Different Start

Summary -

Bella meets Edward in biology; right away., he knows Bella is his mate. His family are different, in a kinky way. Even though they are mated, they love to share, each other... To become a member of the Coven, things have to happen between them all. What will Bella think to this? Will she like or dislike the idea? All, Cullen kids, are seniors as well as Bella. Who turns eighteen in a couple weeks.

Couples ExB, CxEs, JxA, EmxR

Disclaimer -

I do not own twilight or its contents, I DO NOT OWN TRUE BLOOD OR IT'S

Chapter 1

When we entered the classroom, Angela went and sat at a black topped lab table, already having a neighbor. All the tables seemed full, except the one next to a boy. I recognized as Edward Cullen by his unusual hair. Sitting next to that single open seat. I walked down the aisle, introducing myself to the teacher. I was watching him surreptitiously. Just as I passed, he suddenly looked to me smiling. The teacher handed me some books, before telling me to go sit next to Edward Cullen.

I quickly sat down in my seat. Placing my books on the table, the boy next to me was still smiling, when he spoke.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen. You must be Bella?"

"Yes, how you know my name?" He smiled.

"You're the talk of the school. Do you prefer Isabella?" I looked to him shocked before replying

"No, Bella is just fine."

He grinned, as the teacher called the class to attention. All through class, I noticed Edward watching me. Grinning at all time. When the bell finally rung, I stood placing all my things in my bag. When I notice Edward watching me as he placed his books into his bag.

"What you have next Bella?" He asked. I was shocked but quickly answered.

"Gym" His smile grew.

"I have the same. I'll walk with you if that's alright with you?" I nodded

We left the room, leaving students staring after us. We walked to gym getting their quickly. I quickly noticed more of his family in this class besides just himself.

"So, you're Chief Swan's daughter?"

"Yes" He nodded. We walked over to the coach.

"Coach, this is Bella Swan she's new." Coach looked to me smiling.

"Welcome to Forks Bella. You're dad's a good guy." I nodded. Handing him my slip. He signed quickly.

"Were, playing basketball today. Do you know how to play?"

"I was captain, of the male team in Phoenix." He grinned. Edward looked shocked but smiled slightly.

"Really, head of the male team, let's see what you can do shall we?" I grinned

"Sure" He smiled

Sending us all to go change. I got into some sweats and a vest top with my trainers. I walk out to most the guys staring at me. I forgot about my back tattoo's with this top would be showing.

"Okay let's have two teams Cullen, you pick for red. Isabella you pick for blue." I looked to the coach surprised.

"How come she gets to pick? She's a girl." I remember the boy being named Mike. Before the coach could answer I did.

"Because I was, head of boys basketball team in Phoenix."

"Whatever, prove it!" I looked to coach, he smiled, nodding as he passed me the ball.

"Okay see the basket over there in the corner. I say, I can shoot the basket from here, with my back turned." He smirked. I turned around before shooting the basket hearing it go in. I turned back around to see the shocked faces on everyone including the coach. I smirked


"Told you." I looked to the coach he was smiling.

"Okay, let's decide on teams. Isabella you start."

"Sure. Angela."

She smiled, coming over standing next to me. Emmet quickly picked someone named Eric. I looked to Angela. We discussed low for a second before I grinned.

"Jasper" He smirked. Coming over. Emmet looked shocked, but picked someone else.

"Rosalie." Emmet looked piss** off now, so he picked Edward.

"Alice" I spoke.

In the end, Emmet had mostly boys and a couple girls. I ended up with most the Cullen's/Hales and the rest of the class.

"Okay you know the rules, so let's begin."

We started Emmet quickly got the ball. I quickly stole it off him shooting it into the basket smirking. We carried on winning 10:2 to us. I laughed when the game ended. Coach called class over before calling me over with the Cullens and Hales.

"You can play. I've not seen someone, as good you since the Cullens joined us."

"Well, it helps with having a step dad into sports. But also on the Arizona Diamondbacks team." He looked to me shocked.

"Well, welcome to the class. How do you feel joining the male basketball team?"

"Love to when's the practice?"

"After school on Thursday. Can you make it?"

"Of course bye coach." He nodded going off. I turned to find Emmet behind me.

"You're one hell of a player."

