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Chapter 1

A Long Way From Home

~Theme song for this story:~

Title: Belle Of The Boulevard

By: Dashboard Confessional

Down in a local bar
Out on the Boulevard
The sound of an old guitar
Is saving you from sinking
It's a long way down, It's a long way

Back like you never broke
You tell a dirty joke
He touches your leg
And thinks He's getting close
For now you let him
Just this once
Just for now
And just like that
It's over.

Don't turn away
Dry your eyes, dry your eyes
Don't be afraid
But keep it all inside, all inside
When you fall apart
Dry your eyes, dry your eyes
Life is always hard
For the Belle of the Boulevard

In all your silver rings
In all your silken things
That song you softly sing
Is keeping you from breaking
It's a long way down, it's a long way

Back here you never lost
You shake the shivers off
You take a drink
To get your courage up
Can you believe it?
Just this once
Just for now
And just like that
It's over...


It had been a long flight, and I was ready to pass out. Before I could do that though, I had to meet the housemates. The six strangers I would be spending the next three months of my life sharing everything with... on national television.

While on the plane, my only concerns were that I would get stuck sharing a room with the one person in the house that either Bible thumped like a hungry Jesus freak or drank like a fish then tried to fuck everything that moved.

Not that I wasn't a sexual person, I just didn't enjoy listening to others when I wasn't invited.

I slowly took in a deep breath after noticing there was a camera man already waiting for me at the end of the ramp. Before leaving my home state of Oregon I was informed that after landing in South Carolina I would be meeting another cast member down at the luggage claim. My nerves were already anticipating the worst.

No doubt he or she would be some form of a train wreck, because that's who they cast for shows like this. I mean, look at me.

Dark brown eyes, with my matching dark brown and auburn hair knotted into well manicured dreadlocks, some all the way down to my waist while others shot up in various directions at the top of my head; I'd decided to leave the various inked pieces scattered across my ivory skin hidden underneath a long sleeved sweater for first introductions with my new housemates. My hair would be enough of a shock factor for our first hello's. It always was.

I couldn't tell you how many times in my life I'd overheard the phrase, 'She's such a pretty girl, why would she go and do that to her hair?' It was a typical reaction though, and something I had learned to get used to and ignore.

I was the type of girl people avoided on sidewalks and considered giving a dollar to because I had to be homeless.

Truth be told, I'd never have to work a day in my life thanks to a trust fund my mom and dad left for me after their death three years ago.

I didn't mind the stares, or the glares, to me it was all part of the package. I was who I was, and people could either love me or hate me. One thing was for sure, I would never change for anything, or anyone... unless it was a change I was ready make.

Bottom line - I loved the person I had become, and that's all that mattered. The rest of the world could fuck off for all I cared.

I quickly slung my acoustic guitar case over my right shoulder and made my way to the escalator, ready to start my new adventure. My friends had thought I was insane when I told them I'd sent in an audition tape to, Real Life. I, on the other hand, had been giddy with excitement from the very moment I'd received a phone call from the casting director requesting a live interview.

Remember, act natural. Ignore the cameras following at two different angles in front of you.

They're not there.

This is entirely normal.

Getting used to this shit was going to be challenging. I tried to compare it to being followed around by my friend Eric back in Oregon. The kid was always filming, looking for the next big viral video hit to put out on the web. So far, the best he'd done was catch old man Harry rolling down a hill into the creek down by the old Clearwater farm two summers ago after getting wasted on some homemade moonshine.

Three thousand-two hundred-twelve hits thus far. Eric was very proud.

I saw a muscle bound, dark haired guy leaning up against the wall and immediately knew he was the one I was looking for.

Stereotypical Jock, every season needed one.

"You must be Bella."

"That's me."

"I'm Emmett! Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina!" He instantly picked me up into a monstrous bear hug and spun me around with total ease thanks to his ridiculously huge arms.

"Christ, you weigh, like, nothing," he added with a booming laugh before setting me back down on my feet. "That's some wild hair. Is that real?" he asked after giving me a few scans up and down. He was obviously trying to decide if I'd bite.

