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Viktor looked out the window of his cabin, peering over the side of the boat to the edge of the lake. Once more, Harry Potter was sitting there in naught but an over-sized t-shirt and a much too big pair of sweatpants, gray, frayed and thin, like he had every night for the last 2 months, since the other schools had arrived at Hogwarts. It was now the night after the names had been called out of the cup. Viktor was shocked and upset the tiny boy he'd come to care so much about during their nightly rendezvous at the lake had had his name called. He grabbed one of his zip-up Quidditch hoodies and the spare quilt off his bed before exiting the cabin and heading down to their spot.

The 18-year-old Quidditch player walked out silently, dressed in red and grey flannel pajama bottoms and a gray hooded sweatshirt. His feet were in trainers as he crept to the tiny teen. Unlike every time previous when they sat side by side, he slid in behind the beautiful raven. "You'll catch a cold," he said softly as he passed the warm jacket to the boy.

With a grateful smile to him, Harry slid it on, zipping it all the way up. His own knees were pulled up to his chest, so Viktor kept his knees bent as well, only straddling the younger teen. Harry wrapped his right arm around Viktor's right shin and rested his head on top of the older boy's knee, both now draped with the thick quilt. He felt the immediate warmth of a warming charm surround him and settled comfortably back into the older boy's chest, strong arms wrapping around his waist beneath the blanket.

"Harry?" Viktor asked after nearly an hour of silence.

"Hmm?" Harry muttered sleepily, roused from his doze against the muscled chest.

"I have come up with an idea to keep you safe. It will not work during the tasks, but you would not have to go back to your relatives and it would get you out from under Dumbledore."

Fully awake now, Harry turned his head to look up at the one person he had come to trust over anyone else. "What is it?" though his voice was soft as he asked the question, the undertone of excitement was clear as well.

"We would have to bond. Because you are a minor, it would have to be a Dominance bond."

"What's that?"

"Essentially, I would have full control over you by law. But I would not do that to you. However, people would have to have my permission to touch you or even speak to you. You would only be responsible to listen to what I tell you to keep you safe; I would be responsible for your safety, any financial obligations, and anything else to keep you happy, safe and healthy."

"I've got money, you wouldn't need to pay for anything," he said embarrassed.

Viktor kissed the top of his head gently. "It would look badly on me if I did not. Technically, I would be in control of your accounts until your 21st birthday, but I am from a wealthy family and I make quite a bit with Quidditch. Do not worry yourself about it. I wish to do this, my Harry."

He looked down at the blanket, though he didn't change his grip from the older boy's leg. "But…what if you get sick of me?"

"I would never get sick of you."

"How do you know, though!" he panicked.

"I just know. It is one of those things that I have no doubts on. However, if you change your mind, the Dominance Bond will end when you turn 21. After that, if you still want, we can bond permanently." He flexed his arms, squeezing the teen to him a little tighter. "Harry, I swear to you, I care for you greatly and want nothing more than to spend forever with you. I want to see you safe, happy and healthy. Would you like to enter the bond?"

He swiped a blanket covered hand over his face, removing the tears that had begun to fall and nodded. "Yeah," he whimpered weakly.

"Do you know of any way off the grounds without getting caught? We have a few things that we need to do before we can enter the bond."

"Yeah, I know lots of ways. What do we need to do?"

"We have to get something to show that you are under my protection; we need to go to your relative's house and get their signature giving up custody of you. Do you know who your magical guardian is?"

He shook his head. "Sirius signed for permission to go to Hogsmeade, does that mean he is?"

"Sirius Black?"

"My godfather. He's on the run because he escaped but he was wrongly imprisoned in the first place."

"That would work. Do you know how to get in touch with him?"

"Hedwig knows how to get to him. And the goblins know he's innocent so we can meet him there as long as he isn't seen by anyone. If we go there, I can ask them if it's possible."

"We have to go to Gringotts anyway, so that would be best. I also want to get you some new clothing. Ones that will keep you warm."

He snuggled back into the older boy's chest embarrassed, but didn't argue the point. "When did you want to go? I can have Sirius in town by tomorrow."

"Let us go tomorrow morning then, before everyone starts to wake up."

Harry stood up. "I have to go write Sirius then."

"Come, we will use my room. I will go get your owl and you will be safe in my quarters."

"Will I be staying with you after the bond?" Harry asked, looking up as Viktor stood and wrapped the quilt around his thin shoulders.

"Either you with me or me with you." He kissed his forehead lightly. "I will also be attending classes with you. I can't protect you if I'm not there."

Harry hugged him tightly. "Thank you."

Viktor shifted his arms from around his waist to around his neck and lifted the smaller boy easily, settling him on his hip as they head toward the ship.

"I can walk you know," Harry protested.

"I know, but the ship is warded for those who are not of the Durmstrang delegation to be unable to board. Therefore, I will carry you so you can get on the ship, but also, I simply wished to carry you."
Harry blushed and buried his face in his soon-to-be bonded's neck.