Hey, this is my first fanfiction on her so let me know how it is! This story follows the events of all the movies. So here's the summary:

Young Nicolette Brown, a blacksmith's daughter in Port Royal admired William Turner since she first laid eyes on him, but seeming that they will never be together, she doesn't seem to know what to do. He's in love with Elizabeth Swann the Governor's daughter and all Nicolette now can hope for is that he is happy with her. One day, the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow came her way and then her life was turned upside down while her and Will embark on a journey to save Elizabeth, and she falls in love with the dear Captain along the way.

I don't think a lot of people used this idea before... with Mr. Brown's daughter and all. So it should be different. Hopefully.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the ideas of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but however I do own Nicolette Brown as my own character.

Chapter One: Meeting the Infamous Sparrow

Nicolette Brown walked into her father's blacksmith shop; tired of course, she had to take care of the house since her father was always at the tavern. She rolled her eyes, finding her father passed out… as usual. The place reeked of the vile drink and she crinkled her nose, she hated that smell. Today was the day of Captain… oh correction, Commodore Norrington's promotional ceremony. She wanted to make sure that everything goes accordingly, William Turner made the most excellent sword for him, well in her opinion it was perfect, actually in her opinion everything was perfect about him, including his craftsmanship. She had hazel eyes that changed often in the light, her eyes complimented every bit of her features, her long wavy brown hair was wrapped up in a tight bun, and she didn't often leave it down. She was beautiful without a doubt, but she wouldn't admit that to herself.

"Ah, you're here rather early." Nicolette twirled around to see Will walking in. She smiled, he looked handsome… for some reason he looked more handsome than ever on this particular day.

She shrugged, "You know, someone has to keep this shop running while a certain someone is currently…" Nicolette indicated towards her father, but didn't bother finishing knowing that Will knew what she meant immediately. "You're here early as well. I was about to drop off this sword for the promotional ceremony at the Governor's-."

"I'll do it!" He said far too excitedly even though she wasn't going to offer the job to him, Nicolette tried to not let her smile turn into a frown. "I-I-I mean, you certainly have better things to be doing. You shouldn't be bothered with dropping off an order… that's why I'm here, right?" He said nervously and she pretended to giggle walking over to a box that was set down on the table.

With her back turned toward him, she let her smile drop for a short period of time as her hands felt the box. He always did accept every chance to go see the Governor, but it was mainly to see the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann. He made it quite obvious, too. She couldn't blame him though, Elizabeth Swann was without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in Port Royal, Nicolette was just a mere blacksmith's daughter, no one really took an interest in her.

She picked it up hesitantly and brought back her fake smile to turn to him, "Here you go, Will, it looks beautiful, I took a peek after you put it in the box last night and left." He smiled and nodded thanks to her taking the box carefully out of her hands.

"Thank you Nic, stay here, I shall be back soon." She nodded as she saw a smile flutter onto his lips, he was excited, she could tell, but she wasn't at all, she knew that Will was practically in love with Elizabeth, but she never came to terms to accept it. Will quickly walked out of the shop taking the box under his arm. Nicolette sighed; she now had no hope with Will falling in love with her. Upset and confused, she walked out of her father's shop and made her way to the docks. That was usually where her thoughts could be settled.

She went to the nearest one, which of course, was the one that the Navy guarded. She was at a halt by the two newest military recruits, Murtogg and Mullroy. "Sorry, miss, but this dock is off limits to civilians." Murtogg informed her, she rolled her eyes annoyed. She knew him since she was a child, now he had to act like a tough Navy man, she wasn't afraid of either of the men, both of them weren't intimidating like they thought they were.

She persuaded, "Murtogg, you know that I won't be stealing any of these ships. I've known you since I was a child, so your new found military persona does not scare me like you think it would."

Nicolette pushed them both aside and walked forward, Mullroy was about to protest her actions, but she caught him to it without even looking back, "Same goes for you, Mullroy." He was confused about how she would know that he was going to speak to her. But he shut his mouth as she took a seat on the end of the dock, letting her feet sway beneath her. They knew that she didn't want to cause harm to them nor to anyone else, she wasn't a threat. They both decided to let this one slide for now, and not let their mouths go off to the Commodore about this… they could lose their jobs… for the most part anyway.