"Um, thanks. And yes, one hundred percent natural, all of me," I answered with a smirk then shot him a wink before lifting my guitar case back up over my shoulder.

After our introductions, we gathered my bags from the carousel and put them onto a cart. Then we headed out to the street to catch our cab so that we could head to what would be our new home for the next three months.

The entire way there Emmett talked about his life back in Colorado as the big time college football star. He'd been a shoo-in for the pros until he tore his ACL for the third time last season. Now his aspirations were to coach or become a competitive body builder.

I had to hold back my snicker at this announcement. Picturing my new housemate all oiled up in a banana hammock was not something I wanted lingering in my mind.

I nodded politely pretending to give a shit, but my eyes were far more interested in looking out the window. Charleston, though similar in some ways, was much different from my podunk town of eleven hundred back in Oregon. The buildings were all so unique and full of character and charm.

I loved everything about it. This was my kind of town, a place I could easily lose myself to and maybe even possibly somehow find my true self in.

When we pulled up to our new home, a smile instantly spread across my face.

Its perfect.

It was a beautiful structure, unlike anything I'd ever seen back home. Huge, Victorian, with two floors and a creeptastic attic, I was sure of it. The ledges under almost every window also held huge promise, perfect places to write new music, and the colors reminded me of something from a child's coloring book - none of them making much sense up against one another, but somehow fitting together perfectly.

Kind of like me and my life, I joked inwardly to myself.

Emmett helped me with my bags, and I followed him up to the house where a tiny, little dark haired girl came bouncing down the stairs towards us instantly.

"Hi! I'm Alice! O-M-G! We are going to be the best of friends! Do you like the band Phish? I mean you must, right?"

If I wasn't doing my best to make friends and start things off on the right foot, I would have rolled my eyes at her.

"I'm more of a Indie Rock kind of girl," I replied politely as she kissed both my cheeks and squeezed my shoulders affectionately.

"Well you're absolutely adorable!" she squealed while running her hand down one of my locks. I smiled in return and looked past her where a tall, light haired guy had appeared on the porch watching us carefully, obviously taking it all in.

"That's James. We're roomies. I think he's gay," she whispered with an all knowing wink, "Rose is already inside; we're just waiting on two more! Come in! Pick out your rooms, wait till you see the house! It's a-maz-ing!"

Emmett and I both gave each other a smile, obviously realizing that Alice would be the bubbly, social butterfly, home town girl of the group.

Okay - so we had me, the rocker bad girl cliché, Emmett the jock slash meathead, Alice the good girl bubble head, and James the typical token homosexual. I couldn't wait to meet Rose. She had to be the pretty, blonde Barbie girl type.

Fuck me, how predictable can these shows get? I wondered, while smirking to myself, just as a gorgeous blonde came strutting into the living room of our new, very contemporary home. Her perfect curves only solidified that she was the type of girl I used to hate back home.

She was flawless, and I wanted to vomit, preferably all over her disgustingly expensive designer shoes.

After our introductions, they informed us what rooms were still open and where they could be located. I accidentally made eye contact with the camera lens, then flinched back towards my new housemates feeling guilty almost instantly.

Natural Swan... Just. Act. Natural.

As soon as Emmett heard that Rose didn't have a roommate yet and that she was open to the idea of bunking with a cock, he jumped at the opportunity.


That, unfortunately, left me with the triple bed room. Though it was the biggest in the house, it also meant I'd have to share space with two people instead of just one.

I lived alone back home; this sharing stuff was going to be a challenge no matter what. Especially since I walked around naked in the privacy of my own home on a regular basis.

Suck it up Swan, it's only three months.

I forced a smile and got to work with unpacking my things into one of the three small closets, then picked two out of the six drawers against the wall to place my personals in.

All while a man stood in the far corner with a camera pointed at me. It was eerily strange how much I was already getting used to having them around.

It was a fact that I got along much better with members of the opposite sex but I quickly realized that the likelihood both my roommates would be male was slim to none.

Just another part of the Real Life reality television formula. More estrogen meant more drama, more drama meant more viewers, more viewers meant better ratings.

I swear I should have applied to produce this shit, not star in it.

