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Chapter 4

She was seized by terror for a moment thinking he was about to grab her. Instead he stopped right before her looking down into her eyes. He exhaled slowly through his nose and inhaled through his mouth, seemingly calming himself before he proceeded.

He looked at her and whetted his lips and the desire in his body was strong. He knew that she felt it too, they had waited too long. The nearness of her body made his own ache with need, he had never felt it so acutely before. A few stray hairs were in her eyes and he lifted his hand slowly, as to not fright her, and brushed them away.

"I know you are scared." He said silkily. "I am significantly older than you, I have hurt you in the past, have hurt you family. All of these things I know and in some ways I regret them." He said and continued to keep constant eye contact with her. He let his hand trail down her arm, covered currently by the robe.

"That does not change what must happen between us. We are man and wife, signed into a magically binding contract. I know you feel what I feel Ginny and I do not plan to suffer any longer." He said and placed both hand on the cold cheeks of her face.

She looked into his eyes and felt confusion mixed in with hate. She hated him, she hated the situation, she did not want this at all. He was right though, she did feel it, and she wanted it just as badly. She was afraid though, she already felt a need so bad for him that it was almost physically painful, what would happen afterwards? She did not think she could handle such feelings for him.

She shook her head but even she knew that was weak. The grip on her arms tightened for a brief moment and she gasped as he walked her backward.

"As your husband I invoke my marriage rights. Are we in agreement?" He said the outdated formal rights and as his wife she was obligated to agree.

"Yes," she said though the word sounded and tasted bitter on her tongue.

"Say the words Ginny." He said with patience that was running thin.

"As your wife I submit to your rights of a husband." She tensed waiting for him to grab and ravage her.

He sighed and let go of her, sitting back a moment, he put a hand through his silver hair, still severely tied back. He did not waste time with words, he moved closer to her and looked into her eyes. He leaned in and came so close that if Ginny breathed they would touch.

He pressed a soft kiss to her lips, something she was not expecting at all. One, then two, his lips soft and warm on her own. She felt her body jump at the contact, her body tightening, her blood rushing. He tipped her chin up and on the third kiss deepened it, moving his lips against her closed one.

The sensation was breathtaking, she found herself responding to urges she never felt with Harry. The kissing escalated to the point where it was not enough to merely press her lips against his. She opened her mouth and his hands moved to run down her arms. Suddenly her clothes were hot and uncomfortable and she wanted to be rid of them.

He heard the soft sounds she made, his previously wounded ego being soothed by her need. He took advantage of her state and pressed for the upper-hand, guiding her so that she lay on her back. He intensified the kiss and gasped when she slid her hands underneath her shirt. She was warm now, and he was glad for it.

He responded to her touch by pulling at the ties he had fastened not too long ago on that robe. It looked ridiculous on her several sizes to large for her. When he loosened it enough he pressed his hands inside and stroked his palm along her still clothed breasts. Though all the separated him from her smooth supple flesh was a thin nightgown. She gasped and pushed her hips up feeling the lower-half of his body when he did.

He pressed his hips down and had her spread her legs to accommodate him, his erection pressing against the cloth of his trousers. He gasped as she pushed her hips up again, rubbing against him. It was enough to make him stop this game of seduction and take her hard and fast now. She would be compliant now, but there would be no real pleasure for her. And Lucius always aimed to please in the bedroom.

He looked down at her and she had her face turned to the side, her eyes closed, and her lips parted. "Look at me Ginevra." He commanded and she opened her eyes and turned her head immediately.

Ginny was rewarding with a searing kiss and while they kissed he continued to stroke his hands across her clothed body. She was burning, aching for more, she wanted to feel his hands everywhere. Overran by sensations she had never felt with Harry.

She pulled at her own clothes but her hands were seized and pushed above her head.

"No," he said the one word and she pressed her hips up against him again. She could feel his need, she was not completely a lily white virgin. Harry and Ginny had snogged quite a bit when they were living together. "I will take care of you, you are my wife." He said the words and he quickly pulled the robe pushing it off her shoulders with one hand. While the other large hand kept a hold of her wrists.

He took a moment to look at her barely concealed in that nightgown, she wore no bra so her nipples stood out against the white cotton fabric. He leaned in and licked across the fabric and she jumped like he had touched her with a lit wand. He moved back and blew across the wet fabric and she fidgeted her hands pulling at his grip.

She had those pretty brown eyes closed again, turning her head from one side to the other. "Ginny," he said her name and she opened her eyes. She was breathing harder, her mind a blank, whatever anger she had for him had been swallowed up by his seduction.

"What do you want me to do to you?" He asked and pressed his lips to her breast.

The feeling was amazing, but instinctively she knew it could be better. She craved for it to be better, she wanted flesh against flesh, his body inside hers. She wants more than she ever had before. She bit her bottom lip, trying to control herself, trying to calm down. His mouth though!

"Lucius," she groaned his name as his other hand started to delve out attention to her other equally aching breast.