She looked at the water, watching it ripple before her. It always helped her go through her darkest times of confusion and especially it calmed her down. She sighed at the beauty and leaned back with her hands as she felt the sunbeams hit her. It was a clear sky, not a cloud in sight. That was the best thing about the Caribbean. She closed her eyes, feeling the nice, warm breeze, why do you keep chasing him if you know you'll never be? She asked herself, she wasn't really a friend of Elizabeth's. They never really talked to each other because of their status, so she didn't know her well enough to judge her. She's probably a good match though… better with her than with me.

Voices were heard in the background and it was now not only Murtogg and Mullroy, there was a third one as well that she never heard before… strange she thought she knew everyone in Port Royal. The voices pulled her out of her thoughts, the new one was more suave, but it was also raspy and slurred at the same time. She opened her eyes and turned her head around curious as the scene unfolded before her.

"This dock is off limits to civilians." Murtogg said to the strange man more serious than he had with Nicolette. She observed him, he had very dark hair that was set in dreadlocks, some had beads attached to it. Also he had a small beard that was braided into two, beads dangling as well. He was wearing a red bandanna that was hiding under his tricorne hat, he had deep brown eyes, they were the key to his charm, she assumed, if he had any, she didn't know.

The man spoke, "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't know. If I see one, I shall inform you immediately." He tried to walk past them, but the men blocked him yet again, time to turn the Sparrow charm on, eh? He thought. "Apparently there's some high toned and fancy to do up in the fort, eh? How could it be that two upstanding gentlemen such as yourselves did not merit an invitation?"

"Someone has to make sure this dock stays off to civilians."

The man's eyes darted to Nicolette who was still watching the scene and he smirked, "What about that woman there? She's a civilian, why is she here then?" Her eyes became wide and a blush flushed onto her cheeks, embarrassed that she was just caught eavesdropping by the strange man.

Mullroy explained for her, "Miss. Brown is a different case unlike you. Her intentions aren't clearly suspicious like yours." Oh God, Mullroy, poor excuse, very poor. She thought and tried not to comment on it, even though she would've. She bit her tongue to stop her.

The man nodded, "Well other than her, guess you mates have yourselves a fine goal." She tried to not keep her mind wandering to their conversation, but they weren't exactly speaking in hush tones. "But it seems to me that a ship like that," he moved over and pointed out to the Dauntless, only to be blocked again,"makes this one here far superfluous, really."

"Oh, the Dauntless is the powers in these waters, true enough, but there's no ship as can match the Interceptor for speed." They are so… idiotic, why give a man that you don't know information he can use to his advantage if his intentions are suspicious? Nicolette thought to herself.She looked at the three annoyed and had the sudden urge to scream out 'idiots!' to them at the top of her lungs, but decided against it.

"I've heard of one, supposed to be very fast, nigh uncatchable, the Black Pearl." The man challenged them and his eyes seemed to light up at the sound of his voice saying the ship's name to them. Mullroy stifled a laugh. Nicolette stood up, the name of the ship intrigued her for some reason, she heard of it, too, and she thought she had saw it once when her and her father moved to Port Royal from London, back when her mother was alive.

Mullroy chirped in, "Well, there isn't a real ship that can match the Interceptor."

Breaking eye contact with the man who stood in front of them, Murtogg turned to him and argued, "The Black Pearl is a real ship."

"No, no it isn't"

"Yes, it is, I've seen it."

"You've seen it?"


"You haven't seen it."

"Yes I have." Nicolette now rolled her eyes standing next to the two who were now arguing. This was absolutely ridiculous, no; this was pointless that was the right word to describe it to her.

Jack looked at the woman, she had dark brown hair with hazel eyes, they changed color in the light, it was the first thing he actually noticed about her, now they were brown, before he swore that they were green. Her facial features were beautiful, he never gazed upon another like he had with her, she captivated him for some reason, he had no idea why. Her body… ah yes, her body to him was flattered by the dress she was wearing, it accented her curves, not too large, but not too small, just right.

Love at first sight for him? Of course not! He's Captain Jack Sparrow! He couldn't love! It was against his nature, his virtue! He had a reputation to uphold! He couldn't have a woman ruin it, what will people think of him? He would probably be the laughing stock in Tortuga. The men arguing pulled Jack away from his thoughts about the woman. It was like they were brothers except one of them was rather large and had a double chin and the other was awfully skinny.

"Don't worry," the woman muttered to him under her breath and Jack brought his attention back at her, "they always argue like this all the time. I swear, sometimes it's like they are long lost brothers, it's quite strange, I tell you."

