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Our Favorite Term

I groaned softly as I started to awaken from my deep slumber. I can feel the morning sun seeping through the blinds. It felt wonderful, exhilarating. It only added up to the amazing after effects of last night's lovemaking. Yes, sex in our relationship was called lovemaking. Keigo and I don't fuck, we make love. That was what Keigo insisted to call it, love making.

I wanted to ask him why but I didn't. So I just agreed with Keigo's insistence without bothering to understand the term better. But as our relationship grew stronger and healthier, I started to wonder. What was so different about fucking and lovemaking? Weren't they just the same? They were just different terms having the same meaning. So why was it so important to differentiate them?

Years passed and I finally understood. Lovemaking, making love, lovemaking. I loved the term. It was so very different from fucking. Yes, very very different.

Fucking was having sex with someone. No commitments, no attachment, no feelings considered, no love. It was simply the act of sex. But making love was different. It was special, intimate, beautiful, wonderful and it was full of love. It was full of the love that only Keigo could give.

But, of course, I would never tell Keigo how much I love that term. His ego would only grow bigger. And we wouldn't want that, would we? His ego was already too big for me to handle and let me tell you, handling it takes a lot of work.

But, even if Monkey King's ego would grow bigger, even if he became more spoiled, even if he became more of a show-off, and even if he became more-hopefully not- stupid, I would still love him.

Because Keigo will always be the Keigo whom I have learned to love.

Monkey King will always be my Monkey King.

Atobe Keigo will always be my King and I will always be his Prince.

Nothing will ever change that.

Because, who else would be the spoiled King's perfect match, if not the stubborn Prince?

See? We're perfect for each other.

And to those who would try to separate us, beware of Karupin's deadly claws.

She's an avid fan of the Royal Pair, after all. Because believe or not, Atobe knows how to charm a devious cat, as well.

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