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Chapter Twenty One: Bring Me That Horizon

The waves rolled on top of each other as Nic gazed out onto it. She sighed, letting her hand gently graze the stone arch that overlooked the cliff. The plan was set. The hanging was supposed to begin momentarily while the people filed in to see the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow be hanged until dead. It churned her stomach to see people who actually were anticipating a death. It was truly sickening. Nicolette was wearing black breeches with a white blouse underneath a black vest. She wore the necklace Jack had given her proudly on her neck. A sword was holstered to her belt and dangled on her hip, it was strangely comfortable there, she felt protected and secure. The sword had a hilt that was black with silver lacing around it, it matched the blade.

Will sharpened it last night for her, but Nicolette made it a long time ago and never used it before. It didn't even have a tassel, which was always a plus.

Her brown hair was set in a braid that rested on her shoulder. Behind her Nicolette heard the people coming in still, she even felt Jack's presence walking into the fort. Strange.

James was with Elizabeth and Governor Swann who were being ushered to the middle of the archway. Elizabeth felt a pang of guilt, shame, and above all hurt. This man didn't deserve this. And deep down she somehow had the feeling that James and her father felt the same way about this hanging, especially James. A few days ago, this hanging was such a great achievement in his career, a notorious pirate behind bars and set to hang, and not even a month into his promotion this happened. When he put some thought into it though, he realized that this was wrong, terribly and undoubtedly wrong. The man saved his fiance, and he was going to be hanged. He couldn't do anything about it.

As they walked to face the gallows that Sparrow was supposed to stand on, James forced himself to look back. He saw a woman in breeches and a blouse with a black vest. It was interesting, he knew it to be Nicolette right away. She didn't leave? The day before, James took off from his office after finishing some of the important work that he had to do and walked through town. Port Royal, for once, was exposed for what it was truly, not what he tried to present it as. He went into 'new' parts, foreign some almost seemed. In the midst, he heard rumors of her disappearance. Apparently Mr. Brown, the blacksmith, had been doing some gossip about his daughter leaving with her brother. He had found out that Port Royal was a very small isle indeed.

Word got around fast and Port Royal was just filled with gossipers, if gossip was such a crime like piracy almost everyone there, particularly the ones that were filing right then, would be hanged by the neck until death and have themselves 'a short drop and a sudden stop.'

"Commodore?" Governor Swann looked at him with his eyebrow arched, James snapped out of his thoughts and looked toward him. Swann was trying to follow his gaze, but since he had turned the moment the title escaped his lips he couldn't, all that was in the direction though, was a woman. He didn't know who or why, but all he knew was that it was a woman he was looking at... most likely. "Commodore, are you troubled?" Swann asked.

Norrington in response looked behind him once more to see Nicolette heave a rather large sigh. "Excuse me, for a moment." Before Swann could actually protest his actions, James walked away from Elizabeth's side, although she didn't seem to care at all. He took several steps to get a closer look to see if that was truly Nicolette standing by the arch that overlooked the Caribbean. To his assumption, it was. He could tell from how her figure silhouetted in front of him like that night on the Dauntless, the only time they actually had a real conversation.

James swallowed and stated to her to get her attention, "Interesting how word gets around Port Royal, Miss. Brown." Nicolette rolled her eyes hearing Commodore Norrington's voice behind her. What did he want? "Because," he clasped his hands behind his back, "I thought I had heard that you left yesterday to London."

She smirked, not looking back at him. She stated, "You heard correctly. Port Royal is a small town, I'm not surprised that that rumor was spread around quickly. Such local propaganda."

"Indeed." James stated chuckling to himself. Nicolette's smirk drop and she didn't bother to look at him at all. She made her face harden like stone and James felt an icy chill around them. He stopped chuckling and cleared his throat, "So is there a reason that you had stayed behind?" She didn't answer, it was silent between them and all the two could hear was the whistling breeze that was around them. He deserved the silence. Norrington knew that he had treated her wrongly over the past weeks.

James remained quiet, waiting for an answer instead of trying to get it out of her. Nicolette wanted him gone. Why did he even bother talking to her? There was no point in conversing, he made it very clear on the Dauntless that they shouldn't have any contact whatsoever. She asked suddenly, "Why would you even care for the reason?" Nic's voice was icy, harsh. She turned to face him now leaning her back against the arch. James looked down feeling a hard glare starting to form, he deserved that harsh tone, too. He would rather be given the cold shoulder than that tone.

