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Harry's Pov

"Mom, dad I'm gay." Albus Potter, my 16 year old son stood in front of Ginny and I. I looked at my wife who looked like someone had just punched her. I knew I probably looked the same. We had nothing against homosexuals, we were just shocked. It was Christmas break and Albus was home from his sixth year, he had been sorted into Ravenclaw his first year. He hadn't been thrilled about it but he wasn't as devastated as he would have been had he gotten into Slytherin. Being a Ravenclaw was made easier when Ron and Hermione's daughter Rose was sorted into the same house.

"Well son that's great!" Ginny was the first one to regain her composure.

"Really?" Albus perked up.

"Of corse son, so long as you're happy we're fine with whatever choices you make." I said nodding.

"Good" He nodded

"Good?" I asked

"Well…ya see my boyfriend is-" he whispered the name.

"Who is he? I didn't catch that" I asked

"Scorpius Malfoy…" he whispered and both Ginny and I paled. Gay I could handle, Malfoy I wasn't sure I could. Sure the Malfoys hadn't caused trouble since the war ended but some things were harder then others to forget.

"A-Are you sure Albus?" Ginny asked.

"Yes mom. He's not like his father or grandfather. He's kind and caring and can even give Rosie a run for her money on tests." Albus smiled in a way that made me sure that even if Ginny and I threatened to disown him, which we would never do but if we did, he wouldn't let go of the Malfoy boy.

"If you're sure son then your mother and I are happy for you" I said with a forced smile.

"You sure dad? You look like you're about to have a heart attack…" Albus said slowly.

"He just needs time to adjust hun." Ginny patted his back "Why don't you owl Scorpius and invite him and his family over for Christmas Eve dinner"

"What! Gay I can handle. Scorpius Malfoy I can handle but I cannot handle Draco Malfoy over at my house with my family for Christmas Eve dinner!" I exploded and Ginny smacked the back of my head.

"Oh shut up Harry. You sound like Ron" Ginny sighed.

"And Ron! He'll curse Malfoy the moment he walks through the door!"

"Ill have a talk with Hermione. Now go owl your little boyfriend Albus."

"Mom, he's not little."

Ginny and I both paused and looked at Albus.

"Oh god I didn't mean it like that!" Albus said blushing bright red and running upstairs, presumably to owl Scorpius.

"You need to have the talk with him Harry" Ginny turned on me.

"What? Why me?"

"You're his father!"

"So? He's gay, things changed! I don't know anything about sleeping with men!"

"Well I'd hope not" Ginny smirked "Now I'm going to go owl Hermione to tell her about our dinner guests so she can break the news to Ron gently." She said and left, leaving me to sit on the couch and soak everything in.

A week later it was Christmas Eve. Ron was pacing up and down the living room, according to Hermione he had passed out cold when he heard the news about our guests. Ginny and Hermione were putting finishing touches on dinner, Albus sat on the couch nervously and I was next to him playing a game of wizard chess with Rose…and loosing miserably.

The fireplace suddenly turned green and three people appeared, a lovely dark haired woman with fair skin and pretty eyes. I'm assuming she was Astoria Malfoy, she had her hand on the shoulder of a 16 year old boy. I stared for a moment shocked. It was as if I had used a time turner to go over twenty years in the past, the boy looked identical to Draco Malfoy back in the day.

"Scorp!" Albus literally jumped from the couch into Scorpius's arms. Scorpius caught him with a laugh, spinning around and planting a kiss on my sons lips.

"Good to see you too" he murmured smiling softly.

I was once more stunned, that was the first time I saw any Malfoy smile. My eyes were brought back to the fireplace when I noticed the third figure. The one and only Draco Malfoy, he looked even more different then he had at Kings Cross almost 6 years ago. He wore a dark expensive suit but his hair wasn't gelled it was loose, hanging into those lovely stormy grey eyes…wait lovely?

"Bloody hell Potter!" Malfoy's voice broke through my thoughts. "You can't even beat a child at a simple game of wizards chess!"

"Dad!" Scorpius sighed "You said you'd be nice."

"I am being nice" Malfoy looked to his son with amusement in his eyes. It struck me how not only his appearance changed. He looked more…well human, more relaxed and happier.

"Dad" Scorpius scolded.

"Fine fine fine." Malfoy said and reached over me, wow he smelled nice…God what the hell am I thinking! He took my rook and used to take Roses queen. "Your welcome Potter."

"How the hell did you do tha-" I started but broke off as I heard the two words I've been longing to hear all day.

"Dinner's Ready!" Hermione called and we all rushed towards the table to eat. I ended sitting with Ginny to my right and Malfoy to my left and across from Albus who throughout the whole dinner was flirting with his boyfriend. It was kind of creepy so I focused on how Malfoy's leg brushed against mine under the table-wait no! I focused on my food! My food! I swear, my food!