Jack smirked, "I can imagine that, love." He looked her up and down and his eyes glimmered with satisfaction. She smiled lightly and for some reason, his satisfaction of her grew even more. "Have any idea on how this could usually last?"

Nicolette shrugged at the man, "Depends on the subject. Sometimes it could go 'til midnight if people let it." She looked past him and had a feeling that if she doesn't go on her way now, she might miss Will's return to the shop. "If you excuse me, I have to be on my way." She said and then she looked over at Mullroy and Murtogg to say goodbye, but they weren't exactly turning their attention to her departure. She rolled her eyes yet again, "Do you mind telling them I said goodbye?"

"Not at all." He said keeping his smirk and the glimmer that was in his eye for her. She nodded gratefully and stalked off to go back to her father's. Jack quickly turned around while the two were still ranting, he needed to know the enchantress' name (she must be one to captivate him before saying a single word). "Miss!" Nicolette turned around to face him. "I believe I have missed your name when you said it!"

She arched an eyebrow and shouted back to him, "I believe I never revealed it to you!" She retorted. "I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours."

"Jack… S-Smith." He said the last name Smith hesitantly, he rather had used Sparrow, but he didn't want anyone hearing his name and panic while two guards were around him. She smiled once again. He loved that smile already. "And yours Miss-."

"Nicolette, it's a pleasure." She bowed her head and then walked back to the blacksmith's shop. Jack watched her as she walked away from him, he was definitely set into a spell now, he wanted her, but he knew that he had to do what he had to do before he can somehow maneuver his way into her life. He was brought back to reality hearing the pointless argument still going on between the two men. He subtly stepped away from their view and sauntered over to the Interceptor. He walked over onto the helm, grazing his hand on the wheel on it.

Jack missed being at the helm of the Black Pearl, he missed the wind in his hair, his compass pointing to a new adventure… he missed everything about being a Captain, well he still had the title, he just missed actually doing the duties of Captain. "Hey! You! Get away from there!" Bugger. The skinnier one shouted at him finally noticing that Jack left the two.

"You don't have permission to be aboard there, mate." The fat one added, both of them raised their bayonets to scare Jack, but he only stood there calm.

"I'm sorry, it's just… it's just a pretty boat... er, ship." He said as an excuse and he knew that it was a poor one, too. He didn't care, he had a feeling that the idiots wouldn't find the that it was.

"What's your name?" Inquired the skinny Navy man.

Jack said quickly, so he didn't seem like he was lying, "Smith, or Smithy if you like."

"What's your purpose here Mr. Smith?" Scowled the larger one.

"Yeah. And no lies!" The skinny one added, following his lead. Jack moved away from the helm and held one of the ropes swaying back and forth; he knew that they wouldn't believe the truth, so he told it gladly and smugly to the two soldiers.

"Well, then, I confess," he started stating like it wasn't a crime to do any of the following actions at all, "it is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out!"

The skinnier one looked at him confused, that couldn't possibly be the truth! His mind screamed and he shouted a little unsure, "I said no lies!"

The fatter one muttered to him, "I think he's telling the truth."

"If he were telling the truth, then he wouldn't of told us." He retorted, these men must disagree on every little thing, thought Jack, interesting…

"Unless, of course, he knew you wouldn't believe the truth, even if he told it to you." Jack admitted smugly, swaying back and forth on the rope he was holding onto. This is going to be fun, he thought to himself, getting ready to pry these men away from their duties.

On top of Fort Charles, the sounds of violins were surrounding the people in the fort, conversing about the recent ceremony that had taken place for Commodore Norrington. He had achieved so much! He was a Lieutenant, then a Captain, and now a Commodore, such an awesome honor to uphold for one's self. Now he had to achieve something else and it really could be a dream come true. He walked over to Miss. Elizabeth Swann who seemed to be having trouble breathing. The maids tightened her corset more than ever this morning. She kept fanning herself while holding onto her diaphragm for support.

"May I have a moment?" James Norrington asked Elizabeth and she nodded, trying to keep her breathing steady. He led her to the platform that was on top of the cliff overlooking the Caribbean. She was still fanning herself desperately and clutching her diaphragm as he took the time to talk, "Uh, you look lovely, Elizabeth." She chuckled to herself halfheartedly… she didn't care! Here she was, on the verge of fainting, and he didn't seem to notice.

