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"Ginevra!" Harry gasped finally taken notice of the red-head standing at his door. The key he had given her three months ago clenched in her hand.

Ginny did not bother to look at the woman's face he had been snogging with. He had invited her over to talk, but of course the Boy Who Lived always had a full dance card.

"Save it Harry, I'm done." Ginny said dropping the key on the floor along with the ring. That was it, she was going to be strong.

Their engagement had been rushed because of the Ministry's Plea for witches and wizards to replenish the dwindling population. The war had definitely taken it's toll on the Wizarding World. There was not a single family that had not lost a loved one.

It was not truly Harry's fault, Ginny surmised. They had been caught in the celebrations of him defeating Voldemort. At the time it had seem the right thing to do, they had gotten along so well. Now they were world's apart and she still had a duty as a witch.

Ginny took a deep breath as directed by the doctor at St. Mungos. This was the first of several tests before she would enter into the Marriage Contract. The process took a few weeks, the Ministry wanted to be certain that the witch or wizard was capable of producing a child.

"Well Ms. Weasley, you seem to be in top shape." The doctor said taking a step back. "You can change into your robes again. The nurses will be right with you." He said straightening his robes and placing his wand into the pocket.

"Thank you Doctor," she said tucking her hair behind her ears in a nervous gesture. She slid off the table and went to where her robes were located behind the changing curtain. She pulled the grey-ish blue gown off, thankful to put her warm robes back on. Why is a hospital always so draft?

She took a seat in one of the chair provided, wary of getting back on the examination table, and waited for the nurse to come back. No doubt the doctor was already checking out another marriage candidate. So far the tests were easy. Before she had met with the doctors she had had a few interviews. They had been rushed occasions mostly it was a woman taking down her information. Though she had asked a few rather personal questions.

"Have you been physically intimate with someone in the last three months?" The older witch asked, she pushed her horn-rimmed glasses further onto her nose. She peered at Ginny underneath those black glasses waiting for her answer.

"No," she replied feeling the heat on her cheeks.

"Normal, regular periods?" The woman asked while dipping her quill in her ink and taking a few notes.

"Yes, since the age of fourteen." Ginny answered, now the woman was focusing on her piece of parchment checking off something else.

That would be the first what would be some two hundred questions asked. It went beyond her reasonable health questions, they had gone as far to ask personality questions. Even taking into consideration her astrological number, stars, and planets.

Ginny snapped back into the present when the nurse entered with the necessary paperwork.

"The doctor has cleared you," the young nurse said in a thick Yorkshire accent with a big smile. "We will send the paperwork over. The Ministry of Magic's Madame Hoddup will inform you when the Cup picks your husband!"

It sounded like a prehistoric ritual to Ginny, but it seemed to work all right. A few couples had already been decided and they were working, so far. A handful of women were already going to their pre-natal visits at St. Mungos. What happened after you passed the interview and the physical was that your name was put in a magicked cup (akin to the Goblet of Fire) and then your name and your husbands was picked by the cup. After that you were as good as married, of course you could still have a ceremony. But there was no real need.

Ginny returned the smile, she was actually pleased. At the beginning she had thought this to be a rather rash act. Afterall she had came to this decision after a night of drinking with Hermione at the Leaky Cauldron. Hermione had been going through similar problems with Ron. He had still not proposed and Hermione was beginning to believe it had all gone pear-shaped.

Unlike Ginny, Hermione still had a chance. Even though Ron could be quite a git, he was head over heels for Hermione. It would not be long before he grew a set and proposed.

She said her thank you's and left the hospital and was on her way to her room at the Leaky Cauldron. She was in between places right now because of her recent break-up with Harry. She had foolishly agreed to give up her flat and live with him.

"That was a mistake," she grumbled to herself as she passed through the entryway into the dimly lit Inn.

"What did you say dearie?" An aging witch asked who was making her way out.