"Oh my God, another cab! Someone's here!" I heard Alice yelp, followed by her tiny feet prancing back down the stairway after she'd run past my room to get down to the front door.

I smiled to myself and continued with my duty of nesting into my new space, noticing once again the camera man out of the corner of my eye but pretending he was nothing more than a potted plant.

I heard mumblings and giggles down the stairway and rolled my eyes for the tenth time since arriving in South Carolina.

"Well, Edward, this will be your room. Meet Bella, she's from Oregon. You two may have some musical tastes in common. She likes Indian rock." I heard Alice falsely inform my new roommate from behind me.

The words, 'Indian rock' had me smiling now.

Time to get this over with.

Please don't be a total nerd.

The mic tape on my back was starting to irritate me, so I impulsively reached up under my sweater to itch the sensitive spot before turning around to extend the same hand for our introduction.


"Hello, Bella," a smooth voice greeted me before our eyes had even met.

Shut up in your face.

Did I just get goose bumps over someone's voice?

Pathetic, Swan. Really?

Holy hell, he was absolutely gorgeous, and my jaw was instantly betraying me while it bobbed up and down trying to utter an appropriate hello.

"I'm Edward, it's nice to meet you. I like Indian rock as well."

We already had our first inside joke.

Okay, lame. Pull your shit together.

He extended his arm out to me and took a step closer, and I swear to God, I could smell the salty ocean on his clothes, and it had me tugging at the bottom of my sweater nervously while my toes curled from inside my boots.

He had messy, bronzed, sex hair and emerald green eyes with what had to be the most perfect jaw line I had ever laid my eyes on. He was obviously a surfer, because no one could have that perfect of a tan unless they lived on the Jersey shore and carried a frequent tanners card in their wallet.

"It's um, nice to meet you… yah Indian rock... its great," I finally stuttered.

Okay that was pathetic.

"I hope you don't snore," he teased, then gave my arm a playful jab. I giggled on cue, then kicked my self mentally for it.

Jesus Christ stop acting like you've never seen a pretty boy before.

The camera man behind Edward changed positions, and I regained my composure after the reminder that this would be witnessed world wide.

Just act natural. You don't need visual proof that he had you at 'hello'.

"I don't snore, but I tend talk in my sleep and sleep walk sometimes. Nothing some ear plugs, and a little rope can't take care of, though."

"A roommate I get to tie up... and possibly gag... I like this arrangement," he toyed instantly, and I felt my cheeks turn red in all-traitor fashion.

Bella, zero. Edward, one.

"Har, Har," I mocked without thinking, then turned back around to continue with my unpacking.

"You play?" I heard him ask, instantly knowing that he was referring to my guitar case in the corner of the room.

"No, I just thought I'd lug it across the country to use as decoration." I was proud of my sarcasm and mentally patted myself on the back. Good girl, much better.

Though he was beyond gorgeous, I also knew and realized he was probably used to women falling over his every word, and I wasn't about to fit that stereotype for him. Besides, guys like Edward didn't take notice in girls like me. Girls like me were assumed to not shower, shave, or practice regular hygiene habits, period. All of which were completely false beliefs. Truth be told, I was obsessed with smooth skin and shaved as well as showered daily, almost obsessively.

"Mind if I go at it?" he asked, catching me off guard.

I rarely let anyone touch my Jane.

Yes, I named my guitar. It was my baby, my pride and joy, the only thing that had stayed consistent in my life for the past three years.

"I guess, just be careful. I don't have any spare strings with me," I warned him then walked over to the case to take her out for him.

Her cherry wood looked nice in his tan hands with his long fingers strumming the strings almost erotically - or was that just me? Shit, he was doing very bad things to me already, and it hadn't even been five minutes yet.

I was shocked that he actually knew how to play - and well. When he was done, I nodded my head approvingly then gestured for him to hand my baby back to me.

"Lets hear what you've got, Bella."

"Maybe later. I want to get settled first so my mind is clear of chaos and clutter."

He laughed at my statement and fell back onto what I was assuming he'd claimed as his bed. The one in the center of the room, with mine to the right of his closest to the window.

