Hermione's Long Lost Knickers/Panty Punishment

Chapter 4

The Decision

Hermione sat on the train back to her dorm at Brown and played back in her mind the conversation and agreement she had just made with the pretty doctor who also once was ahead girl expertly caning the schoolgirls who broke the rules.

Now it was her who had admitted to Dr. Sydney it she was the one who felt guilty for her rebellion and misbehavior she had never been punished for, so she would be able to expunge her guilt of getting away with things.

It was like Hermione was having an out of body experience as she replayed the events of the last hour. The nineteen year old teen girl remembered her exact words to her doctor turned disciplinarian.

"I want to be made to bend over and have my panties/ knickers pulled down of my arse for a British tight caning.

"Very well Hermione you are nineteen I see from your chart. I will punish you with a cane, but let me make myself clear young lady you are choosing a real caning and it will hurt like crazy leaving marked with red lines. In addition I will have to make a visit to a special store in New York City, Kinematics by train, which carries authentic senior girl British Canes that deal with naughty girls with you in a manner justifiable by your actions.

Hermione scrunched her butt in her train seat as she thought how much Ms. Sydney cared to take the Amtrak train up to New York City to parlay an authentic cane she would use to deliver painful red stripes to my long overdue deserving bottom.

The long brown haired coed could not back out now, no matter how fearful she became thinking of the disciplinary scenario facing her tomorrow, besides her disciplinarian was on a northeast corridor train on her way to New York City as she sat.

Dorm Room

Hermione heard the diesel train go by from her dorm room window as it's whistles blew as she undressed wearing a long nightshirt but skipping the panties due to the soreness of her bottom as she got into her bed.

Could she go through with this? She was scared and fascinated and her kernel twitched in excitement of the unknown. Hermione suddenly realized she still did not have her completed Health Exam Paper for Brown Admission to start classes Friday.

Hermione smiled one of her trademark innocence smile, but her stomach jumped nervously.

That topped the scale in favor of following through with her caning. The die was set, the deal was done as she tossed and turned in her bed feeling her still red and sore bottom from the day's unexpected spanking.

Miss Grainger had been told her schoolgirl caning would take place in her above knee black school skirt with a tight fitting pair of bottle green cotton brief panties, which she happened to have for her tennis outfit. She made a mental note to herself she would need to iron her school uniform black skirt tomorrow. One thing was for sure it was going to be a fitful night's sleep.

The Purchase

Meanwhile Dr. Sydney arrived at Penn Station and went to nearby Kinematics as she marveled at the Empire State Building.

Sydney walked with a brusque purposely walk bouncing her shoulder length brown curly locks. She climbed the steps and opened the door to a world that most did not know existed in the heart of Mid Manhattan. This unique store catered to those who administered authentic corporal punishment and purchased a Sr. Girl Cane wrapped in brown looking more like a curtain rod then a cane.

Dr. Sydney boarded a train back to Providence and the lady next to her asks what was in the long brown wrapper.

"It is a rod."

"Oh I see a curtain rod."

Sydney chuckled to herself as the train lurched forward.

Well it was a rod of sorts. The kind of rod that sorts out naughty young ladies!

Doctor Sydney arrived back in Providence and sat down at her kitchen table and unwrapped her booty. Inside was a quality rattan reed cane. Rattan is a natural plant, so every cane is unique and needs preparing. This was a skill she had learned preparing canes for teachers use at her Scottish School for Girls.

Sydney thought back to her conversation with the young Hermione who had bashfully asked for a school girl caning. She prepared the cane by finely sanding it smooth and then applying a thin coat of Tung oil.

When she had agreed to punish Hermione he favorite star from the Harry Potter Movies she had insisted that the guilt filled schoolgirl wear her black schoolgirl uniform along with a taunt pair of bottle green cotton panties and they better be briefs, young lady."

Doctor Sydney held the cane up to the light and it gleamed as she ran her and up its length satisfied the cane was as smooth.

She hoped and trusted Hermione would follow her instructions as she wiggled her bottom in the seat of her kitchen chair and felt a warm tingle in her center. Tomorrow was Hermione's D Day for the battle storm barrage that would bombard with red strikes of heat against the pampered arse of the former Hogwart Schoolgirl's bottom.

