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Chapter 12

Once again, when Jethro awoke the next morning, Jesse was on his stomach working on homework. This time fixing the essay revisions that Viktor had edited the night before.

"What do you want for breakfast?" he asked the teen.

"I'm not hungry," he said honestly, barely glancing up at the man.

"Jesse, you know you need to eat. Come sit at the table and drink some juice while I make pancakes."

"Dad," the raven teen whined.

"No, Jesse, I'm not playing this game today. You need to come eat."

He glared and didn't move. "I'm not hungry, I don't want to eat."

Jethro ignored the whine and began to make the pancakes and eggs. As soon as the first batch was finished he put a plate on the table with two pancakes and a scoop of eggs. He walked over to his son and carried him over to the table. "You will eat and you will eat now."

Jesse growled and began to push his food around with his fork. "I'm not hungry," he grumbled.

"Eat anyway. You are too thin to be missing any meals as it is."

There was silence between the two when Viktor came out about 30 minutes later. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not hungry," Jesse grouched again.

Viktor nodded, understanding the terse silence. It wasn't the first time that this argument had been had. "I'll be back," he head back into the bathroom and grabbed an appetite stimulant. He carried it back out and sat it in front of his bonded. "You can either eat, or drink that then eat."

"But that tastes gross," he whinged pushing the bottle away.

"Those are your two options," Viktor said, taking his place next to the raven and serving up his own plate as Jethro continued to eat across from them. "You have potion's today, so you must eat before you go. I will not have you getting dizzy during the subject."

Emerald eyes glared but downed the potion quickly with a grimace before eating the pancakes and eggs as well as an apple. He had grabbed his bag and stormed out before either Viktor or his father were able to get their stuff together. He'd only made it about 2 hallways before his father had caught up with him. "I'm not in the mood, okay?" Jesse mumbled. "I hate potions and I feel awful but I have to go because I have no excuse because it's my own fault for not really sleeping last night."

"Jess, if you need to go back to bed, you can."

He scoffed. "I have Snape's class and he just looks for any excuse to give me detention. If I didn't show up, I'd be in detention for a month, with or without the tournament." He jogged ahead a little bit. "Neville!"

The slightly pudgy Gryffindor boy turned around. "Hey, Harry. Wait, Lucas, right?"

"You can call me Jesse, Nev. After everything..." he trailed off.

Neville wrapped an arm around the smaller boy's shoulders, sparing barely a glance back at the older man following them. "I'm still your bubba no matter what. You know that, baby brother."

"I'm only one day younger," he grumbled as they entered the dungeons. He glanced at his watch. "There's still a minute and a half before we can enter the room." He stopped his dad with a hand on his wrist. "Don't enter until exactly 30 seconds before the class is to begin and, when we get in, pull up an extra stool by mine and Neville's desk. We get more flack than anyone so it should be pretty easy for you to observe Snape."

"Can you do a spell or something so nobody notices that I'm there? I'd like to observe without influencing actions."

The boys glanced at each other. "Yeah, here's the invisibility cloak," Jesse pulled it out of the bag and tossed it at Jethro as they entered the classroom in the queue of students.

Potions started as usual. Jesse and Neville took their usual place in the back corner. Neville began to get the cauldron ready while Jesse started to prepare the ingredients as per the instructions on the board. Around them, other pairs of students were doing the same thing. Though Snape had not specified that they begin as soon as they enter, they usually got in more trouble when they did not just begin when a potion was on the board than when they did not do so.

Snape billowed in as usual. "If you have not started on today's potion, you have lost 15 points for Gryffindor each, Weasley, Finnigan." He stalked over to Jesse and Neville's desk. "Potter and Longbottom, for once you decide to take inititive." He glanced into their cauldron. They'd added the water and the first two ingredients. "Unfortunately, I asked you to make a calming potion, not a poison, begin again." He vanished the contents of their cauldron. "And 20 points from Gryffindor for such a dismal ability to follow directions."

Jesse bit his lip but left to go grab more ingredients anyway, knowing that fighting would be useless. "Nev, just get the temperature back to 87, we'll start again."

"Of course," he put the correct amount of base in their cauldron and began to change the temperature back to the starting temperature.

