Author's Note here is the new introduction to Angel Of My Nightmare.

(Itachi's Pov)

When Pein sent me to scout out Kohona, I was angry that he dared to try to mess with my past...

I shuddered slightly at the thought of returning home, it has been so long since I've seen it's gate's..

But I knew I couldn't resist the urge, Kohona has always called me to her, it was only a matter of time before I caved in..

After traveling for three day's I now stood in view of her gate's, I closed my eye's and tried to ignore her beckoning to come forward.

Then I heard a snap behind me, my eye's shot open and I spun around on my heel's drawing a kunai.

It was a female Ambu with the mask of a lynx, with a shapely slender body, and indigo hair that went to mid back, she wore a fishnet shirt with a shoulder strap shirt that went to just above the navel, all of it black, with skin tight leather pant's, knee high lace up boot's, a studded belt and spikey bracelet's. With kunai's strapped to her thigh and two katana's on her back.

On the inside of her wrist was an Ambu tattoo.

" Itachi " The familiararity of the voice frustrated me because I could not place it.

It sounded like music to my ear's and made my heart race..

" Who are you.. Are you one of Pein's spies?" I demanded tensely

The girl shook her head, " What're you doing here Itachi..?"

"You have five second's to tell me why I should not kill you."

A moment passed before the girl slowly reached up and took off her mask, to reveal lavender eye's .

" Because you already killed me once."

My eye's widened in shock, " Hinata, what.. Your an ambu.."

She nodded " And you are a traitor to Kohona, but yet you didn't do it out of whim like everyone think', I could get excuted for this.." She admitted shrugging.

" No.. NO! Hinata No! Go flee, take me in, just.." I broke off unable to say the word's on my tongue.

She scowled at me, " So now you care? Not even a goodbye Itachi, not a note, a smile a wave, nothing.."

I flinched, " You've changed..."

She grimanced " If I see you around Kohona again on my shift I will take you in, if you know what's best for you, you will leave."

She turned and started to walk in to the brush, I grabbed her arm.

" Please Hinata, I want to come back, You know how much the village meant to me.."

The silence was unbearable as she thought it over until finally she turned around, and put back on her mask, took handcuff's out of her pouch and without a word started to drag me into Kohona, As the gate's opened for us, I didn't feel any anger or remorse like I had the night I left many year's ago, I felt relief wash over me and for the first time in year's I felt at peace,

Like I was home.