Hey guys, thank you for all your reviews for my first story! I'll try and make this story's chapters just a tad bit longer if I can, also note I'm also working on a Warcraft story so I'll try and work on both simultaneously but I'll update as fast as I can ^^ enjoy Drizzt's little family! The towns and a few characters are those that I made up while everything else belongs to R.A. Salvatore and WotC. P.S. if you know any actual towns that ARE on the western coast on Faerun please let me know :) coming up with a name for drizzt's sons was so hard i had to use a drow name generator and those names was the most appealing to me. Be warn I'm not that good at writing up childrens' dialogues _

Chapter 1: Separation

The sunrise painted the skies with beautiful auburn and golden streaks as Drizzt and Catti-brie drank the image of the beautiful morning. Six years have passed since her resurrection of the balor but now everything was right. Catti-brie is young again, thus the two have another good several decades to spend with each other and Drizzt wasn't planning on wasting one second of it. The two have settled down on the outskirts of a small, quiet village of Valonbar on the western coast of Faerun as the town have accepted the famous ranger and his family into the village and even made him have a seat on the village council. It was more than Drizzt could ask for and he haven't been this happy before now he has gotten everything he wanted: a home and a family which he has vow to protect with his life.

"Suren the babes be up now, best I go and make breakfast," Catti-brie giggle and got up but Drizzt yanks her back down and kisses her.

"You weren't going to leave me without giving this now were you?" Drizzt's eyes twinkle mischievously.

"Oh I be thinkin I was."

"Defiant woman!" Drizzt tease her, "I shall 'punish' you for incurring the wrath of a drow!" Drizzt pounces on her and pins her to the ground, tickling her relentlessly, her laughter echo around them.

"I yield, I yield!" She begs and Drizzt pulls her up and kisses her again then walk together arm and arm to their comfy home. They enter their snug little house to hear the complaining of their children romping around a poor Guenwyhvar, it look like her ears were about to bleed from all the commotion the twins were causing.

"Dad! Kal won't let me play with Guen!" Keloraun complained.

"You had her first! It's my turn!" Kalanfein shouted back at his twin half-drow brother.

"I didn't get to play with her at all!"

With a sigh, Drizzt went behind the twins' back and yanks them off of panther by the collars of their shirts. "You boys keep on fighting like this and I won't let either of you play with Guen, understood?" he said with a stern voice. After giving the twins the stare of seriousness, they looked away with shame, knowing their father meant every word.

"Sorry Kal."

"Sorry Kel."

The twins mutter the apology but it was enough to satisfy Drizzt. He smiles and gently pat the twins on their heads, their hair was almost as white as their father's but one could see the slight tinge of auburn in them. They also had their father's lavender eyes and with dark skin, not as quite as their father's, but dark nonetheless.

The twins turn to hug their father, "Sorry dad."

They always amaze the drow ranger as they say in union, as if they were one being instead of two. Sometimes the twins could act so accordingly to one another as if they were connected, could feel each other's emotion; if one twin learns something new, the other would pick it up almost immediately. It was almost impossible, as if they share a unique bond that only they could know. Drizzt was nonetheless proud of his sons.

Catti-brie giggle, she loves watching Drizzt handle the children so well with care. The twins turn around to hug their mother as she kneels down to their height. "That's me good boys now."

"Papa, mama!" came a cry from upstairs. Everybody turn to see the Lyra, the youngest and their only daughter, walking down the stairs with a doll in her arms.

Drizzt couldn't help but smile, Lyra was a perfect mirror image of Catti-brie, just with a duskier complexion and slightly pointed ears.

"Why don't ye go to the living room with Guen while yer father and I make breakfast? Don't ye play too rough with Guen now." Catti-brie giggle as they watch their children squeal, tailing behind Guen into the other room like puppies. Drizzt strode to her side and kisses her as they go and prepare breakfast together.

Later that day.

"Sir, there's been reports of bandits roaming around the northern borders of the forest," one man told his claim to the council.

The council elder grimace, "Why would they be so close to here?"

"I have not the slightest idea as to why but I dare say we have to act soon."

There was murmurs of agreement in the chamber, none wouldn't like to have an enemy this close to home. The council leader Johnanton turn towards his right to Drizzt who is the village's chief leader of security. "What do you make of this Drizzt?"

"I will take some of my men to the north and rout out the bandits if they're there." Drizzt looks behind him to see his second-in-command Jeral, a young human man who has capable skills that Drizzt highly admires and trust. "Tell them to meet me at the bridge in two hours."

"Yes Ranger Do'urden, I'll make haste."

Jeral leaves the room with others applauding the drow. "Ah Drizzt, always the most steadfast of us all. If there's anything more you need of us just say the word. We are all in your debt as always," Johnanton chuckles as the room soon follows him.

"How does your family fare?" Councilman Elon ask, another man who Drizzt respects highly.

"Ah, the little ones are growing up so fast. Too fast in my opinion."

Chuckles of agreement follow as they continue to discuss other activities that concern the welfare and protection of the village. An hour and a half later Drizzt was back at home making preparations for the patrol he was about to lead. He will do everything he can to make sure no bandits or monster come within the vicinity of the village and endanger everybody and his family.

"Take care Drizzt," she kisses him.

"You know I will."

They decided not to tell the children for they didn't want them to worry for their father. Drizzt takes another glance at his boys and daughter and with that he left to meet the men.

