A Bloody Hard Spanking For Hermione

"Give her a bloody hard spanking!"

"Bugger, that bloody thing hurts!'

Later, Hermione was offered a fine dinner with a goblet of wine, but there was one stipulation. She was required to lift her schoolgirl skirt up, keep her panties pulled down and sit her very, very red bare butt directly on the seat of the chair. The food was delicious and took Hermione's mind off her the gobs of burning flesh that made up the rounds of her sore bottom.

"What was the name of there poor teacher you placed tacks in her chair?"

"The horrid woman and deplorable Nazi disciplinarian teacher's name was Miss Delores Umbridge!"

Acting prefect admonishes Hermione for spewing such venom about her teacher and asked her candidly...

"How is it you managed not to get a caning for your hurtful stunt?"

"The fat ass cow sat on the tacks, sprung up in pain rubbing her bum a blood stain across her white skirt seat and left the classroom never to be seen again to the laughter of the class." Hermione said with a merry voice that surprised Sydney in its tone and lack of care for her hurtful act and teacher's bleeding bottom.

Sydney's mood noticeably became as Hermione was about to find out she had awoken the sleeping disciplinarian. Unknown to Hermione as a school prefect Sydney had experienced hurtful shenanigans of a classroom by bratty twits just like Hermione.

"Get up and pull up your panties, put on your dress and get your arse out of here!"

"But what about my clean bill of health certificate for Brown?"

Sydney pursed her lips. "Oh yes it is necessary for you to atone for the teacher sitting on tacks school incident."

"But, why?"

Because a twit of a girl just like you did the same to me when I was a temporary teacher."

"Oh shit, I mean poo, I am sorry!"

"Not as sorry as you're going to be young lady."

"Report to my office Monday morning at eight sharp and I promise should you successfully complete your punishment regime I will sign your certificate.

However, there will be a further intrusive part to your exam and procedure I believe you will find uncomfortable and humiliating as it is carried out with the assistance of my known to smirk watching nurse. You can you rest assure sitting in class your bottom will be a cauldron of fire you can't properly anticipate!"

"But you already caned me bloody hard and then spanked me over my welts.

"Good day Hermione."

Hermione agreed to stop by her office and wondered what disciplinarian zeal she had released in Doctor Sydney would mean in two days time for her bruised bottom which certainly would not have totally healed..

The coed was still quite sore as became apparent when her panties rubbed against her blotchy swollen red blood blistered and purple bruises that adorned her hurting bottom.

She managed a tense smile as she put on her dress and left. She had no choice but to keep her office appointment Monday because she had failed to obtain the physical certificate which could not attend Brown University without. All this being said she wondered what had so soured Doc Sydney mood.

Chapter Seven:

Hermione arrived on the cold winter's morning and when she got to the examination room removed her jeans and pulled down her panties of her still somewhat sore bottom from last weeks redemption punishment.

Doctor Sydney entered the exam room and it was apparent by her tone to Hermione she had unsettled emotions about the schoolgirl prank the former schoolgirl had related which brought up memories of her experience sitting on sharp tacks in the classroom.

Miss Sydney stood looking at Hermione, her behavior called for more the just her regular strength. She wanted vindication and wanted to drive the lesson home that her mean, hurtful despicable behavior had earned her an ass paddling guaranteed to be remembered a long time.

Hermione stood looking at the floor; he wondered just how big a price her butt would be paying there was no reprieve from whatever Sydney planned for her.

"You and I are going to get to the bottom of this hurtful act you chose to spring on your teacher."

Hermione knew what that phrase meant as she subconsciously rubbed her bottom in memory of her own battle with pain last week.

Miss Sydney wanted to deal with Hermione's inexcusable act rather than talk. as pushed Hermione over a wooden stool and noticed the goose bumps that had had broken out on her bottom from the cold air.

Miss Sydney grabbed her arm and propelled her further over the high lab stool This left Hermione with her mop of brown hair hanging down and her meaty bottom presented to smack.

"I'm going to give to you something I reserve for my own teenage niece when she has been extra naughty.

"Oh, b-but y-you c-can't!" Hermione stuttered and struggled futilely. "I've never been spanked with a paddle in my life!"