"I deserved that." He admitted to her looking back up at her and not daring to answer her recent question. He moved to stand next to her as she looked at him in disbelief almost. James looked onto the crystal clear water and stated almost as a way of apologizing, "I've treated you unfairly while we were making way for Port Royal for no apparent reason after you had shown me an act of kindness. You didn't deserve that, so it seems."

Nicolette couldn't help but gape at him, she was trying to grasp the words that were coming out of his mouth, was this an apology? What would Commodore Norrington had done to come to this solution? It was shocking, deceiving, and without a doubt uncharacteristic. He seemed too proud to even give Nicolette the time of day, never mind apologizing. This was mind boggling in a sense that she didn't know. This didn't make any sense.

She tried to muster up words, "The Commodore actually is apologizing to me? A peasant below his Naval status?" She didn't mean for her tone to sound so mockingly, but it came out that way. She admitted with nothing but the truth, "I am surprised and yet flattered by this grace of kindness you're shedding on me."

James chuckled to himself and Nicolette noticed the mask he wore to be Commodore Norrington was starting to amount to nothing as he flashed a friendly smile. He only revealed it once, it was strange to see it again. But she experienced a lot of strange things the past couple of weeks so this didn't phase her at all. "Think of it as, James apologizing to a friend he had treated wrongly over the past week."

Nicolette laughed halfheartedly and arched her brow. Curiously, she inquired, "Now, I'm a friend of yours. What made you come to that conclusion?" She stated hinting her confusion on how to grasp this still. "On the Dauntless, I could've sworn that I heard you say that you and I were acquaintances and then you said that it wasn't my place. You're a very complicated man, Commodore... should I call you James or Commodore Norrington? I'm confused."

"Call me however it is you wish to call me."

Nicolette nodded and looked down for a moment, she turned to look through the arch and noticed Jack was stepping onto the gallows ready to face his supposed fate. Nicolette looked back at Norrington and pursed her lips. How was she going to say this? Easily... "Frankly," she stated as a matter of fact. "you made it clear that you don't want anything to do with me. You ignored me, avoided, and won't even calm my nerves for a second if I knew something was wrong."

James nodded and admitted, "I know."

She retorted, "I know that you know." She looked him up and down and shook her head in disbelief, "But that doesn't change anything. After today," Nicolette looked back at the gallows to see Jack with his head hanging in shame, almost. Will's obnoxious hat was bobbing in the middle of the crowd. Nicolette was supposed to be next to him. She had to go. Looking back at James, she sighed, "you might only want to call me Miss. Brown. Not Nicolette. But before that happens," she bit her lip, should she say it? For the sake of Will? Elizabeth? "Nicolette has something she wants to apologize for to James."

"For suddenly using third person?" James asked jokingly, but he knew that she was serious. She cracked a smile and giggled to herself. At least at this time of seriousness and concern she was able to smile and laugh.

She dropped it quickly and wasn't sure whether or not this was the right thing to do. She just looked up at him and said, "I lied to you, James." James arched his eyebrow and looked at her taken back. What was that supposed to mean? She lied to him? James tried to think back, but it seemed that a mental blockade didn't let him go see it, experience the time once more. He continued to look at her confused, searching her hazel eyes for the answer.

Nicolette gulped feeling that she was under suspicion from him. He only mustered up, "You lied to me?" It was odd that those were the words that came out of his mouth. He inquired, "About what?"

She looked back at the many people looking at Sparrow's last stand. She sighed, she couldn't go through with this. Nicolette only stated, "I'm just going to say this, if you love someone, do whatever it takes to make them happy." She didn't look back and leaned away from the stone arch. Nicolette turned on her heel and walked forward leaving Norrington by the arch confused. What was that supposed to mean? She didn't even look behind her shoulder as she looked in between the arch.

As the snares had started to sound in a pattern that Nicolette didn't know what the melody could mean, James snapped out of his shocked, confused stance and followed her in the middle arch that he, Elizabeth, and Swann were ushered to earlier. Nicolette past through and both the Governor and Elizabeth looked at her questionably as she continued through the crowd of people that were watching Jack. James took his place next to Elizabeth who looked at him questionably as well seeing the confused expression he couldn't even hide from her.

Nicolette followed the bob of a rather obnoxious feathered hat and tapped the man lightly on the shoulder after she had pushed through the annoying residents of the damn island. The man twirled around with his feather flaring, he smiled, "Well, look who finally decided to show up." Nicolette only looked him up and down, annoyed. She hated that hat. What possessed him to buy it, she had no idea.

