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Far in the reaches of the Milky Way, 75,000 light years from Earth, a series of probes picked up unusual readings. The race that built the probes, were not known to the newcomers, and as such, the beings did not know of the newcomers.

They were called the Nemeian's by the beings of the outer reaches, spans of space outside of the Local Group. Insect-like creatures that ruled through fear and death, oppressing any race they came across, and making them either slaves, or completely wiping them out if they resisted for more than a standard Terran month. They were curious, to say the least. The newcomers were small; barely forty ships protected their home world. The probes then tracked two of their vessels, and watched as they met up with another space faring civilization, and then picked up two more ships, before heading out of range using their strange FTL.

The Nemeian's decided that these people were worth taking a look at, and so sent a small scout vessel to see their strength, and to gauge if they were 'worthy' of being enslaved.

The Nemeian scout faded from existence slipping into a sort of extra-dimensional fold, where a ship could potentially reach unlimited speeds, however, due to the completely organic nature of Nemeian ship, this was impossible. It would take the scout a little under one Terran week to reach the Milky Way, and another day to reach Earth itself.

But in the end, the newcomers would either be enslaved, or completely annihilated.

Well, there you go. A new alien species appears and they ain't friendly. The Nemeian's are loosely based off of the Tyranids from WH40K. Once again, I own nothing.