"I've been known to know a few things, shame you getting beat by a girl today." He looked to me shocked.

I walked to the changing room. The girls following. Leaving him standing there shocked. When I was changed, they approached me. I decided to change my cloths to my other set I brought in. So I could go straight out when I finished.

"Hi I'm Alice this is my sister Rose." A small pixie spoke. I laughed gently.

"I'm Isabella Swan, but call me Izzy. I prefer that name." They grinned.

We talked a little as we walked out of gym class. Again everyone stared. We walked over to their other siblings. They followed me to the office, were I handed the slip to a lady named Mrs Cope.

"How was your day dear?"

"Great, I need to mention, I'm not in tomorrow. Charlie said he spoke about me missing the day." she smiled

"Of course we understand, why. Make sure you catch up with work on them days."


I walked out the office, with them following, again. When we got to the parking lot, everyone stopped speaking as we approached their car and mine. Rose looked surprised to see a Mercedes Benz SLR Malaren Roadster parked in the lot. I smiled walking over to it taking my keys out my pocket.

"This is your car?" She spoke, looking at me in awe.

"One of my car's." Her mouth opened a couple times, before she squealed with excitement. I felt they joy coming from her in the bucket loads.

"Rose, how you feel about a ride in her?"

Her grin grew and she started, jumping up and down, like a three year old. She came over hugging me. I unlocked the car. She quickly got into the passenger seat, as I took the driver seat. I pressed a button which takes the roof down. Before we looked to her siblings. They looked shocked but were smiling.

"Well, we meet you at your house. Bye!"

I quickly started the car, pulling out the space speeding out the lot. Heading to the main road.

"How you get to your place Rose?"

She smiled telling me directions. I followed them speeding up as we saw the others passing us. I told Rose to hold on before speeding up to 150mph over taking them quickly. Turning onto their driveway. I slowed down to 50mph.

"Rose, were about to unsafe park. Best to hold onto whatever you can."

She nodded. I quickly did a 360 degrees spin parking the car by the steps. Rose looked to me shocked

"How did you do that?"

"I learnt, how to drive. It's good?"

"Yes" She got out

I quickly jumped over the door landing on my feet. Rose came around putting her hand around my waist. I locked the car putting the hood up. We walked up the steps into the house. We were just going into the house when I noticed Rose looking to me before we fell. I looked to see we missed the step into the house. I started laughing when Rose joined in.

"What the hell?" Rose spoke

"We missed the step Rose." We got up as I saw the others park.

We made it to the living room. When we got there, we were met by two people. I looked to Rose. She looked shocked still.

"I still can't believe I missed the step."

"Rose calm down. It's a step and you were looking at something else may I add." She grinned.

"Fine, Izzy meet my adoptive parents Carlisle and Esme." I looked towards the couple standing close together they were smiling

"Nice to meet you both. Rose can't stop talking about you. On the entire drive here." They grinned shaking my hand. They stepped back as my phone rang

"Oh dear" I mumbled. Grabbing my phone out my bra picking it up.


"Don't you hey me. You were supposed to phone before. We've been worried all day. Why are you going to Forks High anyway?"

"Because I live in Forks and I'm not driving to you every day. I'm fine"

"Really, are you on your way down?"

"Nope, I'm out for the night."


"No were for you to know. Sam drop the subject. I know and I don't care. Let's say I'm neutral okay."

"There dangerous."

"Yes they are just like you are."

"That's not the point."

"Sam can I ask one question? Please."

"Go on"

"Have you ever met them?"


"No, so do not make judgements from you're legends. Things change and not only that, not all of them are true facts."


"Sam do not start this again. I do what I like and you stay on the res, are we clear?"

"Trust me any trouble and I don't care."

"You listen to me Sam Uley, I don't give a crap about your enemies but if I so much as hear you crossed that line. So help me god you be wishing to be dead. When I'm finished with you or anyone of the pack. Am I clear?"

"Perfectly got to go, Emily needs me."

"Bye" I hung up

Putting my phone back in my bra. I looked to Rose she was grinning.

"I knew it Emmet pay up." Rose spoke Emmet looked shocked.

"Hang on, does she know what we are?"

"Emmet you're Vamp. Veggie with gold eyes, pale skin and can only be killed by fire." He looked to me shocked. "Now pay the wife." Rose giggled holding her hand out. He muttered something, before handing Rose money.