"I was here." She smirked and stated honestly, "I just didn't want to embarrass myself standing next to you while you wear that hat of yours." Will chuckled and nudged her shoulder. Nicolette staggered, trying not to chuckle too loud. She settled down with a small mischievous smile, a mischievous smile, that Will was almost excited to see. "Ready for our last act?" She inquired, looking at him with tears welling up in her eyes. Last act, it seemed almost acceptable to call it that, but it seemed so sad to say it out loud.

Will smiled solemnly stating, "Never our last act, Nic. Think of it as a new beginning. But I'm ready as ever."

New beginning? She liked the ring of that a lot better. She kept the same smile and laughed silently to herself, "Okay," she muttered to him, correcting herself, "I actually like that context a lot better. 'A new beginning' puts things into different perspectives." Over them, the officer had started the speech that was read to those bound to be hanged. Nicolette looked behind her and saw Elizabeth looking at Jack in disbelief. She didn't seem to not want this as much as the two of them. Nicolette looked back at Will, who was looking down nervously. "Now might be your only chance."

Will looked at Nicolette in disbelief, "What do you mean by that?" He inquired and Nicolette only smiled and nodded toward the stone arch that Elizabeth was standing in the middle of. Will followed her nod and his heart dropped, Elizabeth looked stunning in that dress she wore. Will had to tell her, he knew. There was no point in being mad at her. He had to have his own new beginning... with the one person he had loved all his life. He didn't have the courage though. He looked back at her and stated, "Nic, I—."

She interrupted him, "Will," she chuckled lightly, "you already ruined one of your opportune moments. After this, what we're going to do, there might be a chance that you won't be involved with her ever again." His face dropped from her sudden truth. Nicolette continued, "You've done some stupid things in your lifetime, more stupid things than I, myself, have done. What have you got to lose?"

"To be honest," he started to reply, "not really anything."

Nicolette smirked, "Exactly, nothing at all." With her arm swung over his shoulder, she turned him around to face him that way, more of a way to encourage him. "So, now, you only have little time. Do it quickly, before your mind changes and you start doubting yourself, okay? If it's needed, I will do my best to distract." Will looked back with his eyebrow arched and she rolled her eyes before he could protest to her. Nicolette pushed him away from her gently, but hard enough for him to have a great amount of distance to not turn around. Nicolette smiled to herself feeling accomplished.

She turned on her heel and pushed through the crowd, Jack's crimes were heard over her. He hung his head in shame letting his thoughts overwhelm him. "For your willful commission of crimes against the crown. Said crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature, the most egregious of these to be cited herewith, piracy, smuggling,"

Jack wasn't ready to leave the world like he had thought he was. There were so many more things that should've been accomplished. More of which, included Nicky. His Nicky. Even if there were a way to rescue him, she wouldn't be able to know. Nicolette was long gone. Long gone to London, no less. That was a far reach for him, he couldn't go there! There were so many warrants for his arrest, if he stepped in London, who knows what would happen, he would probably be dead at that moment. That wouldn't be so good.

Why in the bloody hell was he going over this? He was going to be dead by the looks of it in a few minutes!

The official who was reading out the proclamation of his death brought him back to reality. These crimes were such good memories, "impersonating an officer of the Spanish Royal Navy, impersonating a cleric of the Church of England," Jack smirked and chuckled to himself.

Nicolette rolled her eyes and muttered jokingly, "Oh Jack, what are we going to do with you?" It was like her muttering was louder than any other noise that was around him. Jack's head snapped up and he kept his smirk, seeing Nicolette standing in front of him with her hands on her hips and a smirk developing to match hers.

"Nicky?" He was unsure whether this was a hallucination or some kind of sick and twisted dream. After thinking about her, here she was. She nodded slowly, confirming that she was there and also using that as a sign of hello. His smirk only grew. "Great to see you, darling."

She looked down showing a small smile and a blush. Amazing, Jack thought, I can manage to make her blush standing atop on the gallows with my neck inches away from the noose. The official continued to list the long list of crimes that Jack had done and Nicolette looked behind her shoulder once her blush finally settled. Over the crowd she had seen Will's hat bobbing in front of Elizabeth. Judging by her shocked, gaping expression and the Governor and the Commodore looking between her and Will with their jaws almost hanging, Nicolette assumed that Will did as he was told. His hat once again started to bob and the feather waved as he pushed his way through the crowd.

