since sneakers haven't been invented yet.

"What are those that are on your feet if they're not heels nor shoes?" Little Luigi with curiosity as he, Felicity, and Mario Hood walk back to the secret hideout, with Mario Hood leading. Felicity explains the concepts of sneakers as they make their way to the Merry Men.

Meanwhile at the Mushroom Kingdom in the year 2010...

"Felicity! Oh my gosh!" Peach says as she, Mario, and Luigi, and Daisy rushes toward the young girl.

"Peach! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to kick it that hard! I didn't even see her entering at all! This is all my fault! I should have never kicked that stupid ball!" Daisy says frantically with tears in her eyes as Peach and Mario looks over Felicity.

"Daisy, it wasn't your fault. You didn't see her. None of us did." Peach assures her as Mario tries to wake her up.

"Yeah. Don't worry Daisy. It wasn't your fault like Peach. Don't blame yourself." Luigi says as he comforts his trembling and frightened girlfriend.

"Felicity. C'mon kiddo. Wake up." Mario says softly and frantically as he softly shakes the young girl, but it's no use. Felicity is out cold from the blow to the head.

"It's no use. She's out cold." Mario says as he tries to wake her up, with no success.

"Let's take her to her room, and we'll get Dr Toadley to check her condition while we wait for her to wake up." Peach says as she, following Mario carrying Felicity, then Luigi and Daisy goes into Felicity's bedroom. Please be alright Felicity. Peach thinks as Mario sets her down on her bed.

So, that was chapter 1 of my new story. What do you think? Write your opinion about the story in your reviews and whether I should continue this or not. Anyways, this is Hopefaith2 signing off for now. See ya!