"Wow, I can't wait to hear all the deep thoughts we'll be getting from you. Let me guess you're a vegan too, or at least a vegetarian?"

I frowned wishing I wasn't so obvious, but some things came with the territory, unfortunately.

Instantly, a wicked grin crept across my face as my wit quickly took over, once again doing me proud.

"There's only one kind of meat I allow in my mouth Edward, and it doesn't come cooked or on a plate," I warned then turned around with a smirk, knowing I'd just shocked him royally.

He obviously wasn't expecting to hear such dirty things from this hippie's mouth.

Current score... tied. One point awarded to all players.

Around seven we were informed that our final roommate had gotten stuck at their layover airport because of some bad weather, so they wouldn't be arriving until tomorrow. This news excited me for some reason, but I was determined to deny it had anything to do with the fact that I'd be getting some one on one time with Edward tonight in our shared room at the top of the stairs.

I'd never gotten gah gah over a guy before, and I surely wasn't about to let myself get giggly over some surfer boy with pretty eyes… and a pretty smile… and nice… arms… oh, and those long fingers... and sweet Jesus the size of his shoes! He had to be packing some serious heat down where it mattered the most. Just saying.

Did I mention that his jaw was chiseled perfection… and that he had the cutest mole behind his right ear?

Christ, I'm screwed.

I pulled one of my longer dreads out from the bunch and wrapped it around the rest of my locks to tie them back behind my neck. After slipping on a white, wife beater tank and some black yoga pants I headed downstairs to have my first meal with the people I would be spending the next ninety something days with.

Rose was tossing a salad by the sink, while Emmett stood over the stove stirring some pasta sauce in a large pot with an oversized wooden spoon.

"Just like my momma makes it," he hollered, shooting me a wink. I smiled politely and took a seat at the kitchen table across from Edward, who was too busy messing with his iPod to notice my arrival, so I equally ignored him by taking out my copy of Rolling Stone Magazine then leaned back in my chair pretending to get lost in it.

And so it begins.

I detested awkward silences. Especially in a room full of people.

Alice's pixie head was suddenly skipping into the kitchen at full speed, Mighty Mouse music began playing in my head spontaneously, 'here she comes to save the day,'.

"Bella! Wow aren't those pretty!" Edward and I both jumped in our seats, obviously not anticipating the high pitched squeal that had come through her lips.

He smiled after realizing I was sitting across from him and I was instantly shifting my weight nervously in my seat. As soon as my cheeks began to tingle, I redirected my stare back towards Alice, who was already practically sitting in my lap on the bench at our table examining my tattoos now.

"Would you be interested in going out to the beach with us tomorrow morning? Were going to have a picnic."

"Sure, sounds great, if by morning you mean after ten a.m." I replied, then stole a glance at Edward, who was still smirking at me for some reason. I quickly looked back down at my magazine then up towards Rose and Emmett cooking in the kitchen to ask if they needed any help. I was desperate for a distraction.

"I hope there's no meat in that sauce, Emmett. Our Bella here doesn't put meat in her mouth," Edward spoke up after me. I'd already been creeping up to check out the ingredients myself, not wanting to hurt Emmett's feelings. He looked crushed by Edward's announcement and I felt a slight twinge of guilt.

1 point Bella, negative 1 Edward.

"Sorry 'tis true," I quickly threw Edward a sarcastic smirk, then stood up on my toes to explore the pantry. Thankful to find a meatless store brand sauce, I got my own pan out and set it up on the burner beside Emmett's, then began my search for some ingredients on the spice rack in front of us.

"So what's your story, Bella," Emmett asked, giving me the once over.

"What would you like to know?"

I couldn't help but notice that everyone had turned their attention towards us and our conversation at the stove.

I wasn't really ready for Intro to Bella 101 just yet.

"I'm nothing special, just a girl with funny hair," I replied then bumped his hip, sending a laugh through his lips.

"I like the hair, it's sexy. You wear it well. It screams, 'I'm wild in bed.'" I smiled and sarcastically thanked him, stirring my sorry excuse for sauce beside his.