The official stated after the long list of his crimes as Will pushed through many people, "And for these crimes you have been sentenced to be, on this day, hung by the neck until dead. May God have mercy on your soul." Around the crowd, people squealed as Will pushed them off, 'Oi, watch your step!' 'What's in your mind, mate?', and some screams were heard as the drums quickened.

Will shouted as he unsheathed his sword, "Move!" Nicolette smirked and kept her hand ready on her own.

Norrington looked from Elizabeth to the Governor, hearing the shout of 'Move!' and people's screams coming from the crowd, he knew what was about to partake. He took a step forward using a hand to keep Elizabeth and her father back.

Elizabeth recovered from her shocked expression and looked around the crowd. Her eyes widened when she saw a familiar bird being shacked off on a post. That bird. That parrot. Cotton? It was definitely Cotton's parrot and by the way it looked, Will and Nic were helping Jack escape! Now, she felt that she had to have a part in this plan. Norrington muttered under his breath, "Marines."

Elizabeth looked between her father and James, she had to think quickly. "I can't breathe." She pretended to faint onto the platform they were on. She made falling down backward seem graceful.

"Elizabeth." Swann said breathlessly bending over to help her along with the Commodore, who seemed to forget what he had ordered under his breath earlier.

With pristine precision, Will took the sword in his hand and as the drums quickened and the noose was set around Jack's neck, Will timed it to the point. The executioner went to pull the lever and the sword Will had in his hand was thrown as Jack was about to experience the drop. The sword locked itself in the trap door and was there for Jack to balance on. Nicolette nodded her head, almost as a recognition. Elizabeth's head jolted up along with her father's and James'. James looked at his Naval officers and gestured for them to do something, but even himself was too shocked in Turner's actions to even move or speak. Not only it was by Turner's doing, it was also by Nicolette's doing. He quickly followed to stop all this.

"After today, you might only want to call me Miss. Brown. Not Nicolette." Her voice sounded through his mind. That statement hinted for what was to come. He should've picked up on it right away.

Will rushed into attack mode and Nicolette, which surprised most people who attended, unsheathed her sword. The two ran up onto the gallows, Will lurched toward the executioner who was fighting him off with an ax. Nicolette pushed the official that was reading the death proclamation earlier. Jack had not a clue what was going on, but when he glanced around he saw Nicky and Will fighting for him. Nic was helping Will fight off the man with the ax, even two against one he seemed dangerous with it.

Nicolette had enough, she slashed the noose that was holding Jack by his neck and twirled back around to push the man with his ax away from Will. Will looked at her with his eyebrow arched, and she rolled her eyes nodding away from her. "Go help him. I got this." She stated and with the determination in her eye, Will couldn't help but nod. He flipped off and Jack cut his rope that bounded his hands with the sword that he balanced on earlier. Nicolette faced the man who she pushed and as he staggered she kicked him right on the chest sending him off the gallows and onto the Commodore who was coming to stop this.

She tried not to chuckle watching him fall under the large executioner and on top of his marines.

But much to her dismay, two Navy men pointed their swords at the crook of her neck. Nicolette gulped and stated, "That's not nice at all." The two men looked at her and then each other confused. She thought quickly, she had to get out of that current position somehow. She looked at one of the tips of their swords and looked down to see his foot an inch away from hers. "Sorry, mate." She stated. They only looked at her confused still and she sighed annoyed sensing their confused eyes burning a hole in her head. She did it fast. She stomped on the closest man's foot and his blade was away from her neck. The other man looked at him like he had saw a ghost.

Nicolette turned around and knocked the other man's sword out of his hand, he didn't have a tight grip on it. The man that she had stomped was nursing his foot. Nicolette rolled her eyes again. "Idiots." She muttered and ran to the side jumping off. She saw a glimpse of Jack and Will running with a rope in their hands and she ran toward them. Nicolette heard pounding feet chasing her and she turned around with her sword ready to swing while running backwards. The men were much larger than she was, she would lose within seconds if she decided to fight them. They looked like bloody morons though, it would be fun. Nicolette decided against it.

She turned back around and ran under the arch, the sweet spray of the sea salt air was just inches away from hitting her face. Nicolette was starting to long back to it. Jack looked around the frenzy of Navy officers and the running around of Port Royal locals. Where did she happen to go? Someone grabbed his hand quickly dragging him to the end of the fort. He looked over to see who was this daft person and smiled lightly, "Nicky!" He exclaimed and she rolled her eyes. He missed her rolling her eyes.