Well Sydney was very experienced with dealing tight strokes to bent over panties/ be it knickers down bare bottom misbehaving schoolgirls. That was what was in Hermione Grainger's future.

Across the city in a dark dorm room a brown haired young lady sat up erect in her bed with a startling shout. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Curiously she did not still feel the soreness in her bottom as she sat on the toilet. Hermione wondered if her arse was still red and she decided to find out. As she raised the back of her nightshirt indeed to her surprise both rounded bottom cheeks were white with not a trace of red.

Then it hit her as it dawned on Hermione her bottom would look quite different tomorrow night after her visit to her self imposed disciplinarian and the cane she had gone all the way to NYC to acquire. The Brown Coed noticed he had mail as her computer was flashing.

The email was from Sydney and there was a picture of the cane and it's dimensions.

It said it was 28"-29" of pure discipline with a nice crooked handle and made of quality rattan reed.

The 3/16" thick rattan cane is very flexible and really delivers a sting.

There was also a message from her disciplinarian.

Hermione, You have been a very naughty "student. I can assure you with my experience you are guaranteed this cane will make you sit up and take is sure to bring even the naughtiest girl in line. Young lady you will not believe the whipping you will receive with the "tear jerker"

The tear jerker she names her cane, bloody hell. Hermione swallowed hard and stared at the gleaming cane. Could she really go through with this? Actually seeing the cane brought back a distant memory when she was visiting a cousin in Brighton. She saw the sight which had haunted her to experience for all these years. When she had accidently by happenstance seen the sight of her cousin's well caned bottom/arse. Her bottom with the six cane marks. It was quite a sight I can tell you as I stared through the old fashion large key hole and saw for myself six bright red lines that looked like railroad tracks against the white skin in between the cane strokes up and down the round cheeks of her teen bottom.

Hermione's computer once again flashed alerting her she had a message. It was once again from her chosen disciplinarian.

My Dear Girl,

Hermione, it important as an adult for you to realize just how serious what you are getting your naughty arse into young lady. By agreeing to sign the enclosed form you are requesting I administer a tight bare bottom caning and you have requested this punishment as an adult.

Before you sign this as you have never felt a cane I can assure you of two things.

First that it will hurt and you will most likely cry. Now I will describe what just one cane stroke will feel like. This is not to scare you, but to inform you the caning you have asked for will produce an amount of pain you can not manage. It is punishment for your past acts you feel guilt that you remain unpunished for at nineteen.

Hermione read on sitting at her dorm desk the only light in the room the glow from her computer with a horror of following through in the pit of her stomach as she continued to read the email.

Now I will relate what you can expect as a minimum from each tight stroke of the Senior Girl's Cane.

The cane is a most fierce some instrument and its sting reverberates and strengthens for a dozen seconds or so after the initial stroke. The cane stroke will appear as a white line upon impact but will quickly turn pink then further brighten to a bright red throbbing line.

Though your caning will be severe the cuts of the cane will not overlap as I will walk the cane strokes up and down your bottom.

Make no mistake when you look at your bottom Hermione the next day The even six tight stripes will appear purple and rest assure you that sitting will be a particularly painful effort even though I will soothe your punished bottom's line with cream before you return to your dorm.

The choice is quite simply yours. I can tell you that in my opinion from the bashful way you found the courage to voice your need for a panty, I mean knickers down caning for you're your past naughty endeavors. Hermione, emotional baggage can be wiped away from your psyche.

Please know I am aware how hard such a decision is to make as an adult. As an adult you have to make the decision to bend your will for a proper bare bottom caning.

Hermione's heart felt like it was jumping out of her chest. "Blimey decisions" She pouted.

Should you decide that you wish not to follow through with this caning, that is fine, but also understand that I find you to be a sweet mature lady and there will be no hard feelings, but this is a one time offer and if you choose not to report to my home tomorrow as scheduled the will be no second chances for me to punish you as you told me you deserved.



To be continued:

Will Hermione follow through and get her long lost knickers down caning?

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