"I, uh, I apologize if I seem forward, but I, must speak my mind. This promotion throws into sharp relief that of which I have not yet achieved." He looked back at Elizabeth and she tried to look at him as well through her breathing, "A marriage to a fine woman. You have become a fine woman, Elizabeth."

Her eyes widened realizing what he was doing and when he turned around she mustered, "I can't breathe."

He chuckled nervously and admitted himself. "Yes, I am a bit nervous myself," she fainted over the platform and fell into the water which was many feet below, she just missed the rocks luckily, but since she was still passed out she might not survive the fall. It took Norrington at least a minute, maybe two, to realize that she wasn't there.

"Elizabeth?" He turned back around and saw that she was gone. He looked over the cliff and saw the waves that resulted from her fall. "Elizabeth!" He shouted while he quickly took off his coat ready to dive, but his Lieutenant, Gillette, stopped him immediately.

"The rocks! Sir, it's a miracle she's missed them!" Norrington looked over at Gillette and nodded putting back his coat while running out of Fort Charles to retrieve his future fiancé.

"And then they made me their chief." Jack just concluded his story he was telling the guards, this is going to be easier than I thought, he thought, but then he had heard a sudden slap in the water. Startled, the three of them looked at what had just taken place, seeing it was a woman who had dropped. Sparrow, not really wanting to save her nor in the mood, asked the Navy guards, "Will you be saving her then?"

Mullroy piped up, panicked, "I can't swim!" Jack rolled his eyes and looked over to Murtogg who also shook his head no. Jack let out a moan. He should be sailing away on this ship by now. This was just another one of his inconveniences.

Jack threw his effects at each man while getting ready to dive in for her, "Pride of the Kings' Navy you are." He muttered sarcastically and added, "Do not lose these." The two men looked at him confused as Jack went on top of the railing and dove after the woman who had just fallen off the fort.

They looked down from where he dove and then they felt a slight tremor coming from the water! They looked at each other even more confused and Murtogg muttered nervously, "What was that?" As he said that, a strong breeze suddenly rolled in and clouds rushed in over them. The two held onto their hats as they looked up to see the Navy colors flapping in the wind. A cold, deathly chill came over them and everyone else who had inhabited Port Royal. A fog was just starting to creep on what everyone had thought to be a nice, calm day.

Below in the water, Jack swam down to retrieve the woman who fell off the fort. She fell awfully deep, so deep, that Jack's ears had started to pop from the pressure. She was hopelessly floating her way down, she was still passed out, and when Jack gotten to her, he found that the dress she was wearing was far too heavy than he'd would've liked. He somehow managed bringing her back to the surface of the water, but soon he quickly dropped, taking in another short breath.

Under the water again, he tore off her dress from the middle to make her lighter than before and he brought her back to surface, letting the elegant dress drift to the bottom of the sea.

Murtogg was the first to react when they came up and then Mullroy soon followed by helping Jack bring her back on the ship. "She's not breathing!" Murtogg declared as they laid her down on the dock. Jack pushed them to the side.

"Move!" He took out a knife and he cut the ties on the corset ripping it off, he handed it off to Murtogg as Elizabeth squirmed like a fish out of water. She spat out water and gasped for air.

Mullroy muttered, "Wouldn't have thought of that." Jack rolled his eyes and looked over at the fatter man of the two.

"Clearly," he started in between breaths, "you haven't been to Singapore." He looked back at Elizabeth and his eyes widened when he saw a familiar medallion around her neck… not a medallion an aristocrat like her should have around her neck. He held it gently in his hand and his finger grazed the top of it. "Where did you get that?" He asked her.

Elizabeth just looked at him, unsure of the man who saved her life, and then she heard Norrington's voice ring out, demanding, as usual, "On your feet." He ordered while he pointed his sword at Jack's throat. Jack looked at it pointedly and hesitantly gotten up as Elizabeth was dragged to her feet as well. She was currently being wrapped by her father's coat. The Navy guard was surrounding them with their bayonets and muskets ready to shoot him.

"Elizabeth, Are you alright?" Her father asked with his face indicating all signs of worry, he just thought he had lost her daughter… for good.

Elizabeth noticed and she was suddenly reminded that the medallion she had on was out, she hid it quickly in the bodice of her now wet clothing. She answered while her father wrapped his arms around her protectively to warm her up, "Yes, yes, I'm fine."