Nicky grasped Jack's hand in hers, keeping up to Will's speed. The three met up at the other side, but before they could get up any further they found themselves surrounded by officers. Nicolette kept her sword out almost using it to threaten the many Naval men, but her blade only skimmed each each one of their bayonets. Jack was in the middle staring pointedly at a man's weapon. Will, like Nic, had his sword up as if he was using it as a threat to those who decide to take action.

"We're so intimidating." She stated sarcastically to Will who was leaning against her back. At that moment, the military men that were in front of her stepped aside to let Norrington make his way through. He, as well, had his sword pointed straight at Nicolette, who was only looking back at him with a mischievous smirk developing. James didn't know where to begin to describe his hatred for her and Turner at the moment. He was still recovering from the shock that he had just experienced. Will moved Jack behind him and stood next to Nicolette who was proudly holding her sword toward James.

Will had his down, though you can see how serious he was about his actions. Elizabeth and Swann made their way next to him. The Governor looked at the two hatefully. How dare they do this? Especially after he had given them clemency! He must look like a fool to everyone who had resided in Port Royal. Everyone!

Norrington spoke up to Will and Nicolette, "I thought we might have to endure some manner of ill-conceived escape attempt." He shot a glare at Nicolette who was still smirking at him. She hinted this. He just still couldn't believe that he didn't pick up on it sooner. Will and Jack exchanged glances between the two. James stated in disbelief, talking to Will as well, but he didn't take an eye off of Miss. Brown, "But not from you two."

Governor Swann stepped forward outraged, "On our return to Port Royal, I granted you two clemency." He looked between the two young people that were below his status. Swann was usually patient, but in his voice you could tell that he was angry at the two of them. However, he was more surprised with Turner rather than Miss. Brown, he always had found her, even behind her reserved mask, to be a troublemaker and improper. He continued, "And this is how you thank me? By throwing your lot with him? He's a pirate!"

"And a good man!" Nicolette added with her smirk dropping, putting down her sword and sheathing it in its place on her belt. James and Swann looked over at her with their eyebrows arched. Nicolette stated, "If all we earned here, Mr. Turner and I, is that the hangman would have earned three pairs of boots instead of one, so be it."

Will added on, agreeing with her, "At least our consciences will be cleared."

James took a step forward and his sword was now at the crook of Nicolette's neck, but it was also a threatening step toward Will as well. The blade could go either way. Will, moved her back with his hand and stepped in between them. The tip of the sword that he had made for James was now at his neck. Jack looked over at her and took her hand in his. She looked up into his deep brown eyes and the spell that was once cast between them was charmed again. She smiled lightly, if she were to die on the noose next to him, it would be worth it.

"You two had forgotten your place." James stated, looking at both Nicolette and Will. They just stared back at him coolly and Nicolette enjoyed every minute of his shocked expression, her smirk made its way back and Will sort of developed his own. His for different reasons.

His tone was defiant and sure, he hadn't been more sure about anything ever in his life. Never had he thought that he would be defending a pirate, but he had never thought that he would see Nicolette falling in love with a pirate, or that he would be fighting men of the undead, or... his father was a pirate. He had done many things in the past month that he had thought he would never do. "It's right here. Between you and them."

Jack looked between the three people and as he was about to say something feeling that he was quiet for far too long, But Elizabeth stopped him, doing something completely unexpected. She stepped forward away from her father and James and took Will's arm in hers. Will looked at her with his eyebrow arched, but although he was confused, he was happy about this. "As is mine." She stated with courage as a way to signal to James the truth about their engagement. Even though, he had known it all along.

"Elizabeth?" Swann looked at his daughter in disbelief, but somehow he had known that she would take Will's side. He looked at Norrington's men and ordered, "Lower your weapons." They seemed hesitant and at first did do so. He repeated the order, "For goodness sake, put them down!"

The weapons lowered reluctantly and a sharp relief hit both Jack and Nicolette, thank God for Elizabeth's aristocratic, noble status. They would've been dead or even hanged if she hadn't gained any courage. James never took his eyes off his former fiance... Nicolette hinted this, too. His sword lowered forcibly and his pained expression took form.

Nicolette looked down feeling a pang of guilt form in her gut. If she didn't lie before, that pain would probably seem less. James managed to say words that he almost thought that he couldn't speak after while his heart was slowly crumbling, "So," he gulped silently, "this is where, your heart truly lies?"

Elizabeth nodded, almost feeling the same guilt that Nicolette was feeling, but for different reasons. "It is." She confirmed.

