So I decided to go a different direction when it came to how the Mario Brothers came about. This first chapter is actually more of the prologue.

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Chapter 1- The Legend

The Land of Mushrooms was not always the happy kingdom it is today. There was once a time long ago before the days of Princess Peach when the darkness that covered this land rivaled even the Darklands of Bowser's Kingdom. An evil blemish on this proud kingdom's history, but a lesson that needed to be learned nonetheless.

The Mushroom Kingdom was ruled by a harsh and selfish sorcerer whose ultimate source of power was the four Stars of Light. Each one represented a different element: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The evil wizard had forced these stars under his control by the use of his Dark staff. He was quick to punish any who tried to stand against him and so the citizens went on living in misery under his rule.

However, one unusually calm day, a small band of heroes rose up against the evil tyrant. The battle was long and wearisome, but every time the sorcerer had the upper hand the heroes would stand stronger. The Stars sensing these heroes great power rose up against their prison and united themselves with the heroes. Each Star went to the hero they corresponded well with. The Fire Star went to the most courageous, the Earth Star went to the most reliable, the Water Star went to the most compassionate, and the Air Star aligned himself with the most intelligent.

Finally, hope was restored to the mushroom people as the heroes took control of the battle with their newly found strength. The wizard seeing that he was about to lose performed a most devious act. He used the last of his dark powers to create a giant explosion that destroyed everything within a two mile radius.

It was a bittersweet day for the people of the Mushroom Kingdom. Even though they were now free to live their lives the way they wanted, they had also lost the four noble heroes who had saved them. They searched high and low in the ruins of the dictator's castle. However, the only things left aside from the rubble were the dark staff that held his power and four crystallized hearts. Fearing the worst, the toads rebuilt the castle in honor of their dead heroes and placed the stars on display in front of the castle.

Over time though, the people saw them as a source of power rather than a shrine and tried to steal the stars for themselves. The new ruler of Mushroom Kingdom fretted over what would happen if the stars ended up in the wrong hands. Therefore, he trusted his royal advisor to hide away the stars only to bring them out on the anniversary of their freedom. The royal advisor obeyed, and to this day the original stars can be seen only once a year during the Mushroom Kingdom's Festival of Light.

"But…" the young red-headed girl egged on excited to hear her favorite part of the tale.

Her mother smiled down at her completely forgetting that this was supposed to be a bedtime story.

"But, according to the legends that follow the stars, our heroes were not so easily defeated. Legend says that right as the wizard cast the spell, the Stars of Light made a desperate attempt to save their friends by locking their spirits away inside of them. Thus, the crystallized form of the Stars was merely the sleeping spirits awaiting the chance to be awoken by a new set of heroes who will stand for the same values as them." The older woman ended.

"But what about the evil sorcerer?" The young girl asked confused.

"Oh, I don't think they'll ever have to worry about him." She assured the girl.

"But couldn't he have been sucked into his staff the same way the heroes were sucked into the stars?" She asked.

The woman cocked her head, having never put that much thought into it. "It's just a story sweetheart. And stories always have happy endings."

The young girl wasn't completely satisfied with the answer, but she accepted it by turning over to go to sleep.

"Good night, Mommy." She told her.

"Sweet dreams." The mother told her kissing her on the forehead before leaving the room.

Secretly, the mother was putting a lot of thought in her daughter's words. The staff had never been recovered, and it had been the original prison of the Stars. The mother sighed. Of course it would be her duty to investigate whether or not this was true seeing as how she was one of the Star Guardians. She sadly stared back at her sleeping daughter hoping that the day would never come when she would be exposed to the dangerous secrets around her.

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