"Well that is about to change." Miss Sydney smiled wickedly, taking in the sight of Hermione's feminine trembling bare butt cheeks.

"I'm going to relish warming your fanny Welcome to America!" she exclaimed. She raised her hand and delivered a sharp SMACK! Hermione gasped at the sting as the paddle landed on her plump buttocks.


Hermione cried out, "Oweee! Stop...you're hurting me!" Her feet pumped up and down in protest to the smarting in her butt.


"I heard what you said you did to your teacher and I want to let you know that is inexcusable, young lady





It was maddening what the mischievous schoolgirl had done and the more she thought about the pain and feelings of her own sitting on tacks experience as she relived going to the faculty bathroom, pulling down her panties and finding blood stains in the seat of the undergarment from sitting on tacks,

As a former temporary teacher she was determined to make this an object lesson for Hermione. She never wanted her to forget the very American punishment instrument known and feared in households by teenagers in towns and cities who knew firsthand the distinct deep burn, bright red bottom and unavoidable purple bruises left from the strict application of the wooden paddle.

Alison sat down and reached under Hermione's fashionably short skirt and pulled her white panties down to her knees. Slowly they slid to her ankles.

Hermione obediently remained bent over the stool. Sydney raised the wooden paddle and brought it down on Hermione's bare bottom. The tween let out an audible "Ouch"! She repeated the swat and actually paddled her harder.

Hermione shrieked, "What do you think you are doing, this is entirely to hard?"

Miss Sydney's paddle just kept raining down on the wiggling orbs, raising the temperature on her nether region with each swat. She stopped the spanking and rubbed Hermione's extremely warm seat. "

"No, please... I can't take anymore!" Hermione pleaded tearfully all the while knowing any begging on her part would do nothing to stop her spanking.

"Oh, but I think you can."

Her tears or her pleading didn't move Miss Sydney; she raised the paddle and brought it down hard and fast. Hermione reacted by wildly squirming as much as possible, he knew better than even consider getting off the stool. She methodically covered her bottom with the paddle concentrating on her sensitive sit spot, now a watermelon pinkish red

Hermione endured the punishment as the paddle landed constantly on her fanny, making him weep and bellow loudly. She smiled with satisfaction as she could see the fruits of her labor. An assortment of angry red blood blisters across both curved cheeks of her bottom.

Hermione's exposed her well-spanked dark red behind with purple spots throughout. The spots looked like points on a graph. The dots were blood though nothing serious blisters caused by the paddle as it continued rewarding her bottom for the naughty misbehavior.

"Now this is what I call a hot seat!" Miss Sydney grinned as she placed her hand on the bright red hiney.

"P-Please d-don't p-paddle m-me a-anymore," she sobbed lying limply bent over the stool.

"Are you going to continue to think it is funny yput sharp tacks in your teacher's chair for a laugh?"

"No ma'am, I promise I won't!"

"So why did you pull, "WHACK! such a despicable, CRACK! "act?" SPANK!

"Hermione do, you feel guilty and knew you deserved a hard spanking. Is that right?"

"Yes ma'am, but I'll be good now! I won't come into your bedroom or watch anymore, I promise!"

"Well, I will just finish up with a few more on your bottom to make sure you never …!"


She hollered, cried and sobbed as Miss Sydney finished with brisk authoritative barrage of even harder spanks to Hermione's red cheeks that now matched the red in the panties around her knees. When allowed to stand, it took several minutes before Hermione was able to bring himself under control.

Sydney put down her wooden paddle and sat down on exam room stool.

She motioned me to get up and sit on her lap, but before I could get there she lifted her yellow terry cloth dress way up on her thighs. I will always remember the warm feeling of sitting on her bare smooth thighs as the heat from my well paddled bottom met with her cold legs typical after an arrival from a winter's New England snowy day.

"Hermione, you are to sit here and complete your journal at the kidney table. Is that clear, young lady?" Miss Sydney said.

The female doc left the room to see how her other female patients were doing and sent her nurse in to prep Hermione for the rest of her physical.

Hermione had a new sense of an allegiance to pay with pain for her actions, past, present and if need be future. Doc Sydney could not have been more proud. Now that she had agreed to be Hermione's mentor she was optimistic she would be seeing a certain British schoolgirl over her knee, only this time it would be she who would request the spanking for her self!