The Governor stopped worrying for a while and nodded. Then he noticed that she was no longer wearing her corset anymore, nor the dress that he just bought her. He looked over to see Murtogg still holding it up. His eyes flared with anger when Murtogg panicked and pointed his finger toward the man who saved her life. "Shoot him!" He ordered the guards.

Elizabeth stopped him, "Father!" Then she looked over to the Norrington, "Commodore, do you really intend to kill my rescuer?"

Norrington hesitated for a moment and offered his hand for the man to shake while nodding to his officers to lower their weapons. "I believe a thanks is in order." Jack looked at his hand for a moment and then he reluctantly took it, James shook it for only a second, but he had to prove his suspicions of the man, he looked like a pirate, smelled like a pirate, but was he a pirate? James pulled up his sleeve before anyone could blink, he proved his suspicions right. A 'P' brand for pirate was there on his wrist. "Had a brush with the East India Trading Company, did we, pirate?"

"Hang him." Said Governor Swann who didn't seem to mind to intrude once again.

"Keep your guns on him men! Gillette, fetch some irons." He ordered and he moved the sleeve even higher, seeing the man's tattoo. It was a sparrow flying over the horizon. Jack Sparrow, he heard of this man and he was a notorious one. If he hung this man the world would be a better place to be rid of him, what a great honor to uphold to go along with his promotion. James dropped his arm roughly, "Well, well, Jack Sparrow, isn't it?"

Jack just had to correct him, he may have had lost his ship, but he still had a dignity to uphold of being Captain. "Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please."

Nicolette walked into the blacksmith's shop and looked around to see her father still passed out in the same chair, she couldn't control her eyes rolling yet again and moved away seeing the donkey tied up to the machinery used to make the cutlasses. She sat on the crate across from it and petted its head softly, it squealed loudly in response.

"Shh, don't wake up father. You know how much he enjoys his sleep." She calmed it down and soothed the donkey by rubbing its ear. She smiled, she always liked this one, and the other donkeys her father had used were more stubborn. She had named it Esmeralda... why? She had no idea, but it fit the donkey's personality somehow. She only gave names to the less stubborn jackasses her father used. "What do you think about Will? Do you think I have a shot with him?" The donkey stared at her like she was crazy, but she didn't blame it. She was now confiding with a donkey? What was next? A pirate?

Even to herself she seemed quite desperate. She asked her with some hope hinted in her eyes, "Blink once for yes and twice for no."

To her expectations, the donkey blinked twice quickly. "Great." She muttered under her breath and slouched on the crate next to Esmeralda, looking straight ahead. "I'd figured." She looked down at the cold ground. "I can't believe I just asked a donkey about my future… I must be becoming mad." She told herself.

She heard the door in the front open and startled, she turned around, hoping whoever it was didn't hear her. It would be so embarrassing if someone had heard her. Surprisingly, the person was a man, Nicolette wasn't sure if it was Jack… it looked like him through the dim lighting of her father's shop.

"Mr. Smith? Is that you?" She said recognizing him from the docks almost immediately. "What are you doing here?" She inquired standing up.

He looked at her strangely and answered, "Well, I can ask you the same question."

She raised an eyebrow and replied, "This is my father's shop. I have a right to be in here."

She looked down at his hands seeing that they were shackled in front of him. He saw her eyes widened and assured her, "Oh no, don't worry, love, I'm just here to get these off and then I'll be on my way."

She opened her mouth ready to protest, but he walked away from the door to her father, Mr. Jeremiah Brown, and started poking him to see if he'll wake up. "He's passed out." She said annoyed, as he was about to yell in his face. He mouthed 'thanks' and walked over to an anvil with a hammer by it. Jack without hesitation started using the hammer to break the link of the shackles, but yet, after several hits at it… he was still linked.

Amused by this poor man's attempts, Nicolette sat down on the crate she was on earlier and watched this unfold, trying not to laugh at the man's actions, he was annoyed she could see. Still trying to not laugh, she informed him, "You know, using a hammer does not help at all with breaking shackles, Mr. Smith."

"Yeah? And how would you know that?" He asked loudly to her in between hammering the links to break them. Nicolette smirked to him.

She started, "I don't." He raised an eyebrow, but didn't pick up his head. Jack wanted to get this off of him, even if he had to die doing it. He needed these shackles off. Nicolette continued, "I like to think of it as common sense. And since, you seem like a man who gets in trouble a lot, I thought you would know that already anyway."