Around thirty men were assemble at the bridge, all finely train by the legend himself, although no where near as good as the legend himself, but very good figthers.

"They're here as you requested, I didn't want to thin our village's protect too much so I order for the most skilled."

"Always decisive Jeral," Drizzt muse, the young man couldn't help but smile that he earn the ranger's commendation.

"There are a few on their way however."

"We'll give them ten more minutes before moving out. I want to deal with the bandits as soon as possible."

"I think I left my ball back in the woods," Kal said with concern after he spent a good ten minutes looking for the ball so he could play with his brother and sister.

Yesterday, the siblings were playing until their mother had call them in for dinner and completely abandon the ball behind.

"Momma, can we go outside for our ball?" Kel ask his mother who was tending to the dishes.

"Ye may, m'dear boys, don't stray too far now."

"We won't momma!" the children yell out to their mother as they rush outside to find their ball so they can resume their game. After some time of searching, they found the ball between a hole in the stump within the thicket and begun playing their game of tossing. They were of course gentle with their sister and tosses the ball to her as light as possible.

Keloraun accidently tosses the ball a little too hard and slightly made Kalanfien go off balance. The older twin glares at him, "Why you do that?"

"I didn't mean to!"

Not believing his brother, Kal throws the ball as hard as he could, knocking his brother down. Kel got up and throws the ball back and soon it became a game of pride between the twins, who can knock the other one down or miss the ball.

"Stop this!" Lyra pleaded her brothers but they didn't hear her, they were focus on their competition. "I'm telling mommy!" she runs back towards the house.

"Lyra wait!" Kel call out but then the ball hits him squarely into the face and he falls back.

Kal saw his brother's face turn a little red from the force of the ball and feels ashamed, "Kel I'm sorry!"

"Get away from me!" Kel threw the ball with all his might into the distance and bounces off into the distance and runs back home after his sister.

Kal was about to go follow his brother and apologize until he considered the ball, he didn't want him and his siblings to lose it again if they decide to play again later. He spun on his heels and turns to the direction where his brother threw the ball. Going through the thicket he finds the ball.

As he picks it up, he sees a group of men on the other side of the bridge. Squinting his eyes, he could see his father! But why was he on that side of the ravine? His curiosity getting the best of him, he goes across the bridge.

"Dad!" Kal cried.

The group turn to where the little half-drow was calling from. Drizzt was surprise but pleasantly so but still didn't dismiss his concern they his boy was this dangerously close to the troubling situation. "What are you doing here Kal?"

"We were playing catch but Kel threw the ball too hard so I went to go get it and I saw you!" it was the truth but not the whole truth, he wasn't quite ready to tell his father what happen between him and his brother.

Drizzt and the men let out a hearty laugh, the half-drow was full of amusement and energy it brought delight to them even though they knew there were about to go fight some bandits.

"Kal, I know you want to see your father, but go back home to your mother before-"

An arrow whizzes by his head.

Drizzt turns around to the bandits coming out of the bushes. "Form a line! Don't let them get through!" Drizzt shouted to the men as they fall into formation, archers in the back whilst the melee-combatants use their shields to block the incoming missiles as they gain footing against the approaching bandits.

"Kal! Get out of here!"

The little half-drow did as his father told him and scrams across the bridge. However, flaming arrows fill the air and one of them caught on the bridge, setting it ablaze.

"Drizzt, look!" Jeral cried out, pointing to the bridge. He wanted to go and help the child but then a bandit tries to swipe him across the neck, luckily Jeral's reflexes save him, he ducks below and jabs his sword up through the man's jaw and out of his skull. Another soon clash with the young man.

To Drizzt's horror, somehow the bridge was burning faster than it should be able to and Kal was no where near the other end. The wood and rope were ablaze and soon nothing was keeping the little boy above the rushing waters below.

"DADDY!" Kal screamed for his father as he plunges into the river.

"KAL!" Drizzt ignored the bandits, ignored his men, and jumps into the river after his son.

"Drizzt!" Jeral cried out to the drow but it was too late, he joined his son. He groans in frustration and continues leading the attack against the marauding bandits.

Kel shivered, he was cold despite the warmth of the summer.

"Kel what's wrong?" Catti-brie ask her son as she brings some biscuits to her son and daughter. She knew Kal would be back at any moment after he retrieves the ball and she would chastise the brothers for treating each other so poorly. The human woman notices her son was shivering and he some reason was sweating, it was hot but it wasn't that hot.

"Mom..." Kel stare up to his mother with absolute terror in his eyes. It brought fear to Catti-brie.

"Kel?" her voice was quivering.

"Kal's in danger!" his voice was rasp with coldness he was unable to explain.

Catti-brie drop the plate of biscuits.

"DADDY!" Kal could hardly keep his head above the water as the currents pulls him faster and faster.

"Hand on Kal I'm coming!" Drizzt swim with all his might, pushing his arms to the limit to reach his son. But the currents were too strong, stretching out the distance between the drow and his son. He could he let down his guard like that? Drizzt knew there were bandits lurking so close to home and yet he let his guard down and now his son is in peril.

Just then, Kal no longer had the strength to keep himself above the water and his head sunk into the rapids.

"NO!" the savage part of him was coming out of him, he needed it all the strength he could muster.

Up ahead, the river was split into two.

Terror grip Drizzt, no longer able to see his son, he wasn't sure which way to take. Groaning, he decided to take the one to the left.

He however didn't know his son was drifting off into the right one, barely clinging onto life.