"Oh nothing, have a pleasant day." Ginny said with a smile that she hoped look heartfelt.

"You as well, you as well." The witch said as she went out the door.

Ginny looked around letting her eyes adjust to the low candlelight. There were not many people within, Tom was at his post polishing glasses aimlessly.

"Hullo Ginny, any luck on that flat of yours?" He asked sighing as he put one glass down and picked up another.

"One more week and it will be ready." She answered coming over and taking a seat. Tom, without asking poured her a butterbeer.

"Well that's some good news I reckon." He said and then went back to polishing his glasses.

Ginny nodded and after a while slid from her spot at the bar and made her way to her small room. It was not a bad place to live, it just wasn't home. Though of course her mother had begged her to come back to the Burrow. Ginny could not though, she liked her independence too much, she loved her mother and father dearly, she just needed her space now.

While in her room she changed out of her formal black robes into something more feminine. She chose her regular robes which was a dark forest green. It was the latest style so that it v-necked and ruffled slightly at the hem. Now that she did not have to jump through hoops for the Ministry for the next few hours she would enjoy her free afternoon.

She took one more small swig of her butterbeer before going downstairs and leaving the half-full mug on the bar for Tom to take. She walked towards the back of the store taking out her wand and proceeded to enter Diagon Alley. She paused in the alleyway for a brief moment unsure of where she wanted to go.

She looked from one shop to the next and settled on Flourish and Botts wanting to see if there was a new book she could devour. She had picked up that trait from Hermione, with six brothers, she had not focused much on reading until she came along.

Ginny smiled thinking about Hermione, too bad she was on a date right now. She hoped it was going well, otherwise she might be left with five brothers. Hermione was getting pretty tired of Ron, sad to say, but he was a bit of git sometimes.

She walked into the shop the little bell sounded to announce her presence. She worked to her current favorite section Potions. After working at the paper for the past two years as a Quidditch commentator she was pretty tired of reading on that subject.

"Ginevra Weasley." A smooth cultured voice sounded to the left of her. She recognized the voice but did not wish to acknowledge the owner. She looked from the current text she was looking over and looked into a pair of steel grey eyes that could only belong to Lucius Malfoy.

"Malfoy." She said with a small nod, already her teeth were on edge. "Why are you speaking to me, have you come to slip me another diary?"

If her unfriendly tone bothered him he did not let it show. He only straightened his back coming to his full height of 6' 2", towering over the young woman. He looked down his nose at her a small quirk of a smile on his thin lips.

"Come now Ms. Weasley, we are no longer enemies you may call me Lucius." He said softly.

"Can I help you with something ?" She asked politely, ignoring his subtle request.

"Yes I require your assistance to find a rather obscure text." He said letting his eyes wander about the shop.

"I do not work here Malfoy. If you came to insult me-" she began.

"My, my you do have a fiery temper Ginevra, I suppose that is rather fitting of course." He said now bating her anger. She had looked so miserable earlier, now she was practically glowing with annoyance.

"I see where your son gets his charm."

"Along with good looks, wealth, that is what it is to be born within a cultured family." He said his tone growing colder.

She nodded, a tight smile on her lips as she replaced the book she was looking at. Whatever retort she had died on her lips. As she noticed Harry coming in with another woman. She no longer wanted to be in this place. If the gossip rags were not bad enough to see the Golden Boy's coming and goings, it was too hard to see him in the flesh.

She knew leaving him was not truly a great loss. Though her reasoning had no power over the way she felt.

"Good evening Mr. Malfoy." She ended the conversation right there, if that was what he had aimed for.

He cocked his head to the side looking at her and then turning his head ever so slightly to see what had bothered her. He then looked back to Ginny but she was gone. He saw the back of her fiery red hair as she moved through the aisles away from him.

She left quickly, she was not running away, she simply did not wish to be bothered by Harry was all. Nor did she want to see the current floozy he was entertaining tonight. She walked away from the bookshop heading for the Leaky Cauldron, there was nothing else to do.

