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First Death

Scene 1: The Darling Family

All children grow up except one. Peter Pan.

"Cinderella flew through the air far from all things ugly and ordinary. When she landed at the ball she found herself most impudently surrounded by pirates, there was Alf Mason so ugly his mother sold him for a bottle of musket, Bill Jukes every inch of him tattooed, Jesse James Hook who had a different girl on his arm every day and perfect aim with a throwing knife and cruelest of them all Hook with eyes blue as forget-me-nots save when he clawed your belly with the iron hook he has instead of a right hand at which time his eyes turned red." 14-year-old Rose Mazur said as she loomed over her younger brothers Christian and Eddie and their nurse who was a dog called Nanna, pretending her right hand was a hook. 14-year-old Christian jumped up and grabbed a wooden sword then holding it under Rose's chin took on the role of Hook.

"Girlie, said hook. We have come for ye glass slippers." Christian said walking forward making Rose step back.

"Who be you to order me about and call me girlie." Rose said drawing her own wooden sword. Christian and Rose started to fight calling out, take that, whenever they struck the other with their swords. Nanna barked as 7-year-old Eddie jumped up and down holding teddy watching his older siblings act.

"Commoner." Christian shouted.

"Hook came at her." Rose said as Christian lunged forward aiming at her head but Rose ducked just in time but as Christian's sword knocked books off the book self before fell on her. "Ah"

"What happened then, what happened then?" Eddie cried excitedly. Jumping up and down in hi bear costume holding teddy. While Nanna was walking over to the window.

"The brave Cinderella settled the matter once and for all with her revolver." Rose said laughing.

"A revolver!" Christian exclaimed. While Nanna watched a sparkling fairy while across the sky to a young boy who had been watching the children from the other side of the window. Nanna barked at the boy and the children ran over to see why Nanna was barking not knowing the boy was there. The boy flew up onto the roof so they could not see him but as he leaned forward he could watch them. The children opened the window and looked down but there was nothing there so they looked up just after the boy had slipped away from sight and they did not see him.

The night on which the extraordinary adventures of these children may be have said to begun was the night Nanna barked at the window but there was nothing there not a bird or a leaf, so the children forgot about it. For what troubles a grownup never troubles a child.

The children jumped as the coo coo clock cooed. Christian pulled Eddie to him while Rose just turned around. Whilst down stairs Mr. and Mrs. Mazur stood on either side of the double front doors as they flung open to reveal Aunt Tasha.

"Oh dearest Abe. Dear Janie." Aunt Tasha exclaimed kissing them both on the cheeks while Mrs. Mazur said, "Come in. Come in," with a worried face. "Oh. What a journey I've had." Tasha said interrupting Mrs. Mazur. Then as Mrs. Mazur gripped Tasha's umbrella tightly the chandelier above their heads shook, Nanna barked and you could hear running. The grownups looked up before Tasha and Mrs. Mazur faced each other. Tasha with a scolding expression and Mrs. Mazur with an amused one. (Mrs. Mazur – Janie. Mr. Mazur - Abe. Okay I'm going to start calling them this.)

"Bath time." Janie said. As up stairs a naked Eddie ran down a corridor wearing an Indian chief headdress. While crying and slapping his had over his mouth as checked behind him for Nanna and as he saw her round the corner he screamed and tried to run faster towards the bathroom. Nanna caught up with him and flipped him onto her back then kept running towards the bathroom before she came to an abrupt halt and Eddie flew off her into the waiting bath.

"Not fair." He complained.

Not fair indeed but Nanna was the finest nursemaid on four paws.

Nanna started licking Eddies face as he grumbled. "No I will not forgive you."