"I told you Emmet not to bet against Rose." Alice spoke. I looked to her smiling.

"Neat power" She smiled.

"But yours Jasper is the best.." He grinned

"What about mine?" Edward asked

"It's okay. I let you in on a secret. I'm a mental and physical shield. Unless, I allow you to read my mind you'll never get in." Everyone laughed, as his smile disappeared.

"Good to know." I grinned

"May I ask you a question Isabella?" Carlisle asked I looked to him.

"Call me Izzy, but go ahead."

"How is it that you have powers?" I grinned

"I'm what Eleazar calls a copycat. I can copy powers if people are 4 meters away from me."

"That sounds interesting. What powers do you have?"

"Power to control the elements, telepathy, seer, empathy, teleporting and a few others."

"You're powerful but controlling the elements. I never witnessed that." I grinned

"Would you like to see?" He grinned nodding.

I pulled Rose with me, we walked out the back of house followed by Carlisle.

"Okay, I will show you wind, then fire, the rain then earth." He nodded.

I picked the wind up twisting my finger to a tornado speeding it up for a couple minutes stopping. I set a tree on fire leaving it for a few seconds. Using water to put it out. I showed them earth next reproducing all of Esme roses to fresh bright ones. When I finished they all looked stunned into silence, at what I did.

"Wow!" I grinned. We walked back inside sitting down on the couch.

Rose leant against me, as I stroked her head.. "I feel connected to you." I looked to Rose.

"I have the power of bonds. It's slightly confusing right now. Because of everyone I've meet in past couple days. I can see that I'm like a motherly figure to you. Esme has her parental bond with you that is very strong. But ours is different about same strength. Just you're going to look to me for different things." She smiled sitting closer. Edward sat on the other side placing an arm around my waist pulling me towards him. I smiled.

"You know what we are but do you know of mates?" Edward asked

"You don't need to explain this to me. I know and it's good I promise." He grinned. I opened my mind to him showing him some things, before closing it off.

"You do" He asked. Everyone looked confused.

I nodded. "I do" He ginned pulling me even closer. Rose moved as I did.

"Rose?" I spoke she looked up.


"I think you might want to go hunting." She grinned

"Oh I get it you want to be alone. No problem."

She stood quickly hugging me before grabbing Emmet. He was protesting saying Edward might need instruction. But as soon as he saw Rose's eyes he moved quickly.

"Well I think we need to hunt as well Alice." Jasper spoke. Standing up. I was now on Edward's lap. Not hearing Alice reply. They just made a quick exit.

"Dear let's leave the new mates alone." Esme said. She and Carlisle left in another direction.

Leaving me alone with Edward. He was kissing up my neck. moving his hands up my legs

"Let's go upstairs love." I nodded. He quickly took off with me wrapped in his arms to his room.

When we reached his room he quickly had me on the bed. Shutting the door before pouncing on me. Kissing all over my face and neck he had me out my clothes quickly followed by my underwear. He kissed all the way up my body.

"Are you sure Izzy?" I nodded

He quickly removed his clothing placing him at my entrance. Pushing in slowly till he reached my barrier. Slowly pushing through it till he was fully inside me. It was painful, tears filled my eyes.

Edward kissed me all over my face as the pain started disappearing leaving me with only pleasure. I wiggled letting him know I was ready. He started slowly pushing in and out before picking up speed. When we were both nearly there, he bit down on my breast. As I bit into his neck. He sucked a little blood before inserting his scent into me.

We both climaxed together. Edward collapsed next to me and he pulled me closer. I fell asleep not long after.

When I woke up it was night. I looked to Edwards's clock seeing it was 2am. I moved getting out of bed. I went into his bathroom closing the door. Taking a quick shower dressing into some clothes on the sofa left for me by Rose with a note.

We're downstairs put this on come join us

Love Rose xxx

I quickly dressed heading out the bedroom to the stairs. I looked to my phone seeing a message from my uncle. I texted him back, as I walked down the stairs. I reached the living room seeing Rose grinning to me. I moved to sit next to her and Edward. I leant onto his right side as Rose leant on my other side.