"Mmmm smells good, Bella." Edward's mouth suddenly whispered next to my ear after randomly appearing behind me. I felt the goose bumps slide down my arms and sucked back a breath when he placed his hand over mine to bring the spoon I was stirring up to his mouth. "You have a way with spices. I bet you could make anything taste good," he added with a smirk, licking his lips playfully before shooting me an extra wink.

I nearly chocked on my tongue.

What. The. Fuck.

1 point Bella, 5,000 points to Edward.

Son of a…

"Nicely played Eddie!" Emmett hollered, slapping him on the back while I rolled my eyes at their exchange.

I wouldn't go down that easily.

After our delicious meal, Emmett decided a game of 'Well, I Never' was necessary for a group ice breaker on our first night together.

"You know the rules. Just be honest, no fouls. If you've done it, just take a swig from your shot glass." He instructed after pouring us all our first shots of vodka.

"Alcohol and truth never mix well with me," I informed them bashfully. I glanced in Edward's direction for some reason, licking my lips. Everything I did or said seemed to result in me glancing in his direction to take in his reaction. Embarrassing.

I'd be lying if I said there wasn't any sexual tension between the two of us. I couldn't let anything happen, though, not with a housemate, and definitely not this soon. No matter how pretty he was, it would only complicate things... and I hated complications.

"Okay, I'll go first, Well I've Never… had sex with a teacher, or professor," Emmett announced.

Mother fucker…

Both Rose and I tilted our shot glasses back to our lips and smiled at one another.

"English Lit, last semester," I admitted just before Rose started with her list of conquests.

"Damn, girl," Emmett reacted with a thunderous laugh before instructing Rose she had the next one.

She smiled and looked up towards the ceiling fan, obviously trying to find something juicy in her life that she'd never done. I was sure this was a difficult task for her.

"Well I've never… been intimate with a member of the same sex."


I smirked at James and took another sip while he followed close behind me with his own shot glass.

"I knew it! You're gay!" Alice chirped in excitement while pointing her finger at our housemate.

He nodded, then shot me a glance waiting for my story.

"I was drunk. We were bored. It only happened once," I insisted bashfully. I heard Edward stifle a laugh beside me and instantly elbowed him in the side.

Jesus, he's solid.

"Okay, Bells, you're up." Emmett boomed after refilling our shot glasses.

I thought for a moment, wanting to think of one that would require everyone to take a drink so that I wouldn't be the only one getting wasted here tonight.

"Well I've never… driven a car." This always shocked people.

They all looked at me and laughed then took their shots while I smiled, feeling proud of myself.

"How the hell have you never driven a car?" Edward asked, smiling his panty dropping smile in my direction.

Too. Much. Pretty.

Focus Swan, answer the man's question, "I come from a small town but lived close enough to campus that I could always bike or catch a ride with a friend. I've never needed a car," I informed them smugly. They all continued to look at me in amazement then took their shot glasses back to their opened lips in unison.

Alice was giggling just before she shouted her own 'never'.

"Well, I've never had sex."

I gasped in shock. Surely she was joking.

"No, Alice, this has to be something you've never done," Emmett explained while we all sat silently with dumbfounded expressions on our faces.

"Right, I'm a virgin."

"Shut the hell up." Everyone with a penis shouted at the same time.

"Yup, purity ring!" she replied, flashing the gold band on her left ring finger.

I sighed and took my gulp while my foot began to bob nervously in front of me. "Well good for you!" Alice smiled and nodded her head at me, seemingly proud of herself while I held back my laughter.

This girl was going to need some serious influencing.

"Ok, I have one, I've never had a threesome," James called out from the other side of the room. I rolled my eyes and took half a sip from my shot glass.

"Someone watched, that's the closest I've come," I informed them just as both Emmett and Rose kicked back their own shot glasses.

"Dude, its what I do, did I mention I was nominated for the Heisman?" Emmett announced proudly. He shot Rose a devilish wink causing her to snicker under her breath mockingly. I laughed at their exchange and felt my shoulders relax as my body began to loosen up over the amount of alcohol I had already ingested.

After another four rounds, Edward suggested we call it a night as soon as Emmett started singing show tunes with James from the countertop.

