1, A/N: I got this idea from watching Providence on DVD recently. All the character's appearing in the story action are eighteen years of age. This is a crossover Hermione must have a physical to attend Brown. Syd who meets Hermione at a Providence Hospital Ball agrees to be her OBGYN and the brown haired coed starts having fantasies that dampen her panties.

Disclaimer: I do not own the TV Show Providence or any of its characters. I do not make any money off this story. All characters are from the imagination of the writer and any representation of persons living or dead is coincidence.

Hermione sat in the waiting room, nervously, swinging her short black pantyhose clad legs, which coordinated with her short sophisticated black dress. As she sat she continued her nervous bad habit of scratching her lower leg with her shoe heel. She knew she shouldn't, it was a bad habit and really a young lady of her age should no better.

Hermione now eighteen felt liberated first without the maddening scratch of the wool school uniform skirt and now the exhilarating feeling she got cutting the long brown hair to a short boy like style.

As Hermione matriculated in the fall, she had chosen for privacy reasons an OBGYN for her required physical to attend Brown. She still remembered fondly meeting Dr. Syd Hansen at a Providence Hospital Fundraiser Ball.

The pretty doctor with curly shoulder length light brown hair that cascaded around the neckline of her white dress simply made her panties dampen.

As Hermione returned in her mind to the her present locale in Dr. Syd,

the Brown Coed heard the admonishments of her OBGYN in her head, slapping her thigh in a self attempt to govern the red scratched skin from rubbing her heel continuously on her lower left leg. Dr. Syd had warned Hermione her leg could get infected and now her lower left leg stung and had a bright red color.

Hermione gave a nervous twitch. Just thinking about the pretty tall doctor made her stomach flutter with a new feeling she reveled in, but did not understand. Her statuesque long curly light brown hair, that framed her face that exuded confidence made her nearly swoon with girlish delight every time she stood next to her. Syd teasingly had threatened to turn her over her knees for the spanking she deserved.

The Brown Coed closed her eyes and wandered for the millionth time, what it would be like to be turned over her lap and having her bottom spanked to a rosy red glow.

Afterwards Dr. Syd would sit her up on her lap and hold Hermione, then held her closely in her caring arms, feeling content and loved.

"Miss Granger…Miss Granger?"

Hermione gave a guilty start when she her name called. She blushed red wondering how long the nurse had been calling her name. The red in her face suffused even more when she realized how wet her panties had become along with a worrisome twinge in her vagina. The nurse smiled and led her into an examination room and handed her a short white gown to put on for her examination.

Well at least she would get to remove her stinky panties before the doctor came in and maybe she could dry her red puffy vagina of the evidence of her spanking fantasy before she examined her. Hermione's hands were shaking as grabbed the hem of her little black dress and pulled it over her head, before the Brown co-ed pulled the black pantyhose of her round shapely bottom with a tinge of baby fat flesh. Finally the scented black panties were pulled down off her butt, off and on top of the pile of clothing.

On second thought the pretty coed picked them up and wiped her wet aroused vagina, then hastily hid them underneath the rest of the clothing.

She felt naked and terribly exposed as she put on the very short and thin white gown and tried with difficulty to tie the embarrassing garment in the back. Eventually she got it tied. Hermione like every young lady knew her lady doctor would soon be prying into her most intimate private parts.

What difference would it make if she caught a glimpse of her cute round derriere?

She knew Dr. Syd would pry open and fill her vagina with a widening speculum, but she still blushed bright red at the very thought of it.

Hermione was extremely shy and modest. Her best friend Kelli, a lesbian, told the Brown co-ed she needed to find a caring woman. Someone who cares about what you need. Lately these thoughts had played into her spanking fantasy needs. She needed a somewhat dominant presence in her life to guide and when needed discipline her.

A female who would understand she need lots of tender foreplay, with strong maternal like arms holding and guiding her behavior. She found herself attracted to the Dr. Syd as she called her and yearned for the spanking she knew in her heart she had earned, but never been given.

