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The story is about a bending high school. It is modern, but some things still works in the same manner as in ATLA. The students in the school are divided into their nations. It is mostly about kataang, but there will be some drama in the beginning. And yeah, the airbenders are still alive.

The ages are:
Katara: 16
Aang: 15 (I didn't want have too much age difference between Katara and Aang, because then they wouldn't be able to have any classes together..)
Toph: 15
Sokka and Suki: 17
Zuko: 18

Mai: 17

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The school bell rang and students began to walk out of the class. Katara let the water slowly drain back into the bowl in front of her. Her teacher, Master Pakku, smiled at her.

"Good work today, Katara. You are still my best student."

"Thank you, master."

She bowed and walked out of the classroom. She walked towards the western part of the school to meet her brother, Sokka. He had sword fighting lesson with master Piandao. She held her books to her chest and her gaze on the ground. When she rounded a corner she suddenly bumped into someone. Strong hands grabbed her so she wouldn't fall. She looked up and felt her heart drop. She swallowed.


"Hey there babe. Are you here to meet me?"

She tried to pull her out of his grasp but he just pulled her closer.

"Jet, let go of me!"

"I think it's stupid of you to not give me a chance. I am much better than that Haru guy you are always looking at."

Katara felt how her cheeks turned red. She tried to pull herself free but Jets grip just became tenser.

"Jet, let go of her."

Jet turned around and saw Sokka standing behind him with a furious look in his eyes. Jet pushed Katara away.

"Sokka, come on lets go." Katara said with a little bit o panic in her voice.

Sokka stated to walk towards her, without letting his eyes off Jet. When he passed Jet, he met Kataras gaze for a second and Jet saw his chance. He pushed Sokka so he flew against the wall. Katara ran to Sokka and Jet started to walk away, whit a last gaze on Katara. Katara helped her brother up.

"Are you alright?"


He looked the direction that Jet had gone and Katara started to pull him the other way. They started to walk towards the cafeteria.


Sokka and Katara walked in to the cafeteria.

"Hello there" Suki waved to them from a table where she, Toph and Zuko sat.

They went there and sat down.

Toph turned towards Sokka.

"Wazzup? You seem so quiet today, Snoozles."

"Jet" He just mumbled. They nodded. They all knew how he had been following Katara the last months.

"Are you alright?" Suki asked Katara.

But she didn't listen. Her gaze was on a boy in an eartkingdom suit that had just entered the cafeteria. Katara was just going to excuse herself so that she could go and talk to him, but then a pretty girl came from nowhere and took the boys arm. She laughed and pulled him into a kiss. Katara fell back on the chair. She noticed that everyone in the table was looking at her.

"I-I got to go. My history lesson starts in five minutes." she lied.

She took her books and ran out from the cafeteria. She heard her brother stand up from his seat but for some reason he didn't follow her. She came to an empty hallway and she leaned against the wall. She was trying to keep her tears back. She felt heartbroken. For months she had been trying to get Harus attention. When he had started to sit next to her in history class she had thought that he liked her. But now he was together with some other girl... She let out a small sob.

"Are you okay?" a concerned voice asked.

Katara winced and looked up. In front of her was a guy that she had never seen before. He was dressed in an airbender suit and on his forehead he had an arrow tattoo, the typical sign of an airbending master. He had short, black hair and his grey eyes looked anxiously at her.

"Ye-yeah" she stuttered.

Katara started to walk away, embarrassed that he had catch her sobbing in the hallway. But he caught up with her and started to walk by her side.

"You know, sometimes it is easier to talk about your problems with a stranger, than with your best friends." He said.

"Oh really?" Katara said. "Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

He laughed and Katara smiled to.

"So you are an airbender? It is pretty unusual with airbenders in bending schools."

"Yeah, I am new here. I was raised by monks, and they let me choose if I wanted to go to school or stay in the temple. I have always been curious about the other elements so I decided to examine school."

"..raised by monks?" Katara mumbled.

She wanted to ask him about his parents but I knew that could be a painful subject for him. She had lost her mother when she was young and she had always felt a special bond to others that had lost a parent. She looked at the boy and tried to read his face. He met her gaze and smiled. She blushed and looked away. They had reached the history class.

"So... this is my class." Katara said. "I see you around, okay?"

"Oh yeah, can I just ask you..."

He started to dig his pockets until he found a wrinkled paper. He looked at it and asked:

"Do you know where the history class whit aunt Wu is?"

Katara gave him a strange look.

"Emm... It is right here."

"Oh" He blushed. But then He flashed her a grin.

"Hey, that means we are having this class together! Cool!"

Katara walked into the class and took her usual seat. The boy sat down next to her. Haru came in to the class and saw that his seat was taken. He gave the boy a confused look. Then he quickly took another seat.

"So, you haven't told me your name..?" the boy asked Katara.

"My name is..." She was interrupted by Aunt Wu who walked into the classroom.

"Good afternoon, class."

"Good afternoon, Aunt Wu." The class responded.

"What did you say?" The boy whispered to Katara.

"No talking in my class!" Aunt Wu yelled.

The boy smiled to Katara before he turned his attention to Aunt Wu.


The lesson was over and Katara was leaving the class with the boy when a hand landed on his shoulder. They looked behind them and there was Aunt Wu.

"I need to have a talk with you." She said to the boy. Then she walked back to the classroom.

"See you later" He said to Katara, before she followed Aunt Wu.


Katara was late and she hurried outside. Sokka hated when he had to wait for her, and she knew that. She didn't see the person that was following her before someone grabbed her waist. She turned around and stood face to face with Jet.

"I didn't really like how you refused me today." He said and pushed her against the wall.

"Jet, let me go!" Katara said and tried to push him away from her.

"Did you know that Haru is on my soccer team?" He asked with a smile. "I could easily kick him from the team if I wanted to. He would be destroyed. Soccer is his life..."

Kataras eyes widened. Jet smiled at her. His face was coming closer to hers. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed as hard as she could. Suddenly Jet was gone. He lay on the ground and rubbed his head. Katara looked from him to the one that had attacked him. It was the boy from her history class. He stood in a fighting position and his eyes ware full of anger.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Jet yelled.

He was up on his feet and rushed toward the boy.

"Watch out!" Katara yelled and looked around her desperate for some water. She knew how cruel Jet could be and she didn't want the boy to get hurt just because of her. But the boy ducked from Jets fist and with airbending he got Jet flying into a tree. After a few seconds Jet got up and looked furious. He stared at the airbender and said:

"You are dead, kid."

Then he turned around and walked away.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked. He looked angrily after Jet.

"Yeah, I am okay." Katara looked at the boy. "Thank you for your help."

"No problem."

He looked her in her eyes and smiled. Katara thought that she had never seen anybody with such grey eyes like his. They were like storm clouds.


Katara looked up and saw her brother who waved to her. He didn't look too happy.

"So, I guess your name is Katara?" The boy asked.

"Yeah" She smiled. "I really got to go. But thanks again. I see you around."

She started to walk away, but then she stopped and turned around.

"You never told me your name" She smiled.

"My name is Aang." He smiled back at her.

"Aang" she mumbled and smiled when she started to walk towards her brother.

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