"You're up early." I grinned

"I only sleep a few hours a night. I usually wake up about four or five in the morning." He nodded

"How are you feeling Izzy?" I looked to Carlisle

"Okay, oops I forgot to phone Charlie."

"Don't worry dear. I phoned him earlier told him you went shopping with the girls, and when you got back you all fell asleep in the living room. He's okay with you staying the night." I nodded smiling, slightly my phone rang.


Hey Izzy -Tanya

Do you know what time it is Tanya?

Yes, its 3am -Tanya

Tanya, I do sleep you know.

Oh, did I wake you? –Tanya

No, I was awake. If I was asleep I would have killed you. – (Tanya laughed)

Sorry. Now, we want to visit you down in Forks for a couple days. –Tanya

Sure, when?

Next week, Eleazar needs to speak to you about some stuff. -Tanya

Sure let's see, tomorrow I'm in Seattle to see my uncle's. Peter's coming down on Wednesday. So I got to do paper work out for them. Charlie adopting them on paper. So they can get into high school. I don't know why through. Thursday and Friday I'm in school. This Saturday I'm going out clubbing with some friends, who are flying in on Friday. There here till Monday night. Then Tuesday, I'm free from school as were parting Monday night, to celebrate me being back in Forks on the Rez, so any day after that. - I spoke.

Wow, all that in less than a week. -Tanya

Yes, I'm drinking tomorrow. Then on Friday night at Charlie's before we go up to Seattle on Saturday and stay at a hotel for the night. Were going clubbing then to the Res on Sunday. Huge barbecue with drinking again. Then Monday I'm off school taking the gang to the airport. - She laughed

Okay, how about Wednesday? Give you a couple days to sober up. -Tanya spoke (I laughed)

Well that's sounds like a good plan. I see myself in bed Tuesday with hang over as well as the pack, and gang when they get home. Charlie joining on Sunday. So he'll be in bed as well.- she burst out laughing at that

Drinking is a bad habit! -Tanya

Hey we got drunk every weekend in Phoenix. Also every holiday as well so we'll be fine.

We know also with Peter joining you. I believe you be far from sober dear. -Tanya

That was one time in Texas. We got arrested for starting a fight Then driving off drunk.

We know who bailed you both out? -Tanya


Yes his face. How many nights were you banned from anything? -Tanya

Two weeks, the old brat banned me from everything. Toys, alcohol, cars the lot as well as Peter. But he couldn't touch Char either. But we certainly got some fun out of it. - I laughed, when I finished

I know didn't Peter jump Char when the time was up then helped you out. -Tanya

Hey you get very hungry and horny when you're drunk trust me on that.-Izzy

We know but no one ever got in you.

No why would I need that. When there's other ways dear. -I spoke as we laughed again. Edward was smiling. The others looked shocked apart from Rose.

We know dear. Now do spill what are the Cullen's like there?

Now how would I know. -I put my finger to my lips telling them to be quiet while I talk

Or come on we know about you and Edward. Marcus phoned earlier to tell us the news.

Wait till I see him. He phones everyone else and not me, he's dead. -she laughed

So come on speak. -Tanya

No I must go it's early. I need sleep before going to Seattle later to meet with family. -Me

Okay, but we'll talk soon. -Tanya

Sure Tanya but right now I'm going bye! - I hung up the phone before she could reply.

I laughed, a little opening my mind to Edward. Showing him the times we had together and how we knew each other. He started laughing, at what we've done and where. He raised his eye brows when I showed him being arrested and Char's and Marcus' reactions to that.

"You've done all that." I grinned

"And more but that just this year. I've known them for about five years now. When I was thirteen. Sam first turned into a wolf because some nomads passed through the Res. I helped him a lot that's, how I found out. That's were I got my scar on my leg. He accidentally scratched my leg when I tried helping him calm down to change back." Silence came over the room then. Till I heard squealing looking to Emmet he was grinning like a three year old.

"Wow you've known for five years, about us and wolves. Sweet." Emmet spoke breaking the silence.

"Not only have I known but I've played vamp baseball, ridden on a wolves backs and more." Their mouths were open slightly.

"That's amazing." I grinned

"What human things can you do?" I grinned

"I can speak eight languages. I'm graduating early. I been offered six places in top universities across the country. I also have been in some of the best street races in the US and won a load as well." They looked to me amazed again.

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