"Yes my dear?" He asked his tone so sweet. "What is it that you need?" With these words he positioned knee right between her thighs and put pressure on her already aching center.

She cried out from the contact and pushed her hips up once again. She looked into his eyes, "You know what I need, damn you." She was frustrated and she was trying to convert it into anger.

At her harsh words he pressed a kiss to her lips and let go of her hands. He moved his hands down her side and pushed her up onto the bed so that she was propped up. He then pulled her out of the robe and pushed the straps of her nightgown down, pulling it low stretching the seams so that her breasts were free. He looked at the sight and touched her bare breast with the back of his index finger.

She moaned the feeling of his hands on her breasts enough to make her go bonkers. She stared up into his eyes as he trailed his hands down gripping the nightgown and proceeding to rip it at the seams. She jumped at the sound of the fabric tearing but did not focus on it for more than a moment.

He froze on top of her and looked down at her expectantly. He wanted a willing partner in this, he would not simply do all of the work. She would participate too. He looked down at her, just barely touching her, waiting for her to make her move.

She was breathing harder already frustrated from the sexual tension, the fact that Lucius could do this to her, and that he was not going any further. Was he planning to torture her?

"What are you doing Lucius?" She finally cried out, her voice sharper than she meant it to be.

"I am waiting for you to act, my sweet." He said, using pet names for her now. They were setting her teeth on edge, he could tell.

She looked up at him, ready to scream at him again. She kept quiet though and looked up at him understanding dawning in her eyes. She lifted up and pulled his shirt with as much fervor as he had had. A few buttons popped before she pulled it over his head. In her need she fumbled at the belt of his pants pulling on them wanting to free him so that he would continue.

He stilled her hands when he saw that she was more like to pull him in two than unfasten his belt. He went to his knees on the bed looking down on her as he unfastened the belt, and undid the button and let the zipper unlock. He did this slowly so that he could have all the more time to admire her body. She was a beautiful specimen. That red hair, with those big brown eyes, full sensuous lips, pale skin, full breasts, and he could not wait to explore between her legs.

When he unfastened his pants she lifted her hands up again and pulled them down along with his boxers. She looked down and the width and length of him intimidating her. He was substantially larger than Harry and even his size had worried her. Afterall she was not the largest girl. She tensed and and looked into his eyes.

Lucius saw the look, but did not understand it. Perhaps he was just bigger than that Potter boy, he raved at the thought that he had been here first. He looked down into her eyes and felt anger for the first time where she was concerned. He rubbed a hand down her stomach feeling the quivering in her body. He ran his hand up completely ignoring the aching spot between her legs. She pressed her hips up and he pushed his hips down to keep her from rubbing against him.

She was wet enough all right. Her body burning with a need she did not fully comprehend. He was rubbing and kissing her breasts now, his tongue lapping sensuous heat that spiraled through her body and to her very core. She moved her legs back and forth trying to push up, wanting to feel him inside of her. His size be damned, she wanted it so badly.

"Lucius, please." she groaned out, and she had said it as softly as she could.

He sat up on his arms and looked down at her using the back of his hand to wipe the moisture off his lips.

"What did you say Ginny?" He asked and ran his hands from the undersides of her breasts to grip her hips. She was slipped down again and he needed her to be in the right position. Already she had bent her knees already wanting him to push into her. This game was too sweet to end now, he had gained some control over his emotion. Silly to feel so ardently for a young inexperienced Weasley.

"Please Lucius," she responded, his name more of a groan than anything else. He let his right hand go down, brushing across the curls of her sex. He teased his fingers across her lips feeling the wetness, she was read to go. He pushed her legs further wanting her to spread them completely for him.

He looked down and the sight was a sweet one. The red curls framing her pink sex he rubbed his fingers just the barest touch across her opening. She pushed her hips up to meet his fingers and he pulled back quickly.

"Is this how Potter touched you?" He asked and was amazed at the shake of her head. "Did he even make you feel this way when he did take you?" He asked teasing along her opening once again. This time when she pushed her hips up, he pressed the palm of his left hand down into her middle.

She cried out in frustration and all she could do was shake her head again. He would come so close to relieving the need she felt and then he would pull back. There was no relief for her, she was burning, and Lucius was only throwing more oil on the flames.

"Answer me Ginevra Malfoy." He shouted, he was caught up in the moment, already position himself for entry.

"No Lucius," she finally yelled and that was all it took.

He moved his fingers away and position himself above her. Once, twice and he pushed in fast and hard, knowing her body was ready. What he did not expect was to find her still a virgin.

She screamed, and the sound was nightmarish to him. He was shocked and did not move a muscle as her body clenched and her legs kicked at the sudden large intrusion.

She was gasping, her eyes open, not even a semblance of pleasure on her face now. She did not beg him to pull out, or curse him for what he had done. She took a deep shuddering breath and stopped kicking her legs, coming to the realization that it was only making the situation worse.