Jack had quit trying and set the hammer down, "Shut it." He muttered. He tried to shake his hands to see if he at least made the link of it weaker. But to his dismay, it only stayed like that. Nicolette chuckled while crossing her arms, shaking her head knowingly. Jack looked around the forge cautiously and noticed the jackass by the woman he met earlier. His eyes seemed to brighten up when they furrowed toward the fire pit with the poker sticking out.

He thought to himself, well, that would be helpful. He walked over casually to it while Nicolette arched her eyebrow with her chuckling coming to a stop and her smirk already falling. Jack took the poker out, seeing the red, hot tip steaming before his eyes. Now, this would be really helpful, he thought again. He looked over at the jackass and then back at the poker's tip, contemplating the idea still.

Nicolette was not amused anymore, her eyes widened and she shouted, "No!" before Jack went to poke Esmeralda the donkey. Jack looked at her questionably. "If you need the donkey, then don't use that, I hate it when father or his apprentice use that thing. No reason for it." She stated simply and Jack backed away putting it back reluctantly.

He put his dirty hands together with a slight head bow to her, "My apologies, dearie. But," he picked up his head and pointed his finger up in the air as she looked at him with her eyebrow arched once again. He continued to her, "if you have any better ideas on how to get these off, then please, share." Nicolette glared at him and then turned to Esmeralda.

"If she likes you, then she'll do what you want her to." Nicolette told him while gently petting the donkey. "Not all of them are stubborn, you know?" She then pulled on its ear before pushing it to start moving and it did.

Jack looked up at the moving machinery above his head and then nodded to her, with his eyes locked on it, "Never would've thought of that. Love, do you always help fugitives in need? You talk almost from experience."

She laughed to him and stated to him sarcastically, "Oh, yes, not only is this a forge, but I can tell you right now there's at least ten others hiding in here behind barrels."

Jack smirked, not buying that at all. "I'm flattered that I'm the first then." He grabbed her hand gently with both of his and brought it to his lips. Before kissing it, he stated to her, "Very generous of you, darling." She cocked her eyebrow as she felt his chapped lips skim her hand. He breathed in quickly as he picked up his head to look at her with his eyes narrowed at her while his lips formed an innocent smirk and tint in his deep brown eyes, "What's your name again, love?"

She stated to him shortly, "Nicolette Brown."

"Ah, that's right, Nicolette." He went to kiss her hand again, but she slipped it out quickly and crossed her arms over her chest. Jack looked up at her curiously.

Nicolette smiled to him gently and uninterested, "I suggest that you get out of those before my father's apprentice comes back from his delivery. Don't you agree?"

He straightened up and flashed her a crooked smile, flashing his gold capped teeth before nodding. "Very much so." Jack bowed his head in thanks again and then Jack put his shackles in between the two wheels and after several seconds of them grinding together they suddenly broke! Jack smirked, his plan once again worked! But all his plans somehow worked in the end. To his dismay, however, as he moved his hands away he heard the door starting to open. His smirk quickly fell.

Nicolette's eyes once again widened and she muttered turning to look at him, "Hide." But he was already gone.

It was Will who walked in; he smiled seeing everything in place, even his old friend Nicolette or Nic, as he called her. He looked at her then he looked at Mr. Brown who was still asleep. "Right where I left you two." Nic turned back around to see Will smiling at her, it made her heart flutter and she smiled back innocently. He looked around the room and his smile dropped, confused. "Not where I left you." Nicolette looked to where he was looking at and her eyes widened seeing the hammer and Jack's hat.

Will walked toward it and asked her keeping his eyes locked on the hammer and the tricorne hat, "Nic, was there anyone here while I was gone?" He looked back at her and not trusting herself to speak he saw her just shake her head no. Strange, he had thought and he moved his hand towards it.

Nicolette's eyes widened when she saw Jack unsheathe his sword and lightly tapped Will's hand as a warning. She gasped as she saw Jack point his sword at Will. "You're the one they're hunting. The pirate."

"Pirate?" Nicolette muttered under her breath and she growled, "Well, he failed to mention that to me." Why didn't he mention it to her? She would've understood, actually, unlike most people in Port Royal she actually was quite fond of pirates. And was more intrigued by them than them, as in some pirates themselves, as well, she had the books to prove it.