Hermione's mind drifted to what it would be like for Dr. Syd to take time with her, a thought that sent a shiver up her spine.

The Brown coed was lost in her dreams when Dr. Syd entered the exam room. Hermione nearly jumped a foot when the door closed shut.

"Hello Hermione. How are you today? Sorry to startle you."

"Have you been taking care of yourself, young lady, or do I have to give you that spanking I promised?"

Hermione/Emma blushed red and nervously giggled as her secret word was spoken. She always seemed to bring the little girl in her and Syd loved every minute of it. The pretty brown short haired coed raised one bottom cheek and then the other as half of her wished desperately she would spank her pert little bottom, while the other half caused her face to blush blood red. She mumbled an incoherent reply and climbed onto the examination table. The gown opened in the back and Dr. Syd saw her bottom and private holes. She struggled to cover her white naked bottom.

Dr. Syd took her hands away and without a word she put her hands on her upper back. The doctor untied the string and pulled the gown off Hermione.

"We don't need this Hermione. I've seen many female bodies before and I get annoyed when my patients wiggle around while I am examining them.

Hermione felt herself go hot all over, but she minded her doctor and stretched herself out on the exam table. She could barely catch her breath as Dr. Syd placed the stethoscope and started to check her heart and lungs. The icy cold metal felt erotic against her sensitive skin as she moved it around on her chest. The Brown coed could feel her nipples stiffen in response and squirmed in embarrassment.

"Hold still, Hermione, breathe in. Your heart is going a mile a minute. Relax I won't hurt you. You've been through these exams before."

"Okay Emm, lie down and stretch out to the end of the table.

She tried to quell her spanking fantasy that kept creeping, unabated into her imagination, knowing full well it would be impossible to hide her arousal from Dr. Syd.

Hermione can barely catch her breath as her hands started to manipulate her breast as her pretty doctor checked for lumps. Her warm stimulating hands made her shiver in an erotic delight as she closed her eyes to quell the slight discomfort and conceal her thrill

as her vagina drenched itself in response to her nearness.

"Okay emm, uhm now we get to the more uncomfortable part of the examination. I know this embarrassing, but young lady it is necessary."

"Yes ma'am" Hermione/Emma said in her sweet alto British voice.

Now be a good girl and put your feet up in the stirrups.

Hermione lifted her legs and placed them in the stirrups as ordered. Her face was red and flushed. There was no way she could miss notice the wetness surrounding her pinkish vagina. After all she would practically have her nose in there!

The sound of the latex gloves being pulled on added to the throb in her moist clit. Hermione/Emma all but groaned as she moved closer to her and started to pry her vaginal lips apart. Her hips wanted to move and so they did out of position.

Dr. Syd needed to steady her "Spank", a quick pop and an admonishment to stay in position floored Hermione, yet secretly excited her.

"Emm, uhm settle down, the spank had a calming effect as Syd saw a red hand print on Hermione's right hip.

"That's a good girl. Take a deep breath and we'll just slide this nasty thing right in, there. Now that wasn't so bad, was it?'

"No ma'am, I guess not."

"I have to open you up so I can get in emm, umm your vagina and have a look around.

Hermione/Emma bucked her hips and refused to let Dr. Syd finish placing the speculum all the way in place in her vagina. The Brown Coed literally showed her butt, thrashing around in the stirrups and stymieing Dr. Syd's attempt to complete putting in the vaginal speculum.

"Get back in position young lady, your behavior is unacceptable."

Hermione/Emma showing her rebel side from Hogwarts against The Ministry of Magic. The no nonsense doctor had had enough of the eighteen year olds shenanigans!

"Missy you will accept a spanking for your bad behavior or this exam is over and you scamper around to find a doctor to examine you before Brown starts tomorrow.

"I have other patient's waiting and your difficult behavior is selfish and childish

End of Part One:

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