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Scene 2: A Hidden Kiss

There never was a happier, simpler family. Mr. Mazur was a banker who knew the cost of everything, even a hug. Mrs. Mazur was the loveliest lady in Bloomsbury with a sweet mocking mouth that had one kiss on it that Rose could never get. Though there it was perfectly inconspicuous in the right hand corner. And sometimes there was Aunt Tasha who felt a dog for a nurse lowered the whole town of the neighborhood.

Janie was playing the piano in the living room while her husband sang. As they reached the chorus the children, now dressed in their nightgowns, joined in and started dancing around Aunt Tasha who sat like a stiff broom in her black dress.

"Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Less noise. Let's settle down it is not a farm." Abe said ushering his children back to their seats on the couch. Aunt Tasha was forever clapping stiffly and Nanna just huffed settling back down in front of the fireplace.

"Ah thank you Abe. Bravo." Aunt Tasha said.

"Wendy's turn." Christian said.

"Wendy must tell a story." Eddie said hugging teddy.

"Jecko who carved his name on the governor at Gower." Christian said excited.

"Noodla with his hands on backwards." Eddie said fiddling with his hands then his head snapped up.

"Heavens." Aunt Tasha said a little appalled.

"Hook!" Eddie exclaimed.

"Hook!" Aunt Tasha exclaimed in surprise and fear.

"Hook, whose eyes turn red as he cuts you," Christian said pretending to cut teddy with his bent finger.

"Pardon myself, are children educated now a days." Said a flustered Aunt Tasha.

"No." Abe said quickly before watching his daughter intently as she interrupted him.

"I'm afraid I'm not learnered at all Aunt but I do know a two or thing about Strigoi." Rose said excitedly.

"Oh." Gasped Aunt Tasha.

"My ambition is to write a great novel in three parts' about my adventures." Rose said.

"What adventures?" an appalled Tasha said.

"I have yet to have them but they will be perfectly thrilling." A bubbling Rose said turning back to the stop where she could act her story her parents eyes following her but Tasha stopped her.

"But child novelists are not highly thought of in good society and there is nothing so difficult as to marry as a novelist."

"Marry!" Rose exclaimed in surprise.

"Marry." Abe said shocked.

"Marry?" Eddie and Christian asked turning to face each other.

"But sister Rose is not yet fifteen." Janie said.

"Walk toward me dear that I may appraise you." Tasha said beckoning Rose forward. Rose looked at her father.

"Go on. Walk toward her." Abe instructed. "Stand up straight."

Rose did as told giggling like her brothers. Nanna huffed and her brothers tried hopelessly not to laugh out loud at how serious their sister looked.

"Stop it." Abe said to his sons who ignored him.

"Mmm. Turn around." Tasha said once Rose was right in front of her.

"Shh." Rose tried to get her brothers to be quiet but was laughing herself.

"Mmm. Yesss. Oh it's quite as I expected Rose poses a woman's chin. Have you not noticed?" Tasha asked her sister and brother-in-law who peered at their eldest child. Rose's hand went up to her chin. "Observe her mouth. There hidden in the right hand corner is that a kiss."

The boys gasped and Rose's hands moved from her chin to the right hand corner of her mouth. "A kiss." Christian whispered.

"Like mothers kiss." Eddie said. Janie reached up to her lips as well.

"A hidden kiss." Aunt Tasha added.

"But what is it for?" Rose asked. Her parents and Aunt Tasha were now standing in front of her peering down at here. Rose felt insecure.

"It is for the greatest adventure of all. Those who find it have slipped in and out of heaven." Aunt Tasha said.

"Find what?" Rose asked.

"The one the kiss belongs to." Tasha stated firmly.

"My Rosie, a woman." Abe said approvingly.

"Almost a woman." Said an exasperated woman. Later that nigh when the kids had been sent up to their room the adults continued their conversation about Rose. "She must spend less time with her brothers more time with me." Tasha informed Abe and Janie. They were all unaware of the three children listening in on their conversation. Eddie gasped and they all looked at each other. "She must have her own room. A young lady…" the children didn't get to finish hearing that sentence as Eddie cried out.

"Leave the…"Christian quickly covered his younger brothers mouth careful not to alert the adults of their presence while Rose leaned forward even more, outraged.

"Abe the daughter of a clerk cannot hope to marry as well as that of a manager." Tasha continued and Abe looked at his wife who glanced back. "You must attend more parties. Make small talk with your superiors." Janie grasped he husband's hand tightly. "Wit is very fashionable." Abe quickly gulped down all of his brandy.