He admitted, "Haven't mentioned a lot of things to you, love." She narrowed her eyes at him, not sure whether to be taken back because she seemed untrustworthy… or angry with him because he didn't have the slightest nerve to even tell her. He turned his attention back to the man with the long hair that was pulled into a ponytail. He looked familiar to Jack... very familiar. "You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before?" He asked.

Will's eyes became inflamed with fury and said through his teeth "I make a point to avoid familiarity with pirates."

"Ah, well, it would be a shame to put a black mark on your record. So, if you excuse me?" Jack turned around and was about to stalk towards the door when he had heard the boy get a sword of his own.

Nicolette gasped and scowled at him, "Will, he's a pirate!" Jack turned around to see a sword being pointed at him.

"Listen to the lass, boy, it's not wise to cross blades with a pirate."

Will said defiantly, "You threatened Miss. Swann and I'm assuming you have threatened Miss. Brown." He was surely going to pay for risking their lives. The pirate didn't know what he was going to be in for, Will practiced three hours a day, sometimes with Nicolette, too. This was the moment that he was waiting for, to kill a pirate if he ever encountered one.

Nicolette gawked at the scene being taken place, he threatened a life… he threatened the Governor's daughter? "You threatened Miss. Swann?" She asked him. But when he answered it, he wasn't focused on her; he was focused on the sword fight that was about to begin between him and Will.

He admitted to the both of them, "Only a little." With that Will lunged towards him and kept attacking while Jack just kept blocking them. He took turn of attacking, but he just ended up getting blocked with each blow. He was annoyed, but nevertheless impressed by this, intrigued would be the better word, he wanted to see the skills go on more.

After the parry, Jack stated, "You know what you're doing. I'll give you that. Excellent form." He now challenged further going into his stance, "But how's your footwork? If I step here."

He stepped to the left and Will stepped the opposite way and attacked, he blocked. "Very good. Now I step again." Jack stepped to the right and Will did too, but to the left, he attacked now and Jack blocked. Jack smiled amused, but sheathes his sword before it could go any further. "Ta." With that he walked towards the door and he shouted to Nicolette, "Thank you for helping me, Miss. Brown!"

Will shot Nic a glare that could kill and she sat back down in shame, she didn't feel the need to defend herself for helping the pirate. She tried chuckling and joked to ease his glare, but it didn't settle at all and she felt defeated. She looked down at the floor ashamed and then her head snapped up when she heard something locking the door shut. Nicolette looked to see that it was a sword.

Jack tried to pull it out with all his might. Shaking, pulling, maybe even a slight push to penetrate deeper and to take it out in a quick second. None of it worked to his benefit. "Good aim." Nicolette muttered looking over to Will; he didn't even bother to look back. He's angry… at that thought she looked back down.

"Well, that is a wonderful trick," He said, seemingly being very annoyed right now. This is such a waste of time, he thought, his eyes went back to the woman who was sitting back on the crate, well maybe I should impress while I beat the stupid, insignificant whelp. Jack mustered a smile, "except, once again you are between me and my way out." He unsheathed his sword and walked toward him. "And now you have no weapon."

Will let out a small smirk and quickly took out a sword with a heated tip from the fire pit, it was red, so when he stabs the damn pirate it'd hurt him even more… he deserved it for threatening two lives in one day… two lives that he cared about. Jack looked nervously down at it and gulped before he blocked each attack Will challenged him with. He hid behind the machinery and still blocked each attack Will gave him while looking amazed at all the swords. "Who makes all these?"

"Miss. Brown and I do!" At the mention of her name her head shot up. Will lunged toward the pirate as he threw several swords at him, "And I practice with her." How in the bloody hell did she get involved into this? She wasn't paying attention. He dodged another sword and out of breath he added, "Three hours a day."

"You need to find yourself a girl, mate." Jack let out running away as Will chased after him. He has… but he needs to look harder… maybe behind him, Nic had thought and watched the two clash swords. She heard Jack again, "Or perhaps the reason you practice with them three hours a day is because you already found one and are incapable of wooing said strumpet." Strumpet? Even if she and I were considered one, he's trying to woo the wrong strumpet. She thought again, keeping her eyes on the two, she felt the tension in the room suddenly rise up. Jack looked Will up and down and asked him quickly, "You're not a eunuch, are you?"