Ginny went back through the passageway and made her way back into her room. There a letter was waiting for her.

Dear Ginny,

Well Ron finally did it, took the git long enough! We were at dinner, he was so nervous that he dropped the ring before finally slipping it on my finger. I hope to talk to you tomorrow after your meeting with the ministry. Is two o'clock okay for you? I hope you will consider being a part of the wedding.

Well see ya tomorrow!

Hermione Granger

Ginny folded the letter and opened the window and called for her owl. While the owl clutched to the window she scribed out a quick letter.


That sounds great. I am so happy for you. I will see you at 2 then. Have a great night!


She attached it to Augurio and sent her off after giving her a small treat. She was off into the night and she closed the window before she let out all the warmth in the room.

She settled onto the bed with a sigh flicking her wand to light the fire. She stared at it, feeling a small bit of loneliness before she pushed that out of her system. There was no use in feeling sorry for herself, what was done, was done. She pulled herself out of the bed, it was too early to mope around on her bed.

She sat at her desk where the piece she was currently working on for the newspaper lay half-written. She read over what she had scribbled so far and tried to school her thoughts to her job. This however, did not last long before her mind was wandering. She pushed her chair back only adding a line or two during the last hour before she gave up.

She changed putting on one of her cotton nightgowns. She could not wait until summer, though it was not that much warmer in London. She hated the winter at night, it seemed so much darker, and lonelier. She turned on her side, thoughts of her encounter with Lucius entering her mind. She should have told him off instead of accepting his derision. He was such a git!

She punched her pillow and turned restlessly in the bed, her long hair falling across her cheek before she pushed it away. She sighed her anger giving way to her tiredness and she fell asleep.

"No worries, Ms. Weasley, I will warm you." Malfoy said with a smile that did not warm her in the slightest. Instead, Ginny felt scared, she tried to move away but he was nearing her.

"What is wrong? I am not your enemy Ginevra." A small frown marring the tilt of his supple lips. She did not want to focus on his lips, she did not want to focus on him at all.

"Leave me," Ginny said with whatever power she had, she could not believe that he was plaguing her in her dreams.

"Why would I do that? You are cold are you not? I am only here to help." He responded finally coming to be beside her. However now they were not standing, she was in a bed now and he was shirtless beside her.

He ran a hand down her arm. "I can see what you truly want. You are as lonely as I." He said and leaned in to press his lips to hers his hand gripping her arm in case she chose to fight.

Ginny woke with a gasp, her body aching, she had broke out in a cold sweat. She, with her teeth chattering, pulled out her wand and magicked more wood for the fire and another blanket to her side. She wrapped up and stared at the fire trying to forget the dream she had just had, trying to ignore the ache she now felt.

She stayed for a while longer hoping desperately that she did not dream of Lucius again. That was just odd, and could not be healthy. She was lonely, but not that lonely. She turned on her side and pulled the blankets up around her ears, the sounds of the inn lulling her back asleep.

The next morning she awakened to the familiar 'scratch-scratch' sound on her windows shutter. She was expecting to see her owl, but instead it was one of the Ministry's official owls.

To: Ginevra Weasley.

We, at the Ministry are corresponding with you because a husband has been found for you. Please report to Madame Hoddup at eleven a.m today to meet your husband. Do kindly remember that this will be your first meeting with your betrothed and first impressions are quite permanent.


Madame Ruby Hoddup

She glanced at the time and saw that it was nearing nine o'clock, that did not give her much time. She rushed to the joint bathroom at the end of the hall lucky that it was not occupied. She showered quickly and scrubbed her hair and body foolishly taking those words to heart.

She had not thought it would happen this soon. She had heard that it could take weeks before a husband was selected. How could this have happened so quickly? She had signed the papers and sent them in during that drunken night with Hermione. She had been a fool, thinking it was her duty, but it was too late now.

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