Nicolette looked around and noticed Cotton's parrot perched onto the stone arch that held the bell of Port Royal. She nudged Jack's elbow with hers and he looked over at her, "What, love?"

"Look over there." Jack followed her gaze and smiled seeing the parrot that was perched, he knew that parrot. That could only mean one thing. He smiled lightly and moved away from her pushing Will and Elizabeth aside. His voice was annoyingly absent for too long for his liking and it was time to make his exit.

"Well!" he exclaimed walking in front of the couple, "I'm feeling rather good about this." He looked at all of the men that surrounded them. He sauntered over to the Governor first, saying his goodbye, "I think we've all arrived at a very special place, eh?" He leaned closer to Swann and he tried backing away from him. "Spiritually?" The Governor seemed to disagree, so Jack tried again, "Ecumenically?" Swann was surprised that a drunken pirate like him actually knew a word like that and of its meaning. But he seemed to disagree once again. Sparrow tried again and leaned closer, "Grammatically?" The pirate's breath hit the Governor's face and he made it clear that he was revolting in nature.

Jack decided to have a go with Norrington instead. He wagged his finger at him and stated, "I want you to know that I was rooting for you, mate. Know that." He backed away slowly as Nicky only rolled her eyes at him from behind, but he sensed them rolling. "Don't roll your eyes, Nicky, you know it's true." He knew her too well in such a short amount of time. She chuckled to herself and shook her head in disbelief that he had sensed it.

Jack turned around finding an opening to the edge of the cliff, he walked past the couple that had helped him and saw Elizabeth holding Will's arm with hers. He looked at her for a moment and stopped in his place, "Elizabeth?" She looked over at him transferring her attention. Jack admitted, looking down mockingly, "It would've never worked out between us, darling." Will, Elizabeth, and even Nicolette arched a brow toward him, confused. He looked back up and added apologetically, "So sorry."

He went to walk off again, but when he took at least two steps away he stopped to turn at Will who was waiting for his goodbye. Now, he could not just not say goodbye to William, dear William, whom without him this could never have happened and he would've been dead a lot sooner without touching or retrieving the Black Pearl and killing the wretch that made this happen in the first place. "And Will..." What could he say to the bloody eunuch? He trailed off, not sure on how... or what to say or do. Jack looked at his hat, it was nice, decent. "nice hat." Nicolette looked at him confused, really? It was the most atrocious, obnoxious hat she had ever seen.

Will chuckled silently to himself and looked down at the ground as Jack ran to the stone arch, "Friends!" Jack shouted as he turned to face the confused looks on the many people that had just endured a goodbye from him. Except one. She crossed her arms over her chest and pursed her lips annoyed. He had forgotten her.

Jack went to go say his goodbye to all, but a familiar, feminine voice stopped him. His eyes were transfixed into the hazel abyss he had found himself lost in before. "Sparrow," Nicolette took several steps forward with her arms still crossed over her chest. She inquired with a hopeful smirk, "are you forgetting something?"

Jack smirked at her and walked away from his chance of escape to her. "That depends, in a matter of speaking, if this said thing is either a person thing or a thing that is not alive and breathing"

Nicolette contemplated for a moment and rubbed her chin lightly acting as though she needed to think hard about it, "I'd say," she started with a smirk beginning to form, "a person thing or if you consider myself not lively at all, then it would be the second one, but I believe it to be the first one, mind you."

Jack's smirk turned into a mischievous smile, "Then I might have to agree with you, Miss. Brown. You do fit the description of a person, living, breathing. But I don't think that you could keep up with me like you like to believe you can." Nicolette arched her brow and took a step toward him with the same smirk, they were inches away from touching. They looked into each others eyes and ignored the looks they were receiving. The looks really didn't matter to them and they could really care less.

She stated leaning toward his lips while he closed his eyes waiting for what he wanted, but instead he heard a soft giggle as he was leaning forward and a teasing but yet seductive voice, "The real question here, Mr. Sparrow,"

"Captain, love." Jack corrected, opening his eyes to see Nicolette looking up at his tauntingly.

"Captain Sparrow," she started again, "is that," she closed her eyes leaning toward his lips again. She was such a tease to him. He wasn't going to fall for it. She continued, "can you keep—?"

Jack interrupted her and pressed his lips against hers passionately. She wasn't prepared for it and she forced herself to kiss back the exact same way and put her arms around his neck. When she wanted to continue, Jack broke the kiss and Nicolette leaned forward longing for more. She stated trying to regain some stamina and breath, "Well, then, I guess you can."