Nicolette couldn't help, but softly giggle at the statement, she was twenty and yet words like that actually sent her into a laughing uproar. Will sent her a glare, suddenly embarrassed with his cheeks flushed now that she was laughing at him. He looked back at Jack and spat at him in anger, "I practice three hours a day so when I meet a pirate, I can kill it!" Now the giggling stopped and her eyes widened as she saw Will go into a rage toward the pirate, but only this time he kept striking him without any sort of mercy. When they reached the cart, Will used a knife to hook one of the links to send one of his hands to a wooden rafter.

Jack struggled trying to hit him when he was not balanced on the ground. He groaned as he tried to get the knife out by using all of his body weight. When he finally got it out, he flipped back onto the cart and Will was nowhere to be seen. When he looked up he saw Will on top of the rafters, smiling and he smiled back showing off his gold teeth, but it dropped when Will brought down a weight to send him flying up as well. They jumped back and forth between rafters, watching each others move.

Astonished, Nic hurried over to watch, she was very intrigued by this. Jack wasn't careful; he jumped onto a rafter and saw Will was on the same one. Will smirked as he lunged forward and found he was receiving more of the attacks than he was giving since he was running out of wood, but he had found an opportunity for Jack to lose his weapon. He clashed his sword hard with Jack's and it went flying out of his hands. Nicolette saw it and followed it; she caught it easily, clutching it in her hand by the handle. She wanted to use it, only if she needed to of course. She wasn't one who would make the first move of attack.

She watched the two as they jumped down; Jack threw a bag of sand on Will to blind him for a moment and threw it toward Nicolette, who had caught that, too. He quickly took out his flintlock pistol while Will tried shielding his eyes. Will's eyes widened in shock as the pirate held a pistol pointed at him. "You cheated." Will muttered in shock.

"He's a pirate, Will! Use that head of yours." Nicolette shouted annoyed without even realizing it. Will once again sent a glare at her. She knew that he was mad at her, very mad. She figured that she really needed to stop talking for now or she might get herself in more trouble with him. Now he was probably even more frustrated with her. Both her and Jack's head looked at the door abruptly, hearing the Navy trying to break it down.

"She's right." He agreed before turning back to Will. "Move away!" He ordered and Will shook his head no, Jack tried to move past him anyway, but Will still stood in front of him.

Nicolette ran over to her father, dropping Jack's things on the ground, she kept on poking him to get him to wake up, "Father, wake up, you hopeless drunk, wake up!" She said in hushed tone, when she didn't succeed she rolled her eyes and saw the empty glass bottle of rum rolling onto the ground. She sighed as she took it and slowly raised it up as Jack cocked his gun, ready to shoot.

He groaned, "This shot is not meant for you." Will furrowed his eyebrows confused at what he meant and Nic suddenly broke the glass over the man's head sending him to the floor, knocked out cold.

"I wanted the pleasure in doing that." She said seeing his shocked expression as he stared down at Jack. Mr. Jeremiah Brown was walking up behind her and then they both turned around to see the Navy bursting in through the doors with their bayonets raised ready to fight the threat. Commodore Norrington led the pack and he smiled successfully when he saw Jack lying face down on the ground. The broken glass bottle fell out of Nicolette's hand and James Norrington looked over to Mr. Brown, assuming that he had assisted in the capture, not the other two in his presence.

Norrington congratulated Mr. Brown, who didn't do anything at all, "Excellent work, Mr. Brown. You've assisted in the capture of a dangerous fugitive."

Mr. Brown gladly took the praise that was bestowed on him, but he knew that it didn't belong to him at all, "Just doing my civic duty, sir." He slurred, Nic scrunched her nose smelling the foul breath coming from him, she was now utterly repulsed that this man was her father… what in the bloody hell did her mother see in this drunk? She was embarrassed to be his daughter and would always wonder why she had come to be his daughter of all people.

"Well," Norrington started breaking Miss. Brown's thoughts about the situation, her father strangely had good luck, he was praised with a lot of things he didn't do. Norrington looked down at Jack, "I trust that you will always remember that today was the day when Jack Sparrow almost escaped." He gestured towards his men and ordered, "Take him away."

"The ratter broke my bottle." Brown muttered as the three watched the Navy take him away and Mr. Brown said to his daughter before he left, "Watch the shop while I'm gone." He had to celebrate of course at the tavern! He needed rum to think of a well thought out story to tell to other people, people are bound to hear about his seemingly heroic activities. He left his shop, leaving the two alone to contemplate their thoughts about what just happened. The tension suddenly jolted up when Will looked at her, his eyes filled with hate.

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