Jesse was back shortly with the ingredients. "The quills need to be diced in eighth of an inch sections after you half them. I will grind the beetle carcasas...again."

Snape stalked around the room calling out inconsequential things for the Gryffindors and insulting them at random while giving undue praise to the Slytherins. As per usual, Jesse and Neville were the main targets for his rage. Jesse could feel his father behind him tensing up, but muttered calming things repeatedly, hoping to stymie the attack he could feel coming from his father.

"Yet another abysmal attempt, Potter. You walk around here thinking you are all high and mighty just like your father," he spat, leaning over the desk and getting right in Jesse's face.

Jesse didn't react, knowing that Viktor hadn't given permission for Snape to talk to him and not wanting to give the older man any further ammunition. However, he couldn't control Neville's reaction. "I suggest you back away, Professor," he said with hardly a quiver in his voice.

"Finally found some guts did you, Longbottom, well, 30 points from Gryffindor for back talking to a teacher."

"I am simply informing you that you could very easily be in much more trouble than missing points for speaking with him at all, let alone like that."

"Potter has no more control in this school than you, Longbottom. That'll be another 30 points and a detention tonight with Filch." He glanced into the cauldron before vanishing the contents once more. "And a zero for the day for both of you for failure to complete the potion as directed."

"Fine," Neville growled. "Jesse, pack your bag, there is no point for us to stay here." He shoved his own book in his bag. "And, Professor, I highly suggest you look up the consequences of speaking to a submissive of a dominant bond without permission of his dominant because that's what you've just done and, if I am remembering correctly, you could be facing jail time if not worse should he choose to pursue it." He stopped at the door after making sure both Gibbs' boys were out of the room. "Oh, and Professor, you might make it a point to check up on Jesse's name. Here's a hint, it's not Potter." He slammed the door behind them.

Jesse and Jethro were glaring at each other. "You shouldn't have put a sticking charm on me!" Jethro growled.

"If I hadn't, you would have done something stupid and it would have made the situation worse and you know it," Jesse immediately countered.

"He should not have talked to you like that. It is completely inappropriate for a teacher to act like that."

"Yeah, well, welcome to my life." He turned to Neville. "And since when did you stand up to Snape?" he asked confused.

"I don't know, but I do think I'm about to be sick." He turned further into the nearby alcove and heaved, losing the contents of his stomach. He cast a vanishing charm and a cleaning charm then turned and faced Jesse again. "Sorry 'bout that."

Jesse shrugged.

"Just do me a favor, yeah?"

"What's that?"

"Petrify me before I ever have a chance to do something that stupid again?"

Jesse laughed and threw an arm around the other boy's waist. "No way, it was awesome to see."

"Oh, I was going to ask, why me?"

"Why you what?"

"Why did you come up and talk to me? Your dominant didn't give permission."

"Oh!" Jesse released him and dug through his backpack. "Shit, where is it?" he muttered to himself. "Dad, have you seen..." he trailed off as Jethro handed him an envelope. "Brilliant, thanks!" He took the envelope and passed it to Neville. "When we did the bond I demanded that a few people still be allowed to speak to me without him giving his express permission. He countered with written permission, and I agreed. So here you go!"

Neville opened it and skimmed through the contents of the letter. "Harry - Jesse - this is...is he serious?"

"I don't know what the letter says, but I'm certain that he is serious. I trust you, Nev. More than you can even ever know." Turned to his dad, he wrapped the older man in a quick hug. "I'm sorry I shouted."


"And I had no right to put a sticking charm on you. I'm sorry."

"You will always be forgiven, but you will not be returning to that class. If you must continue with potions, you will do so privately with your...with Viktor."

Jesse smiled at his father's refusal of calling Viktor his husband or his dominant. He didn't really understand fully where the man was coming from, but he was sure that it was difficult for him to get his son back so suddenly only to be told that he doesn't fully have him. "I love you, Dad," he mumbled against the strong, broad chest.

"I love you, too, baby." He glanced at the brown haired boy with them who was pretending to not notice what was going on and felt immediate gratitude to him. "Come on, the both of you, you need food."