Light and Dark

It's mating season as Kagome walked through the forest on a dark, stormy night. Rain began to fall as she looked for shelter. Kagome found a cave very far west. The cave was warm light up by an eternal glow. Kagome lay down in the cave falling fast asleep as the warm light caressed her body.

Sesshomaru pov: Sesshomaru was out patrolling when he sensed the atmosphere change. He senses told him mating season was well along the way it would be morning before the season affected him. Seeing the sun go down he masked his power and scent and walked towards his cave to escape the pressure of mating and impregnating an unworthy female. Sesshomaru got to the cave just in time as his resistance to the season begun to slowly overcome him. Unfortunately instead of a quiet cave there was a slumbing female who was slowly waking up that just so happened to be in heat. End POV

Morning came and Kagome awoke to find someone standing over her it was none other than sesshomaru. Sesshomaru eyes were blood red, his stripes jagged, and fangs glistening as it hung over his lips. Kagome slowly sat up backing away from him fear dripping from every vein in her body.

Sesshomaru spoke "What are you doing out here alone human without Inuyasha".

The lustful look in Sesshomaru eyes showed you he was under the influence of mating season; the cave could have possibly been his hideout to escape unmated females. Kagome saw the intense look in his eye and knew she was in trouble that if she didn't find a way out she would lose more than her life. She could barely speak as Sesshomaru asked her the question. "I was looking for a way out of the rain I'm sorry lord sesshomaru".

Since she acknowledged him as a lord instead of disrespecting him with her mouth he decided not to kill her but to take something else instead. Sesshomaru smiled (an evil one) that would make even the bravest of people want to run. His fangs glistered in the light as he spoke "Since you know your place human I shall only take your innocence disobey or resist and you will be dead before you can blink."

Tears ran down Kagome's face as she realized what was going to happen to her. Suddenly there was a change in kagome she didn't want to go down without a fight. Kagome spoke, "Defeat me in battle and you can do what you will." Sesshomaru accepted the challenge and the fight began.

Kagome shot her arrows at him one of them breaking his armor but the rest he dodged. Sesshomaru attacked head on slicing at kagome ripping her clothing from her body. Kagome dodged the best she could but was growing tired. Kagome made to grab her clothes close when sesshomaru seized the opportunity and tackled kagome to the ground pulling her arms above her. Kagome narrowed her eyes building her power all over her body shooting sesshomaru off her with a blast that sent him into the back of the cave. Blood ran down Sesshomaru head an angry growl overtake his body that a small human could harm him. He attacked full force causing kagome to put up a shield as sesshomaru slashed at the barrier with his claws. With each slash, kagome's power drained from her body realizing that she was losing. Kagome let the barrier down, laid down and remain still as sesshomaru took his prize.

Lemon Alert: Sesshomaru flipped kagome over destroying the rest of her clothing as he placed her on her hands and knees. Being mindful that she was a virgin, sesshomaru licked her out causing her to get extremely wet once dripping with liquids; he uncovered his long pulsing shaft. He slowly pushed himself into her wet, tight pussy bracing her for the pain. He kissed her from the forehead to the belly before sucking on her breasts making kagome eyes roll to the back of her head. He then pulled slowly out before pushing all the way in to the hilt. Kagome walls tightened around him as tears ran down her face. Sesshomaru began to move at a small pace letting kagome adjust to his size soon pain turn to pleasure.

Kagome started chanting "more" and moaning as his pace increased. Sesshomaru then started to run his long wet tongue all kagome's body as his hands wondered. Kagome was soon brought to her release. After hitting hers, sesshomaru picked her up, placed her against the wall, and started to pound her hard and harder. The pain and pleasure kagome was feeling was more than her body could handle so she settled for holding on his neck as his thrust got harder and deeper.
After several more releases, sesshomaru finally got his. Sessohomaru growled his release as he spilled all of his seed into Kagome's waiting womb. Sesshomaru collapsed on top of Kagome, Kagome weight shifted as she started to fall her body no longer able to hold to the position. Sesshomaru caught her before she fell laying her gently down unto his pelt. Sesshomaru slowly pull out of Kagome wrapping his arms around her as sleep overcame him. Lemon End.

Light started to shine all over kagome as she opened her eyes hopeing what happened last night was a dream. Kagome looked around to see that she was alone but the pelt was still there it wasn't a dream. She walked to the far end of the cave to see a hot spring she climbed into it washing her body of last night activities. Once completely cleaned, Kagome air dried and wrapped the pelt around her body as a dress and placed her arrows and quiver over her shoulder. She walked out the cave and started walking toward Kaede's hut. Kagome got there to find everyone gone she picked up her backpack and walked into the hut and got dressed in her school uniform putting sesshomaru pelt in her book pack.