Jack smirked mischievously and took the arms of hers over his head. He looked about at all the confused faces that were toward the actions and stated to Nicolette not directly in her eye. "I think now, we should make our exit, love." Nicolette took her arms out of his grasp and looked around. She nodded agreeing with him. He took her hand and dragged her to the platform that looked over the cliff. Norrington's men followed them, but kept their distance. James stood in front of his men who were awaiting his orders, how little they knew that he wasn't going to give any at all.

Jack restarted his farewell, "Friends!"

Nicky intruded and looked over at him, "Jack, I don't think that they are friends of yours."

He rolled his eyes and let go of her hand. Jack looked over at her annoyed and stated calmly to her, but warningly, "Shut it." She looked back at him challengingly and smirked at him. Nicky was not phased. He looked back at the crowd and continued after the interruption of Nicolette's voice, "This is the day that you will always remember," he was walking backwards as the words escaped his mouth, "as the day that you will almost—." Nicolette tried not to look at him as he fell off the battlement. Norrington's men, including him, Elizabeth, Will, and Governor Swann ran over to look down at the idiot who fell off. A series of waves resulted from it. Nicolette rolled her eyes seeing that he had come up safe and sound, idiot, she thought.

"Idiot." Gillette seemed to have the same thoughts that Nicolette was having. He stated, "He has no where to go but back to the noose."

Nicolette smirked looking to her left to see a majestic ship that was painted black along with black sails. "I wouldn't say that so soon." She stated under her breath. James looked to the ship and gaped at it. They actually came back for him. He couldn't believe it.

Gillette ignored her and stated to his superior, "What's your plan of action? Sir?" James looked down speechless. He actually couldn't think of one at the moment. Nicolette smiled at him sweetly, the same welcoming smile she always exchanged to him.

Governor Swann stepped in and suggested to him, "Perhaps on the rare occasion pursuing the right course demands an act of piracy, piracy itself can be the right course?" At the sound of that, relief had hit the Commodore and he smiled to himself at the suggestion. Nicolette liked the sound of that.

Nicolette kept her smile and when James had picked his head up, she looked at both Will and Elizabeth then back at him. She watched him walk away from the battlements and she called, "James?" He turned around and looked at Nicolette with the same small smile that was only to himself, it was rare that smile, and most of his men had never seen it before. "Remember what I said earlier?" She inquired and James nodded to her. She asked him after, "Do I expect you to follow through with it?"

James confirmed, "It would be my extreme honor to do such a thing, Nicolette." She smirked at him, Nicolette had a feeling that this was one of the many encounters that they might have. The others might not be so friendly and that was probably the last time she would hear her first name ever come from him.

She looked over at the couple who were tenderly holding hands with each other. Nic hated ruining their moment, but she felt like she had to say goodbye. "Will, Elizabeth?" The two interrupted their gaze with each other and looked over at Nicolette. She smiled sweetly at the two and stated, "Best of luck you two." She nodded toward the Governor who nodded back as a goodbye.

With that, she looked down at the cliff seeing Jack impatiently waiting for her at the bottom. She smirked and dove down off the cliff and let the rush of the air hit her face roughly. It seemed almost forever until she hit the refreshing Caribbean water, but once she did, she made sure that she had taken a breath before she had hit the crystal clear water. The water was a cold rush on her body. Nicolette dove deep into the water and swam up next to Jack who had to swim to where she was.

Once Nicolette had broken surface, she looked over at Jack flipping her loose hair out of her face. Nicolette smiled, "I would never do that again."

Jack smirked and stated to her, "But you say that now. Should I quote you on that or..."

She chuckled and stated, "No, you shouldn't."

"That's my girl." Jack laughed and they looked forward at the ship that was dropping anchor toward shore, Jack stared at it amazed. He didn't think that Gibbs and the crew would actually come for him, it wasn't in Gibbs' nature, he was a stickler toward rules. Toward the code. Gibbs breaking it, could only mean one thing... the world was truly going mad. They swam toward the black ship that was now all repaired and ready for Jack to claim what was his.

Gibbs leaned over the railing and smiled to himself seeing the two swimming over. The night before, Nicolette asked of him if it be okay if she came along, she had nothing left. Her father didn't want anything to do with her, and her brother, well she barely even mentioned him, in fact, she didn't bother telling him about him. Gibbs figured that if they already had one woman on board the ship, two wouldn't be as bad... or he wanted to figure that.