He wanted to reprimand her, to berate her for not telling him. This situation was already traumatic enough for her. He had aimed to seduce, not cause her horrible pain. Despite his years as a Deatheater he had never taken any pleasure in sex used as torture.

He moved his hand down and she gasped as he stroked her the smooth plane of her belly. He traced the arch of her pelvic bone, continuing to look in her eyes. He reached down and pressed gently against her clitoris, rubbing it between his fingers.

She opened her eyes again and looking into his own. She parted her lips to say something and he kissed her. The intrusion still hurt, she was right he was way too big for her. Though she had underestimated her bodies ability to accommodate him. He was in so deep, her muscles not used to this, still trying to handle his girth as they squeezed and relaxed along his length. She moaned into his mouth when he touched that small button of flesh just right.

That was all he did for a while, waiting, though it was torture, for her and her body to be ready. When he felt the moment was right he slowly pulled his hips back, watching her face for any signs of pain.

She grimaced slightly and he pressed and rubbed her clit even more until the moment faded. He worked her with tiny short thrusts, in and out, by mere inches, so that her body would accommodate the motion.

The sensation was strange at first, not completely pleasureable, not completely painful. He pressed in and then would pull out ever so slightly. He did this again and again until her body felt that familiar ache again. She spread her legs further and the sensation was even better. She attempted to lift her hips and he let her just a scant inch.

He held her now as if she would was made out of the finest porcelain. She did not understand the look he had on his face, nor the expression when he first pushed in and took her maidenhead, it was almost akin to surprise.

When she could take no more of these small thrusts she reached out with her arms encircling his chest. "Lucius, please, I will not break." She finally begged him, it was hard at first, to bed. Now, it did not matter, she just needed this need to go away. She thought if he was inside her it would subside, and it had when the pain took over, now she wanted something else.

He looked into her eyes feeling her slender arms hook around his waist. He pressed in making his movement a little faster, a little deeper. When she showed no obvious signs of pain, he did it once, twice. The feeling was amazing, she was so tight, small thrusts did nothing for him. He loved a good pounding pace, her body was not ready for that.

He pressed and pushed his hips up, searching for her g spot. He watched her expressions as he began to move his hips back and forth taking a faster and deeper pace.

She was loving it, her moans were a higher pitch and louder now. When he pushed in deeper, her hands gripped the flesh of his back and pressed his body to her. She pushed her hips up first at a frenzied pace, he had to show her, that matching time with him, would make the dance even more sweeter.

He continued to push her, deeper and deeper he went until he was fully sheathed within him. Finally, he could enjoy the same pleasures she had. He worked her now finding her body to be perfect for him. He had never had an experience with a virgin before, Narcissa had came to him as a seasoned general in the art of sex.

This was new, and exciting for him. He pressed in, and felt his whole body tremble, if he did not watch himself he would come before she did. That was one thing he would not have. He pressed deeper and rubbed and pinched her clit until she was so vocal if he had neighbors everyone would hear.

He pressed in deep feeling the familiar clenching muscles of her sex as she prepared to orgasm. She was right at that edge, so close. He slowed his pace purposefully and she cried out in frustration.

"Who is taking you like this?" He asked her and pushed deep inside her, but slowly pulled back.

She tossed her head from side to side, her red mane covering the pillow she was propped against. He pushed in hard once again and she cried out as he asked the question.

"You are." She finally called out, groaning when he quickly thrusted into her four sweet fast and deep times. "Please Lucius, please." She begged him again, she was so close, so close to that amazing feeling, that she needed, but was scared of.

"Who am I to you Ginevra Malfoy?" He asked, he needed to hear it from her lips. He wanted her to admit, to come to terms with who was rutting like a madman into her body.

"You...you're...you're my bloody husband, you git." She yelled in frustration and then he picked up the pace again. The smile on his face only broadened when she screamed her hands clawing at his back as she experienced her first orgasm.

He did not rest when she came, instead increased the pace. Ginny's orgasm had relaxed her muscles and he took advantage of her state. She groaned and cried out as he pushed in faster and harder, the sounds of their bodies colliding was music to his ears. He felt his own climax coming when he nearly pulled out and then drove back in to finish.

He rested his chest on top of hers, their sweat and fluid mingling. He stayed deep inside her feeling their first attempt of pregnancy spurt into her willing loins.

She shuddered at the sensation, he was so deep inside her when he came. She had given Harry blow-job's before and knew what was going inside her right now. She closed her eyes and laid her head back, never feeling so relaxed before.

He pulled out slowly, and sighed softly, he looked down at the mess he had made of her body. She tried to close her legs but he kept them open with a hand on her thigh. He looked down and was relieved to see there were no tears around her opening, she was not even bleeding too severely. He rolled from off of her body, feeling rather satisfied with himself.

He turned on his side and purveyed the young woman he had just corrupted. Though corrupted might have been a harsh word for it, afterall they were man and wife.

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