I was surprised when he stood up and offered me his hand to help me onto my own two feet. He threw me a wink and quietly asked if I'd need any assistance getting up the stairs. I snickered and pushed past him playfully to go sit outside on one of the porches with my freshly made Long Island Iced Tea, courtesy of James' exquisite bar tending skills. He was going to be a good gay buddy, I could already tell.

"Mind if I join you?" I heard Edward ask from behind me just before the screen door shut.

"Why would I mind?" I called back, smirking to myself with my back facing him.

He took a seat next to me on the wicker bench then let out a loud sigh before kicking his feet up onto the stool in front of him. I scanned the surroundings mechanically searching for where the camera might be placed out here even though we had been instructed to not do that. I was past tipsy and not wanting to follow many rules at the moment.

"So, roomy, you ready to answer Emmett's question from earlier?"

"That being?" My head was spinning trying to recall what he might be referring to.

"What's your story? Who. Is. Bella."

"Did you not learn enough with our little game?"

"I learned that you can hold your liquor pretty well," he answered slyly, bumping me with his shoulder.

I'd lost track of our point system during the game, but Edward had definitely moved ahead at last count and it was getting more and more difficult to ignore the butterfly feelings in my stomach. The alcohol certainly hadn't helped things either.

"What about the other things?" his voice had softened with his question and once again goose bumps took over my arms.

I was going to have to start wearing my hoodie in his presence. Damn him to hell.

"Oh, that question. We have plenty of time to learn all of that. Lets save some, shall we?" I offered playfully. I was feeling too good to talk about my boring life back home. The whole reason why I'd signed up for this social experiment was to get away from there and all things having to do with being there.

"Fair enough. I'll look forward to hearing all about her then, when you're ready," he replied with a wink. I smiled back nervously and took another sip from my drink, just as he tapped my foot casually with his own.

"What about you, Edward. Let's hear your prologue."

He glanced at me and smiled before turning his attention back out towards the street. "Not much to tell. I'm from a little beach town in Southern California, but moved to Hawaii last year for better surf."

"Ah I see, so you are a surfer."

"Had me pegged already huh?" he toyed then shifted his weight to face me on the bench. I could feel his eyes on me and it sent a shiver down my spine just as a cool breeze swirled around us causing the near by trees to shake in its presence.

"I'm pretty good at reading people," I admitted feeling proud of myself.

"Well actually, I'm more of a pro skateboarder, but my real love is the ocean."

I was taken aback by his revelation.

A pro skater? Fuck me, I really am fucked.

"Wow, pro… so like you do the big X-Game stuff?" I asked acting oblivious. I wasn't about to admit I'd grown up watching those events most of my life thanks to my guy buddies back home.

Holly Shit, he's Edward Masen Cullen.

"Yup, I haven't competed though in over a year. Took some time off after a pretty bad spill. Landing in the ocean happens to be a little softer than landing on concrete, Bella." He replied softly then brushed my hair back behind my shoulder.

Of course my goose bumps were laughing at me now.

What was he doing to me? Ignore the advances Swan, stay on topic. I firmly instructed myself just as my foot began bouncing nervously over my knee.

"Why on earth would you sign up for this?" I asked, carefully watching for his reaction to my question because I wanted an honest answer.

"I'm just a regular guy too, I thought it would be fun, that I could meet some cool people," he answered before tapping my shaking foot again with his softly, "maybe even a pretty girl."

His add-on had me squirm in my seat instantly. I watched him stand up, looking into his eyes as he shot me one last devilish wink, "I really am look forward to getting to know you, Bella."

As soon as he was gone, my small smile turned into a nervous lip bite.

Good God, is he for real, or was this just him? We were going to have serious issues if he was some natural flirt because that would seriously start to mess with my head after awhile.

I took a deep breath in, smelling the nearby ocean's air then exhaled slowly after the salty scent made me think of him even more. I was going to enjoy my time here away from my own real, Real Life. A light hiccup left my lips and sent a giggle through my mouth before I downed the last of my drink so that I could head upstairs to spend my first night in my new home.

First though I needed to release some of this... sexual frustration.

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