But he couldn't say no to her at all, she was without a doubt a good person, a woman sailor with potential. He agreed to help her if she needed help with the sails. The two figures swam closer and Gibbs looked at the crew of the Black Pearl. "Cast two lines! We got 'em!" Gibbs ordered and the crew went to cast lines off the ship and into the water.

Jack gave the first line to Nicolette and stated to her, "Ladies first, love."

She rolled her eyes, "Your ship, you're Captain, I think you should forget that chivalry nonsense for now and go, Jack."

Jack just floated there, waiting for her to take the line instead of him going first. She wasn't going to stay in the cold water for long and with a growl toward him, Jack only smirked. She took the rope out of his hands and he took the other. Nicolette tugged onto the rope and immediately she felt herself being heaved lightly onto the deck. She was hurled into the air and let out a loud squeal. Jack smiled to himself watching her fly free onto the Black Pearl.

"She would get used to that." He said to himself, and was ready to do the honor of going next.

Nicolette's body went onto the deck with a loud thump. Her back was laying down, Anamaria offered her a hand to help her, holding the Captain's jacket in the other. Nicolette looked at it questionably before actually grasping it and being brought onto her feet.

Jack tugged onto his own rope and felt himself being launched out of the water. He flew onto the deck with more grace, well a suitable amount of grace that was more than what Nicky had. When he landed on the deck, he landed hard and onto his bottom looking up at Gibbs who was looking down at him with a small smile seeing that Jack was alive, more alive than ever.

"I thought you were supposed to keep to the code?" Jack inquired, with a bit of a mocking tone.

Gibbs looked at his friend and stated remembering what Elizabeth had told them, "We figured they were more actual guidelines." He lent his Captain a hand who at first looked at it with an eyebrow raised and then exchanged a smile. He took his hand and was brought to his feet. Cotton walked over to Jack with his hat in his hand, Jack's true crown.

Jack took it out of Cotton's hand and examined it for a moment, brushing it off. He looked over at the mute, "Thank you." Jack placed the hat on top of his head, it was the perfect fit like it was before. It would forever be his hat, there was no doubt about that.

Anamaria looked to Nicolette and handed her the Captain's jacket, giving her the honor. "Would you?" Nicolette looked at her hand and smiled lightly, feeling a bit of acceptance from the woman who had ignored her the last couple of weeks.

Nicolette gently took it out of her hand and stated, "I've always liked you." Anamaria chuckled lightly and exchanged her a respectful smile. Nicolette looked over at Jack and walked toward him, "Captain Jack Sparrow," she started to get his attention. Jack looked over at her and smirked seeing his jacket. Nicolette walked behind him and draped the jacket over his shoulders, she rubbed them gently. She leaned toward his ear and whispered, "the Black Pearl is yours."

Aye, the Black Pearl was his. He moved from Nicolette and her and the crew watched as Jack took his place at the helm where he felt the most at home on his ship. He grazed his hand onto the wheel, he felt the wind in his hair, and yet they weren't moving at all. This was his freedom. This ship had been through thick and thin with him. He wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Jack now felt complete, he held his hand onto one of the handles of the wheel. He looked around the deck fondly, but noticed that no one was doing any work on it.

They were all watching him instead. Nicolette smirked and stood at the beginning steps of the helm watching him from below.

He looked at the crew, they had to be going and all of a sudden felt uncomfortable. Jack barked his first order that he would use to reclaim his Captain of the Black Pearl, "On deck you scabrous dogs!" They immediately took action as he continued, "Man the braces! Let down and haul to run free." Nicolette walked up slowly letting her hand graze the railing of her own freedom. Her clothes were drenched and her hair was stringy from the water, but Jack had found her more beautiful than ever. She stood next to him watching the horizon in amazement, it was better this time than the other. "Now bring me that horizon." He took out his compass ready to get a heading for a new adventure.

Jack opened it and hummed the song Elizabeth had taught him, "And really bad eggs," he moved the wheel and Nicolette looked up at him with a small smile.

She finished for him, "Drink up me hearties, yo ho."

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Nicolette Brown thought that life outside of Port Royal would be worth while, and she was partly right. But when Jack gives her distance suddenly, she doesn't know if it is really worth it anymore. She tries willingly to keep next to him thinking it only to be a phase, but when Nicolette finds out that he's hiding more than his past from her, she is proven wrong. Lord Beckett wants control of the seas and he needs the help of two people in order for that to happen. Two operatives are easily manipulated by him to do what he wants, and they will accomplish their separate goals no matter what. But this only leads Nicolette to come to a choice between family and love.