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Sponsales means "Betrothal" in Latin


"Sebastian." Ciel called out to his raven butler from behind a mass of papers. In an instant he was by his side, ready to service whatever command was spoken.

"My lord?" Sebastian could see how anxious Ciel was. His calm, composed exterior might fool others, but he and the young Earl had grown close enough that Sebastian could not be fooled with such superficial lies.

For a little while, Ciel said nothing. In reality, he had nothing he really wanted to say. Merely saying Sebastian's name calmed him a bit, and he appreciated having the demon so close by. Lately, he yearned more for Sebastian's nearness as he was quite stressed by the upcoming wedding.

Ciel had recently turned eighteen and it was finally time for the consummation of the betrothal between Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Middleford, the daughter of Marquis and Marchioness Middleford, and he, the Earl Ciel Phantomhive, son of the late Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive. Their betrothal had been only logical. Two noble families, eager to join their blood and riches, both conveniently with children of about the same age, it was only natural that Ciel and Elizabeth be betrothed. Their marriage would expand both of their respective families' business empires, create deeper connections between the nobles they associated with, and would honor both families with prestige and recognition. Ciel had seen his upcoming marriage as little more than a business arrangement. He had always known that he would marry Elizabeth when the time came, and as a child, he had accepted that with little question. Only recently was the engagement beginning to gnaw at his insides, though he couldn't place the reason why. He dismissed the notion that it could be pre-wedding jitters. He was not the sort of person to be nervous or anxious about anything, and he knew somehow that there was a deeper reason for his discomfort. As he scoured his mind for that reason, he was reminded of the patient presence at his right side, waiting eagerly for a command.

"Sebastian, I..." Ciel still had no words. And such hesitation was unbecoming of a man like him.

Sebastian took the initiative to speak. The worry and anxiety was etched so clearly on Ciel's features, he could taste them.

"Is my lord nervous about the wedding?" With a smirk, Sebastian asked the one foolish question he already knew the answer to. Before the words ever left his lips he could vision Ciel's reaction. He would scoff, shoot him an annoyed frown, then berate him for being ridiculous. Though Ciel had aged, the nature of their relationship had changed very little. They both still loved teasing the other, finding ways to poke and prod at the other's sensibilities. Only with time, their teasing had become less vindictive and held an air of trust. As Ciel matured, he saw Sebastian as less of a pawn and came to depend on his company, his counsel. Sebastian thought of Ciel as prey less and less and even came to dote on him slightly. He had to admit that Ciel was the most interesting human he had ever served. He wanted desperately to know more about his charge, something he had not bothered with in previous contracts. Sebastian found himself wanting to know what drove Ciel, what made him tick, what he desired. Currently, what Ciel desired was answers.

"Don't be a fool, Sebastian. The wedding itself is nothing to be nervous about." Sebastian smiled knowingly. He knew his lord well.

"Then are you afraid of what the wedding symbolizes?" Sebastian felt he knew the answer to Ciel's anxiety. But as always, he wanted to hear Ciel admit to his suspicions.

Ciel gave no immediate reply. He looked into his tea cup, softly simmering upon his desk, floating in elegant Wedgwood China. He wasn't afraid, he knew. At least, he wasn't afraid of the wedding, nor what it symblized, nor who he was marrying. As his thoughts began to consume him, he was brought back by the sound of a carriage pulling into his home. He turned and glanced out of the window.

A beautiful young woman exited the carriage, her blonde curls wrapped neatly behind her head with a few stray curls stylishly falling into her elegant face. She held herself high, a woman of distinct nobility and grace. She gave a gentle smile as she looked up at the Phantomhive manor, seeing Ciel in the window of his office. She did not wave, she did not call out to him. She knew he saw her and the smile she gave was her recognition of that.

Ciel returned her smile through the window and gestured to Sebastian to greet her at the door properly. As he watched her approach his manor he honestly thought that she looked quite lovely. Elizabeth had grown into a fine lady, leaving her childish ways behind. She was no longer the energetic young girl who flew into his arms and demanded whatever she could from him. In most recent years, she hardly requested anything. It was unlady-like to do so. She spoke softly now, never yelling or calling out to him from afar. In the past few years she had molded herself into the perfect noblewoman, a shining example to her mother's credit. She would be the perfect bride, the perfect wife. She would bring no disgrace to her husband's home. Ciel shook his head. There was nothing about Elizabeth herself that worried him. But he was concerned for her safety, because she too would eventually join the dark underground of evil noblemen. Still, Ciel knew that that was not the source of his worries. And if that wasn't it, he was truly at a loss as to what made him apprehensive about the approaching wedding and why he dread it with every fiber of his being.