The dinner went surprisingly well, only a few insults were thrown, mostly by Ron but after a good wack by Hermione he quieted down and all was amiable. Ginny and Hermione had made an AMAZING dinner, even Malfoy managed to compliment her. After dinner Astoria offered to help Ginny and Hermione with the cleaning spells, Albus and Scorpius went to god knows where and to be honest I was kind of afraid to go look for them. Rose and the other children all ran outside to play in the snow. I walked out onto the porch to watch them and to my surprise Malfoy was there too, using a lighting spell on a cigar.

"Well well Malfoy, surprised to see you with something so muggle." I smirked.

"Yeah well Astoria bought me some for our wedding and they were good." He shrugged and there was an awkward silence for a bit before Malfoy murmured "Ironic huh?"


"Our sons of corse." he rolled his eyes "Who would have thought that of all the people in the world our sons would end up together." he smirked, taking a puff of his cigar.

"Yeah, it's kind of weird. I mean Al looks like me and Scorpius looks like you, watching them is kind of like…ya know…" why was I feeling so nervous?

"Like watching us make out. I know I was thinking the same thing. It's repulsive."

I laughed quietly but at the same was puzzled as to why that caused my heart to drop "So how has life been treating you Malfoy?"

"Call me Draco" he said after a pause "We're both adults and our sons are 'in love' so we should at least try to be mature."

"You mature?" I joked and he glared at me "Sorry, had to get that out of my system Draco"

"Well Harry, life has treated me well recently. At first my family was treated like dirt and with good reason but with Astoria and Scorpius's help we've become only slightly hated. They're amazing people, if it wasn't for them my life would be miserable."

"Your wife seems lovely as does your son."

Malf-Draco nodded "She's fantastic, it's a shame-" he suddenly stopped and looked out over the snow, puffing on his cigar silently.

"What's a shame?" I asked confused.



"Malfoys don't lie"

I just looked at him

"Okay fine! Maybe we lie a little!"

"Yeah a little" I snorted.

"You really are a headcase" Draco smirked.

"What makes you say that?"

Draco simply pointed upwards with his cigar.

I paled "Oh…" Draco and I were standing under the mistletoe. THE MISTLETOE! My heart suddenly sped up and the color quickly returned to my cheeks. Draco made an odd noise and it took me a second to realize that he was in a fit of laughter.

"Why the blood hell are you laughing! This isn't funny!"

"No but your face is!"

"Why aren't you more freaked out about this!"

"It was bound to happen sooner or later…" he said softly

I froze "What?"

"Honestly Pott-Harry, are you really that dense?"

"Hey I'm not-"

I was cut off as Draco's lips met mine, the kiss was soft and chaste. His lips were soft and tasted like the raspberry pie we had had for desert. I vaguely heard the thump of the cigar falling to the ground as his hands came up to cup my cheeks. Nothing had ever felt this good before, I never realized I had been missing something until this, it was like a void was filled. I responded to the kiss quickly, my hands reaching up and tangling in his sinfully soft hair, the kiss was beginning to ascend from exploration to passion quickly. Then he broke it, both of us panting heavily, it seems we had forgotten to breath.

"W-We should stop before the kids notice…"

I looked up quickly, luckily they were all to busy in their snowball fight to have noticed. I rested my forehead against his and his arms wrapped around my waist.

"What was that? What are we doing?" I suddenly asked, looking up to him.

"Well, I just snogged your brains out and this right now is completely and totally wrong"

"Right, totally wrong" I whispered absently, our eyes had met and it was like I was lost in them. I don't know why I was acting like this, hell yes I did. I had feelings for Draco! Ah fuck this isn't good. I stepped away "This never happened, if Ginny found out-"

"If she found out I think her and the Weasel would hex me into oblivion" he smirked.

"Probably" I sighed looking away, the thought of him being hexed by anyone stirred a deep protective instinct inside of me, I was starting to get a bit freaked out at all this…but then he lifted my chin and placed a sweet and tender kiss lightly on my swollen lips.

"Though I never have been good at doing what's right…meet me outside the Three Broomsticks, the day after our kids go back to Hogwarts."

"I-I can't…I guess I'm too used to doing the right thing."

"Just think about it" he whispered and for just a flash of a moment I heard a hint of pleading in his voice, my heart melted right there and then and I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away.

"Being good gets boring…" I smiled and Draco was practically beaming.

"Ill see you then, two p.m. the Three Broomsticks, don't be late." he let go of me and went to gather up Astoria and Scorpius, he and Al had returned from don't even want to know where and were sitting on the couch. I heard the rush of floo as he left but stayed sitting on the snow in shock. In one night I had fallen crazily head over heels for Draco Malfoy…


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